Welcome to my translation page, where you'll find mainly my works and some guides!

Typically my translations are verbatim, though other times it may be a general summary of what's going on. I'm not fluent in Japanaese, so while my translations may not be beautiful and extravagant, they will give you the gist of what's going on. Also, I'm hideously slow at updating. Sorry. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)


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Diabolik Lovers:

More Blood: 

Azusa Route
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Dark Fate:

Azusa Route:

            Dark: Dark Prologue | Dark 01 | Dark 02 | Dark 03 | Dark 04 | Dark 05 | Dark 06 | Dark 07 |
            Dark 08 | Dark 09 | Dark 10 | Dark Epilogue | Maniac 01 |  Maniac Epilogue | Ecstasy 04 |

Carla vs Shin Scene Translation
Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate ~ Guilty×Guilty!!! OP Size - Romaji & English Translation

Diabolik Lovers Misc.:
Azusa's Birthday Short Story Translation
VERSUS Ⅱ Ayato VS Laito’s Scenario Sneak Peek! Translation

Black Wolves Saga ~Last Hope~ :

Prologue | Common Route part 1 coming soon


Misc. Rejet Things:
Criminale! PV Character Line Translation
Thanatos Night Story & Character Bios



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Rejet Event One Night ☆ Fire ☆ Works Announcements

General Places for Guides:

You can also go into a search engine and type "[Name of game in Japanese] 攻略", which means "capture" aka a walkthrough.


  1. Thank you for your wonderful translations!! We're so grateful for them ^^ In the future, would you consider translating Death Connection? You definitely don't have to if you don't want to, but is it a possibility? Either way, thank you for your generosity <3

    1. Hello! To be honest, I've never heard about Death Connection, but it sounds like a pretty interesting game. XD Right now I'm focusing on Azusa's route in DiaLovers, but if I don't have any other projects afterwards, I might consider doing it. Glad you like the translations. (*´・v・)

  2. Hey, I was thinking if u could do translation of BWS: Bloody Nightmare & Last Hope on each character routes? Trust me you'll love it when u see their ears twitching<3

    1. Ehehehe they're so /cute/ when their ears twitch! (*/∇\*) I wasn't expecting when Auger was talking and they twitched haha.

      Uhm well, there are some in-depth route summaries out there that give you some landmarks as well. This one has all the routes for Bloody Nightmare. And then this site has the prologue, Rath, and Arles for Last Hope.

      BWS is a reeeeeally long game, and long games intimidate me a little seeing as I still have a lot to learn [in Japanese]. (•́ ω •̀*) Though perhaps over the summer I might pick up the game and try to translate a bit of something that doesn't have a summary during my free time. o3o Are there any specific routes in Last Hope for example you'd like to see?

    2. Sorry for the delay, I was in social skill practice in June that I totally forgot to reply back to you. Anyway, I like to see the translation of Arles and Mejojo routes if that's ok with u?

    3. (Oh look, my 2 BWS biases lolol)

      Oh no worries; I forget things all the time haha. Hm well I can definitely consider it. ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ Not sure if you've voted already, but I do have a translation poll going on on the side of my blog, and Last Hope is a voting option. c:

  3. Gosh I'm sorry if I'm asking this twice, something happened to the browser, and I'm not sure if the question was sent, so here goes:
    I was just wondering, are you a part of the translation project of Diabolik Lovers? And if so, are you guys going to translate all the DL games, and how far have you come with the first game? (If you're a part of it of course!) c:

    1. Oh no worries; I only got it once. c: (And if you ever want to check if a comment was sent, usually you can just refresh the page and see if it's there. Blogger sometimes derps and doesn't send my comments, so I have to type them again LOL)

      Aha, no, I'm not part of the DL translation project. It's just me and Akui. (*゚▽゚*) As a reference, Akui made a post of all the translations she's aware of for HDB:

      I can't speak for when the translation group will translate I'm afraid. XD However, Akui's stated in her FAQ that she might consider doing some untranslated routes of HDB once More Blood is all finished. c:

      As for More Blood, I'm (slowly) translating Azusa and (I don't know if you follow her or not) Akui is currently on Subaru and Ayato, with plans to do Reiji and Kanato afterwards. Once More Blood is finished, we're planning on making an English patch for it - once we retranslate some parts and figure out how to patch haha.

      The both of us are planning to buy our own Vitas and copies of DL Dark Fate and Vandead Carnival, so we may eventually begin translating those as well. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      Hope this helps a little. ^_^

  4. Um hi there. I was thinking if you've played Ozmafia already. If so, i was thinking if you could do a walkthrough for each character route? I always get their bad endings. ;;; if not, then i apologize. XD

    1. Sorry, but I've never played Ozmafia. ;o; Honestly, I was waiting for the English localization of it since I don't have an original Japanese copy haha.

      I did however find a couple guides you may be able to use. They're for Ozmafia Vivace, but since it's just a Vita port, it should be the exact same.

      Happy gaming! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