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Nameless ~ The One Thing You Must Recall - Demo I Review

Alright. So I'm floating around the internet and I see this thing about some "Nameless" otome game having a release date (and it's fairly new too; November 11, 2013). So y'know, I'm curious and I check out the website. And holy crap there's a lack of Kanji YES. Scratch that, you can actually change between English, Japanese, and Korean. (Korean, what? Yes, Korean) So apparently you're this chick who goes to some school and has too much free time while her parents are away and makes datable Dolls (What is this, Absolute Boyfriend?); mmhmm, okay. AND LOOK AT THIS. There's a demo! And 2 at that. How beautiful~

If you want to play the game as well, download it for free here:

Alright. So. Shall we begin?

Oooh, even in-game the text is language changeable (~o3o)~ ...which I think is pretty damn nifty. Considering Korean's a language option, the fact their CVs have Korean names and that this doesn't sound like Japanese, I'm pretty sure all the voicing is done in Korean. Also depending what language you put it in, your default name can be either Eri, エリー, or 에리. (Or you can be a Mary Sue and plug in your own name)

Kay, so the game starts off with some dude calling Eri "Heroine", and she clearly isn't having any of his crap. (Omg hearing Korean in my ear is so weird; I haven't listened to K-music/dramas in forever. But hehe, their Engrish in the beginning~)

Anyway, this dude, Red, goes from bubbly/naive to suddenly serious and says "there's a spy in this house, yo ouo." His argument is that Yuri has been...saying "weird" things on the phone lately, communicating with the enemy.

Pffft please Red, that's just straight up flattery. And of course gullible little Yeonho (another Doll that Eri created) believes him and starts to worry. Yeonho is so adorable ewe

 And....Red's nickname for Yeonho is "Yellow"? What is this, Pokemon? XD

 Eri then proceeds to ask "What about Lance?", if he's innocent. To which Red stupidly replies "Of course he's the enemy! 8DD" *gets smacked by Eri for his stupidity* So wait...does this mean Yuri/Lance slash? XD
Oh gawd what have I done? e-o


 ANYWAY. Some bickering starts. 
And I can sympathize with this line because I am a food savage and to be without edible food is a terrible thing =w=

 And so we hear a door unlocking and WOAH-HOH there. Got some flirtatiousness going on~ (And he blinks! His sprite blinks at me 8D)

Yuri:"... We're going to see everything of each other soon anyways."
Then Lance is all STFU or I'll scar you for life. (Actual quote: "If you do not turn around this instant  and go to your room, I will show you myself something you really do not want to see.")
Tei: "I will help too."
Wait.... what? .... THREESOME 8DD //shottodeath Sorry guys, I'm such a perv. Wait if they're dolls and she created them, then hasn't she already seen everything? Why's she getting flustered...? 「(゚ペ) Whatever man XD

Alright so after all this junk, Tei tells you that he's gonna get a job, which impresses Eri cause he's like 1 week old but she thinks him reliable so it's all good *thumbs up*. Then Yeonho pops in and he's still trying to break out of the habit of calling you "Master" (what?). 

And now we get to choose who to go to school with (the options always shuffle around btw): Le Get In Your Pants Perv, Mr. Serious but Understanding, or Puppy Melt Your Heart :3

So pretty much the scenes are the same no matter who you choose, the only difference being the interactions to the bus stop

Choice Selection 1:

Alright. Well Lance is pretty quiet, so Eri asks if there's anything uncomfortable being "Human," to which he replies about Red's antics. "But I thought opposites attracted?" Nope! Just downright hated XD

And he's concerned for her, it's adorable. *ahem* Anyway. He also touches on the topic of all high school dramas: liking someone superficially for their looks rather than their personality. That's some pretty deep stuff for a 10 day old robot ouo He doesn't want to be popular and all that because they just hang around him for his looks and don't genuinely care about him. They're just attracted to his looks as a person.... errrr, doll. Eri then says she wishes she was popular, and doesn't understand why he doesn't like it, so he spells it out for her. But come on, she made them pretty, it was bound to happen XD

So if you chose Yeonho, he'll start by calling you Master again hehe. He wants to go to school with you, but you say you'll get trampled by all the fangirls. And Yeonho's just "(;*△*; ) I-I"ll protect you! 。^‿^。 *cues his shy kinda over the shoulder pose*" And he says he's happy to be by her ;ldakjfa;ldkjfa;ldsfjk so adorable. Gahh I'm such a sap. He's like some naive little lover who's never done anything for the first time X3
Then Yeonho's all "You can pet me" (what) and pulls this line:
I think he sees himself as like...her puppy or something rather than her friend like the other dolls XD ... Heh. He'd be great at role-play once all that naivety is gone. It certainly goes along with his chick/puppy motif. >:3 //shot

Let's say you don't want either of those two and want to walk to school with the perv. XD

Lol what, complimenting him on his clothes already, mmkay. Then Yuri's all "I'll call a cab. Wait, darling~ ;D" and shows his disdain for buses that "cram people like tuna cans."
Pfffft well someone needs to get off his high horse XD Yuri says don't worry about the cab fee cause he'll pay for it. And Eri wonders where he wanders off at night to get money. Well...with all that sex talk, I think I have a fairly good idea. And when questioned he even says "it's a long story", ho hoh. ;D Eri wants to make sure he's not committing some crime, so he whispers in her ear:
OKAY THAT'S IT. I'M DONE HERE. HIM AND HIS DUMB FLATTERY XD Pffft and Eri's just like "I don't get it herr herr herr."

