Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Osu Boys!! ~Ikemen Ryoujoku☆Paradise~ Review

So I decided to play a thing....
DAFUQ did I just play. ಠ_ಠ

Yeah, I'd say this sums up my reaction pretty well.

Warning: Much Yaoi/Kinks/NSFW ahead. And immaturity and wtf-ness. Though 99.9% NSFW. You've been warned~ Prepare your Brain Bleach: It's pretty bad. XD

(For TLDR or you just don't want to see pictures, skip to "Final Thoughts" I try to keep this as light hearted as I can, but I'm majorly WTF-ing right now ouob)

SO. *claps hands* Let's get started! Once the trial starts up, you can pick your victim man, your choices being Akira, Konoe, Youji, and Aoba. Wow, they really look like Free! boys

Since this is a demo, your menu doesn't have many options. Either you toggle between window view/full view, quit the game, or continue this fetish attack.

After you pick someone, there's 4 ways to uh humiliate our boys.
Wow! They really don't give Akira a break with that screwdriver, do they? XD All the others seem to be slightly...concerning lol. Aoba's kink looks like electricity, Konoe's is stuff you'd see in parks, Akira's is pain (a pineapple? Really? wtf), and Youji well... I have no thoughts for him. Brooms and meat monsters? 
Idk 「(゚ペ)

Since DMMd is pretty hot right now, let's start with Aoba.
Wow thanks Nitro. 'Cause y'know, the first thing I want to see when I start a game is a dildo shop. ಠ_ಠ (Think about how much time was spent into drawing that one scene *snicker*) So clearly Aoba's made out to be some mega perve in this game pffft. 

So he walks further in and goes to the electronic section (lol whut) where God forbid, he trips over a million things and brings half of the electronics tumbling to the ground! :O ....Somehow losing his pants and getting cords up his ass in the process, like what? How on Earth do you trip so much that- You know what, I'm not gonna even question this. XD (And yes it's pixelated, but I thought a censorship that covered everything would be better lol)

So Aoba gets off on said cords/plugs and a few text boxes later, hooray, you've beat Aoba's route. Congrats! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Next up is Akira. He's just enjoying a nice stroll on the sidewalk, when suddenly he trips, knocks over some water and BA-BAM, multiple octopus... octopi? are upon him. And because I'm an immature little dweeb, I had to add to the screwdriver jokes~

ANYWAY. These little red creatures are out of water derping, so they start sliding around and (unintentionally? who knows) groping Akira in the process. Akira really must not have gotten any in a while 'cause he really enjoys it lol. And this is in the middle of some shopping area in broad daylight! What the hell Akira XDD

Next is innocent little Konoe who's enjoying a stroll through nature when he falls off a frickin' hill or something lol. Somehow in the process he tears his pants, flashing his pretty little kitty ass to anyone else who's around and rendezvous with an apple... OUCH MUCH? I mean what the hell you can't just shove something as large as an apple- that'll hurt like fuck; poor Konoe. ಠ_ಠ That's basically it for him, cause I guess pain=pleasure lol.

Lastly, we have Youji. HIS MADE ABSOLUTE ZERO SENSE. SRSLY, WHAT'D HE DO SPILL PINK STICKY ACID ON HIM OR SOMETHING??? Anyway class is over, so he goes into the lab. But just like the others, he trips and hurtles a billion beakers to the floor and ends up covered in this pink.... stuff. Whatever that is. What makes me laugh the most is that 80% of his clothes are magically gone and some test tube that magically didn't break didn't to join him in the escapade lolol.


Wtf. I love you N+C but just wtf. That's all I have to say. ಠ_ಠ Tbh, I'm not sure whether to be amused or a little disturbed by this April Fool's joke. (It is called "Twink-Rape Paradise" after all) I have no idea what I was expecting when I downloaded this, but overall it just seemed like a really bad doujin game LOL \^o^/

Alright so naturally since it's just a fun little April Fool's joke, you're going to have a different simple art style that does a great job of overemphasizing. And dojikko/clumsy boys indeed! Good grief. They're so clumsy, it's to the point of not even being realistic anymore. XD The game is pure text, and it's very short. However, I will admit that the music they added is pretty catchy. 

All in all though, this game is pure PWP (porn without plot) meant to satisfy some of the fantasies/kinks some fans may have wished them to have explored in the games lol. So if you're a mega perve, then this may be the crack game for you. XD If you're like me however who really has no interest in PWP, this was just major wtf. My favorite parts were cracking jokes at the game. *laughs* I'm not uh... quite sure how to deal with this "ryoujoku" (凌辱) business and Nitro's taste in jokes. To some, it's just some fantasy business, yknow. *shrug* To others though, rape jokes aren't cool and may take offense to it. So really it's your call, whether you see this as dorky fun or not. o3o Though I took great enjoyment out of poking fun at it. (*´艸`*)

In the meantime, here's Nitro being trolls. XD

As I proceed to wish that there really was such as a thing as Brain Bleach and rage quit on life, here's a random DRAMAtical Murder gif.

I hope I never have to see this Osu Boys thing again. Or play straight up PWP games


  1. Excuse me, where to download the game ?,
    and as I searched several pages and have not found.

    1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/35wi3wh1bv5bi5i/osu_trial.exe