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ALICE=ALICE (Alice in the Forbidden World) Vol. 1 Kuro Usagi Review

Well, since the ALICE=ALICE game is coming up, I decided to listen to the drama CD that made it possible. Basically this is Rejet's rendition of Alice in Wonderland with a biiiiit of a vorarephilia (vore) twist. Volume 1 features the Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit). He used to be a white rabbit, but due to stress and whatnot, became a black rabbit. He's always pressed for time and he's a bit of a yan who just wants to die really. He talked to the king to returning on how to return to a white rabbit and well, that's where Alice/you come in.

ALICE=ALICE Alice in the Forbidden World Vol 1 - Kuro Usagi
CV: Kondou Takashi
Artist: Suou
Release Date: October 30, 2013

It starts with Alice falling through the rabbit hole, where she's found unconscious by Kurosagi. He really wants some carrots but he's curious about you, so he just decides to take some pictures and gets a complete kick out of it LOL. And then when you do wake up, he just talks about how terrible you looked into the pictures, like bro really? Since you're awake, he sniffs you and starts... licking you. ಠ_ಠ He talks about how there's nowhere for you to run and how he really really wants to die. He also wants to eat you, which would result in him dying, but lol no bunny boi's gonna be eating me. He gets more aggressive in his persuasions to let you eat him, but then an alarm goes off and his personality does a complete 180. Another alarm joins as he yells at the alarms to be quiet and how he wants to die and he goes split-personality yan mode, and just... I don't know if I can take this for 7 more tracks tbh. This is scaring me a little. XDD There's a reason yans aren't my thing BUT I SHOULD AT LEAST GIVE IT A CHANCE. He flings around stuff and cries and talks about how there's not enough time because the king said he might be a black rabbit forever and things like that and how he just wants to die. He uh, calms down and mentions the eating conversation he had with the king and decides to grab you and drag you through the rabbit door.

Well you're in his house now, and as always, he's flipping out about the time. But then he says "itadakimasu" and starts ripping your clothes and noming on you pfft. He's surprised at how sweet you taste, he doesn't know why, but continues licking at you anyway haha. Since he can't actually eat you without dying, he just continues nibbling/kissing/licking on you like the rabbit he is. So he's kinda "eating" you in a sense. He even says you're like a candy bar LOL. XD It can sound really questionable though. Time passes and he's still nibbling on you.... and tearing more fabric. (*゚▽゚*)b Apparently he heard that eating you will kill him and make him a white usagi-chan again? Idk some weird stuff like that lolol. He goes on a whole tangent on how your skin is white and beautiful and continues to "devour" you more. *cue dummy head as you get kissy noises in your ear* He seems to really enjoy your finger but it's not enough because he's still a black bunny. Then he rage quits on how it's not working and blames everything on you. (*.__.)

He tells you make some tea, but just ends up doing it for you okay, whut okay. He shoves a cup towards you way and says you're an idiot for being afraid so you..decide to humor him and drink it. Then he says finish everything in the pot but since you can't, HE SPLASHES THE POT OF HOT TEA ON YOU AND LAUGHS. LIKE BRO, WHUT. ∑(」;°Д°)」 You say it's hot and he retaliates that there's no pain in this world, followed by asking where it hurts, because he'll provide the pain, and more's to come later. (You Do-S)

Kurosagi takes a quick break before resuming his err "devouring" of you. He says that the inside of your body would be his favorite place to eat and he wants to see your face as he does so, haha what. More licking and chomping later he moans comments on how his body feels so hot and he might finally be dying. You try getting away (I would too Alice, I would too; that man be acting cray-cray) but his Do-S side joins the party, saying how it's unforgivable and ties you up with his creepy ass laugh. (x_x;)He shoves some sweets in your face, talking about some tea party starting, and keeps on laughing.

Track 6 is the beauty of the dummy head mic. He first talks about not tasting your lips and steals about 10 kisses, commenting how sweet they are. You know it's a dummy head mic CAUSE HE'S ALL UP IN YO EAR NEXT. He's still not white and starts flipping out/crying when he has you try eating him instead. He starts offering all these different body parts to you and you're um hesitant while smooth piano music plays in the background lol. He really gets off on you biting him - a lot *snickers* - and says he doesn't need to be white if he can always be nibbled like this. Then he takes the reigns again and it's just really questionable. SO YEAHHH. Cue 25 minutes of "eating" I'm not gonna lie, some places get kinda hot

Well apparently your face looks really erotic, so he decides to take some pictures. ~ヾ(^∇^) Oh but he doesn't want others to see that face, so he breaks the camera and laughs. *snorts* He calls you cute and eating your delicious body makes him feel all warm and fluffy inside. He'll never tire of eating you, blah blah. From then on, it's just a bunch of nibbling. |・ω・`)

Final Thoughts
OMG YOU ERO-BUNNY! XDD Wow, my emotions quickly changed: It went from "ew bro gtfo" to "oh that's kinda adorbs" to "this is kinda funny" and lastly "...keep kissing?" *snort* I saw the seiyuu and I'm just all "Woah, Subaru, is that really you? *used to the deep voice*" but it is, it really is. You can tell especially by them slurps haha. I'll admit when I first started Kurosagi, he really creeped me the frack out with his yandere yelling/crying/laughing. There's a reason I prefer my yans subtle like Yamazaki and don't listen to Kanato's CD.... But once I got passed the yandere-ness, I found him pretty adorable. For example, he makes those little rabbit noming noises when he's stressed. Also his "kehkehkeh" laugh he does is very rabbit-like...if any of this makes sense lol. If you enjoy the scenes of him nibbling you, tracks 6 and 7 give you a little over half hour of that. Based on what I've heard in this CD, the music is very.... childish? But in a good way. It's very fitting for the "Alice in Wonderland" theme and they're all catchy in their own right. AND LOL REJET, HALF OF THIS STUFF IS BORDERLINE R-18 I SWEAR. Way to ruin my Alice in Wonderland childhood with all this questionable stuff with Ero-Kurosagi over here pffft. Ah, speaking of which... If there's one thing I've learned from (predominantly Rejet) CDs, it's that I apparently enjoy being an M in them LOL. So all in all, I had fun with this track: it was charming, funny, and put the dummy head mic to good use with the nibbles. Though I am still a little confused with all this vore/eating business that all the guys seem to have a thing for. But whatever. Now that I do know about the whole eating thing, the opening suddenly has a totally different meaning for me. "Hey Alice, what will you eat?" Oh, some sweets? Lol nope, our men >:D *clears throat* Anyway. If you're looking for hardcore Yans however, then track 1 might only be the closest to what you're looking for.

Until next time U(-•ㅅ•-)U Here are some bunnies

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