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Black Wolves Saga ~Last Hope~ Prologue English Translation

Prologue  |

ヽ( ・∀・)ノ Heyo everyone~ The BWS series is one of my favorites, and since I didn’t see much of anything for the PSP game, I decided to post a translation that I’ve had sitting on my computer for ages. Feedback is always appreciated to let me know how many people would be interested in me continuing!


[Note: The narration for this part is 3rd POV Omn.]

-Place: Sharlmessen Forest-

The rain is too fine to be called such. It's sifting down, making it appear more like a mist.
The mist covers the world, as if concealing the absurdities of the world.

???: … … … …
… … … ...Here?

In the rain, in the glossy and glistening forest, stood one man in the shade of the trees.
He disliked the rain. But it allowed him to avoid the public eye.
From under his hood was an eye scanning the area; a vivid, ice blue eye.
While all descends into the grey of the fog, only an ice blue pupil shines.

???: Over there… …
...Are they there?

Ahead of his gaze, foliage stretched about on the other side, a tower standing tall in the cloudy sky.
What was it protecting; what was it hiding?

???: … … … …
… … … ...It’s noisy, Nii-san.
… … … ...Mejojo, Auger. … …I’ll kill you.

Fine raindrops grazed leaves and struck his clothes, and the young man turned on his heel.
The rain continued to pour. The rain that fell was fine like a mist; certain rainy eyes. [T/N: a.k.a. Crying fine/thin tears. (BWSBN explained this better)]
The tale quietly raised the curtain. [T/N: An idiom; the story has begun]

*Black fade; Cue video*

The Monarchy of Weblin
It existed in the corner of a crowded great continent, a small kingdom.
Weblin is enclosed by the wealthy and strict nature of the Cats of House Garibaldi, who govern this very land.
With Mother Nature preventing invasions, unique civilizations were able to develop inside the continent.
Weblin has Cats
And the rare Rats
And subspecies like the Rabbits exist
Among them, the Cats, Wolves, and Humans especially were the important species that founded this country.
Because of past troubling times, Weblin had not yet settled as a united nation.
It is said that these three species joined forces to subjugate Weblin.
After founding the country, Wolves and Humans gave the highest authority to the Cats and retained their positions by becoming advisers to the monarch.  
Several hundred years after the founding of the nation, species barriers are no longer; Weblin is full of beautiful nature, a rich country existing in harmony.

*Video end*

[Note: The narration here is told by character “???”]

Narration: Yes, until 10 years ago.
The cause was one rebellion incident.
The Wolf species of Weblin were knights, and one alone pointed their sword at Weblin’s royal family.

*Red Slash*

Until now, It was believed that the species could coexist peacefully; yet the cracks entered.
By chance the culprit was a Wolf, and it’s said the incident that ended was――…
This began the history for the disaster of the Wolves.
Similarly at that time, a brutal fatal disease attacked Weblin―― Zodiva.
The attack left the skin dyed with black specks; it ravaged the brain. Civilians went mad and died from the unknown plague.
It was rumored that the source of the epidemic stemmed from the Wolves.
The rebellion of the Wolves failed so they cursed Weblin, the curse being the fatal disease attacking the nation.
The rumor of the disease swallowed Weblin in fear――…, whoever started it, the rumor became reality in the end.

*Wolves Snarling and People Screaming in the Background*

People feared the Wolves, avoided them… … Wolves began to attack the people.

*Fade to Black*

The fear and hatred of Wolves spurred a popular name for Zodiva――… “Mad Wolf Disease” was what it became to be called.
And then.

*Pan from Sky to Palace*

The King Garibaldi at that time was the sixth generation - King Garibaldi VI -  and finally he made a certain decision.

――… “Genocide Wolf”

The origin of Zodiva, and furthermore the Wolves’ attacks on the nation.... Their extermination from Weblin was decreed.
The people themselves, in order to protect their families, accepted the decree.
They took up arms and began to actively eradicate the Wolves from Weblin.

*Red Splatter*

The people hunted the Wolves; the Wolves ate the people.
Did the Wolves attack the people simply because they were persecuted?
Had the Wolves not attacked people, would the people have begun to hunt them?
The disorderly gears began to turn without halting, simply rotating single-mindedly.

*Fade to Black*

And now, a decade has went by since the invocation of Genocide Wolf.
The Wolves decreased rapidly, and now the feared species is extinct.
Now that the damage of Zodiva has subsided, the Wolves have vanished from the face of Weblin.
――… However.
By no means are they gone. They didn’t disappear… …
All of us. … ...We live here.

*End Prologue*


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