Thursday, March 20, 2014

Otome Games Announcements Recap

Well, we've had quite a few game announcements, and we're only into March. With all the titles floating around, I decided to compile a recap of a few I hadn’t mentioned previously. I'll mainly talk about the newer announced ones, which were mainly revealed in the latest issues of Dengeki and B’s Log. Some of these newer announcements also have teaser sites (*ゝω・)ノ♥♥♥ ・゚:*:゚

First up is Ayakashi Gohan, a PC game created by Honeybee. It releases on August 29, 2014

Next up is Binary Star, created by Otomate

Enkeltbillet takes on a different take than usual with otome games, being about traveling to a foreign country and whatnot. Created by the same writers of Death Connection and Hanayaki Nari, it will release sometime this year.

Haven't seen too many QuinRose games lately other than the Alice franchise, but QuinRose will be releasing both Majoou and Mermaid Gothic.

Norn9 Last Era is another upcoming one. Quite a bit of Norn9 news: first the anime announcement and now a second game. Also, the first Norn9 game will be ported to Vita.

Photograph Journey, another Honeybee game, has been sent over to PC as well. Tbh I don't know much about the game, but that cast is huge.

Seems like Prince Pia ♥ Carrot for PC has been delayed once more, this time not releasing until Autumn 2014.

Otomate presents yet another game, Reine des Fleurs. Basically it's about a princess named Violette,  her knights - Louis, Leon, Ghislain, Orpheus - and her adviser Hubert. (So much for that Code of Chivalry lol) If I'm not mistaken, this is by the same artist as Wand of Fortune and Will O' Wisp? 
(Edit: Here's a translated summary from the scans released in B's Log's May 2014 issue) 
(Edit once more: Here's an in-depth translation on Otome Jikan)
Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 11.49.26 AM.png

RE:VICE[D] is another Otomate game. And damn is that site colorful. “Dear my Lord, I definitely findyou.”
(Edit: Here's a translated summary for this series as well)

Urakata Hakuouki ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~ is another title by Otomate. Currently, there's a teaser site available.

There’s a new UtaPri game entering, and it’s called Uta no Prince-Sama All Star After Secret. UtaPri All Star was about the 4 new boys (and everyone else in the extra Rainbow Route) so I guess this game will expand some more on them. … Err Broccoli, how many games does UtaPri need? For all the UtaPri fans, let’s hope Broccoli’s not all “LOL here’s a crappy fandisk, enjoy ε≡(・∀・)b”

If you like Rejet, a couple drama CDs that are turning into (PC I believe?) games are Bad Medicine and ALICE=ALICE

Well there's definitely more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Until next time (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

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