.....Clearly my mind's in the gutter. Though really I wouldn't be surprised if he was a host or something XD
So some chick gave him these expensive shoes plus money. Talk about generosity. Then Yuri says "Fashion exists for beautiful people. For people like me." Oh boy, pervert and an egoist, this should be fun haha.

And now the intro! If you're like me who's monolingual, the demo is subtitled ;D (on English mode)

 I have no clue what this "Nameless"/ "Will you remember it?" business is though ._.

 Kay, so we're at school and you're greeted by one of your friends, Shinbi. ... I really like her design. I really really do. She's even the banner I chose because I think she's pretty XD So she kinda seems like the reserved but gentle type.

Next, this other chick named Soi - who was checking out Lance and Yeonho before finally noticing you after you spoke to her - is basically just all "kyaa kyaa you're so lucky you get to help them around with classes." or whatever. "I've been more motivated to come to school since they attend teehee." 

 She kinda seems like the bratty spoiled maybe slightly arrogant type. I can tell I'm not going to like her very much... And then Shinbi mentions Soi woke up without an alarm clock today, which I'm assuming must be a major feat for her, to be motivated to wake for her bishies XD (Hell, I know I am~)

So you 3 all chit chat a bit, and then Soi's all "let me see the chick." .... Apparently Yeonho's second nickname is chick due to looking like yellow chick. Okay then.

adjf;dksjfadksfh;sodfj Look how insecure he looks; my heart. ;___; And he's so shy too, gahah

Choice Selection 2
Now, you can either approach him or deny him, poor thing XD (Which I'm assuming would affect whether you take his route or not if this were the full version)

If you approach him, he'll stutter and ask if he can sit next to you, but you say he can't 'cause some lazy chick already sits there. So like the nice master you are, you go up and ask if Yeonho can sit there. But Yeonho butts in, saying he doesn't want to trouble anyone and he kinda just walks away with this kicked puppy face and just ;AAA;. But then the owner says go ahead and sit, it's fine yadda yadda. (Wait, the game says she, but it sounds like a dude. Is that a typo? ._.) And other people back up his decision since he/she sleeps in class anyway hehe. The girls are like "the teacher told us he's so cute heheh.. I mean, told us to be nice to the transfer kids." See, that wasn't so bad my adorable Yeonho. All roads lead to Rome ;D

Now if you're all "pshhh whatever, bai~"...nothing really happens. It just cuts the end of the first option where you sit down and you're all "I wonder how everyone else is" (But this certainly wouldn't win any brownie points with Yeonho).

Now we skip to another part of the school or something. A bunch of guys are depressed that they can't get any chicks cause they're all panty-dropping for the transfer doll-turned-human dudes, and Red being Mr Justice is all "I'LL HELP YOUR POOR SOULS! 8DD" So Tei - which Red calls him Commander - has Red sing some motivational song. "I! Can't! Meet! You! I want to meet you! CATCH! YOU! CATCH! ME!"
....He's having way too much fun with this XD

Then some girl asks Tei why Red called him Commander, and Tei makes up some story that they used to live abroad and he'd watch TV to learn the language, and that's what was on and stuff. Hey, that's a pretty believable sto- GAHHHHHHHH GODDAMN MY EAAAAARS e-e *cues squealing fangirls* Please, if you ever play this part, do lower your headphones e-e

Now we cut to Professor Yuri (ohhhhh boy....) and he's teaching XD Sheesh, he certainly doesn't leave to the imagination. I'm assuming he's a total devil in the sack XD //shottodeath

 Anywoo, some dudes are all "I don't get it." Aaaaand to make things less perverted, Yuri explains how to hold an instrument like this: XD
Um....are we still talking about instruments here or we talking about sex? XDD


So the bell rings and Yuri's all "Adios~ ;D" and then Demo I is over ewe

This was adorable XD You know with all the adorableness from Yeonho how he's happy to be with her and that she calls him cute, that might be the "canon" pairing. But I can also kinda see a canon pairing with Yuri since he all affectionate to the max and she doesn't even seem bothered by it. I'll admit, this game does have some potential, and it's pretty fun fluffy game to kill some time with imo.

Alright, stay turned next time for Demo II!

Edit: Demo II can be found here

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