Thursday, January 30, 2014

Extra Info for Diabolik Lovers「Where is Love?」 Live Broadcast

Edit: Psssst, Where is Love isn't a drama cd; it's a Rejet event! |D
Just here with a couple more updates and things for 「Where is Love?」 。^‿^。

First, what I think is the most important: The broadcasting is going to be FREE. So whoohoo, you don't have to have a premium membership to watch~ However, the only downfall is that free users have the lowest priority of seating, so it might end up being too full or you could get kicked out. (;へ:)

Second, here's the schedule for the Broadcasting (Japan Time) that I've translated for you guys:
Part One of the 『DIABOLIK LOVERS』 Situation Drama CD, broadcasting once.

・Rejet's new works announcement for 2014
Meet 『DIABOLIK LOVERS』's familiar Midorikawa Hikaru-san and  Takashi Kondo-san, who will also announce Rejet's largest new title for 2014!
Rejet's Representative Director Iwasaki Daisuke will appear too!
This is an ≪important announcement≫ you won't want to miss!
In addition, there will be plenty of Rejet news delivered!

Part Two of the 『DIABOLIK LOVERS』 Situation Drama CD, broadcasting once. 
※Beginning time may be subject to change
※Because the situation drama CDs are recorded with 3D dummy head microphones, headphones are recommended

Lastly, here's just my guess regarding Rejet selling this Drama CD that was asked recently.
Until next time (`・ω・´)

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