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2 Otome Games Getting Localized! (5.7.15)
2014 April - 2015 March Reject Calendar Scans
30 Day Otome Challenge - Day 1: First Otome Game
30 Day Otome Challenge - Day 2: First Love
3DS Update: Miiverse & Nintendo Network ID (What on earth...?)
A Random Thought About Smoothies and Drama CDs
ALICE=ALICE and Bad Medicine OP & ED Download
A Translator's Rant
Anime Expo 2017 - Aksys Games Otome Announcements
AX 2016 Aksys Games - New Otome Localization Announcements! 
AX 2016 MangaGamer - New BL & Otome Localization!
Ayato in Chrono Stacia? I'm Dying XD
Bakumatsu Rock Anime??
Cheritz's Upcoming Game Has an English Title Now!
ChronoStacia Cast & Other Roles
Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion? (Plus Other Pokemon and Conspiracies)
DIABOLIK LOVERS Bloody Songs - SUPER BEST- Announcement & Audio
Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate OP Revealed! + Audio (Also, Vandead Carnival Release & Audios ~)
Diabolik Lovers 「Where is Love?」 Announced + Upcoming NicoNico Broadcast (* >ω<)
Diabolik Lovers - Give Me a Fandom and I'll Tell You Which Characters I Would. . .
Diabolik Lovers More Character Songs Vol. 1 Ayato - "Arcadia" Audio Sample - Plus Other DL News
Diabolik Lovers More Character Songs Vol. 1 Ayato - "Arcadia" Released! (+ Audio) 
Diabolik Lovers More Character Song Vol. 2 Kanato - "GRATEFUL★DEAD★MARCH" Audio Sample
Diabolik Lovers More Character Songs Vol. 2 Kanato - GRATEFUL★DEAD★MARCH Released! - Audio + Other DL Things 
Diabolik Lovers More Character Songs Vol. 5 Laito - Q.E.D. Sample + Audio
Diabolik Lovers More Character Songs Vol. 5 Laito - Q.E.D. Released! + Audio & Other DL Thingsies
Diabolik Lovers Mukami OVA!!
DiaLovers Dubbed Anime?!
Drama CDs Announcements
DRAMAtical Murder Anime Announcement! + Trailer & Thoughts
DRAMAtical Murder Anime - When and Where to Watch!
E3 2018 Roundup and Thoughts Part 1
E3 Fangirling [2014]
Extra Info for Diabolik Lovers Drama CD 「Where is Love?」 Live Broadcast
Gin no Bara Reiji Ver. Download
Happy April Fool's Day 2014 from Gaming Companies!
Happy Independence Day! & Other Random Stories
Happy Valentine's Day From the Boys!
Happy White Day from the Boys!
Jewelic Nightmare Popularity Poll Announcements
Jewelic Nightmare Popularity Poll - Vote Away~
Kamiaso's Getting an Anime?! ∑(O_O;)
Kamigami no Asobi Translation
Mighty No. 9 - Winner Takes (C)All!
More English Otomes 2017 - Hakuouki and Hyakka Hyakurou (Nightshade) + other otome updates
More English Otome Localizations - OperaHouse/Dogenzaka Lab [2017]
New Ace Attorney Game: Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken
New BL Localization from MangaGamer [Hashihime 2017]
New Project from Honeybee and Satoi! "『Re:BIRTHDAY SONG~恋を唄う死神~』紹介ムービー"
NitroChiral's April Fool's Joke 「Osu Boys!!」Is Really a Game!? (+ Download Links)
Norn9 -Norn + Nonette- Jumps On the Anime Bandwagon: Cast and Thoughts
Once More, Companies Aren't Prepared for the Influx that Christmas Sales Bring, Yay! (*sob* No PokeBank)
Other Upcoming Animes Recap: Kuroshitsuji + Others
Otome Games Announcements Recap
Otome Panel: Sabakon 2014
OZMAFIA Due for English Localization! + Character Pol
Pokemon - Diancie Is Official + Movie #17& Poll
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright - Announced DLC + English Screenshots
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright - EU Demo, Johnny Smiles, and the Return of Shu Takami
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Has a New PV :3
Re: Rejet 「CHANGE」 Event Announcements
Rejet 「CHANGE」Event Announcements
Rejet Event ~Snow Virgin Road~ Announcements
RejetTV Natsu Matsuri [Summer Festival] Live Event Day 2
RejetTV Summer Festival Event Announcements
Seduce Me The Demo Now Available! (Download link included)
Seduce Me - Meet (Aurally) the Incubi Brothers, The OP, and More
Some Otomate Games Migrating to Vita
Some New Rejet CD's Released Today (・∀・)
Special Volumes of Soine Hitsuzi Released (And Dear Gawd, the Characters I Associate Them With)
Teikoku Impressions & Cast
Thrift Stores Are Your Best Friend (Picking Up FFVII + Some Xbox Titles)
Translating Update (7.21.14)
Unboxing Diabolik Lovers More Blood Mukami/Tsukinami MugUnboxing Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival LE!
Unboxing Persona 4 Dancing All Night: Disco Fever Edition
Unboxing: Persona Q ~Shadow of the Labyrinth~ Wild Cards Premium Edition
Unwrapping Diabolik Lovers Illustrations!
Uta no ☆ Prince-Sama ♪ 「JOKER TRAP 」 Feat. Ranmaru, Camus, Tokiya & Ren Released Today (+ Audio Sample) 
Welcome! (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Where is Love? Event Announcements (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ (DL + Others)
Wright Selection: New AA1-Era Art (And Misc. AA123 News)
Yoiyomori no Hime Impressions

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