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Diabolik Lovers More Blood Pre-Order Bonus CD The Curse of Odessa ~Cornered Vampires~ - Overview & Babbles (& Audio)

Hello there. I'm here with the Bonus CD track called The Curse of Odessa ~Cornered Vampires~, or Odessa no Noroi ~Oitsumerarashi Vampire-Tachi~ (デッサの呪い ~追いつめられしヴァンパイアたち~). I listened to this and just...what is this. XD Anyway, it was certainly an entertaining 20some minutes of my life that had me snickering and left at kind of a (creepy) cliffhanger.

Before I begin, let me say one thing... SUBARU IS SO TSUN HNNNGGGG ASDFKJ;

Note that this takes place sometime after the Mukami bombing the limo scene in Diabolik Lovers More Blood.

It starts out with Yui playing the card game Old Maid with the Sakamaki triplets. Let me tell you, Ayato is TERRIBLE at playing cards. First of all, he reveals he has the Joker. Then he says to take said Joker, which definitely isn't on the right side or anything. 8D Looks like Ayato's forever an Old Maid haha. Subaru and Shu are asked if they want to play, but both reply that it's stupid to. Laito starts an argument of how Subaru shouldn't be so mean to his "Onii-chans" and Subaru gets pissed of how they're trying to be older brothers now, and so he kicks a chair! 8D (And he repeatedly does so throughout the CD) Subaru what's wrong with you? Wall-chan will be jealous (・∀・)

Suddenly Reiji comes in, holding a piece of paper. He says that it's probably a prank, but it was tacked to the door with a knife....and it says "I will kill all vampires." ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ However, they can only think of one group who knows they're vampires and their residence... THOSE MUKAMIS hiss hiss hiss

Meanwhile at the Mukami residence, Kou interrupts Ruki's reading and shows him a note that says-oh look at that- "I will kill all vampires". Looks like the Sakamakis decided to payback them the childish way (jk guys) Azusa suddenly creepers behind Kou and reads the note out then, and then talks to Justin about it. Yuma mentions that it can only be the Sakamakis and Ruki states its their declaration of war. Azusa then asks if a war hurts and if it does then he'll participate because he can't wait to be hit, *snickers* oh my baby you.

Some time passes and we return to the Sakamakis. Yui runs into the house panicked and whatnot. She runs into Laito and asks where Reiji is, but then Reiji just teleports walks into the room, complaining that tea's already set and everything. He calls the other brothers and everyone filters in, save for Ayato. After everyone's assembled, Ayato strolls in and BA-BAM presents their dead bloody familiars. ewe They think how it's ridiculous that the Mukamis would write "I will kill all vampires" rather than just "Hand her over" if they wanted Yui or something, and this makes them think the one writing doesn't know the meaning of a vampiric death. So perhaps they're....human? Cue all the brothers glaring at Yui since she would have plenty reason to hate them ~(‘▽^人)

A bell rings out of nowhere, signalling that someone's coming and the Mukamis just stroll in like they own the place lol. Azusa mentions that their familiars were killed and Reiji's surprised that it happened to them as well. Turns out Ruki predicted it happened to them too, and he went all FBI mode checking the paper for Sakamaki fingerprints or handwriting, resulting in a failed investigation. He also dismisses the idea of Yui killing the familiars since she's rather weak. *snickers*

Azusa and Reiji then bring up the story of the Curse of Odessa. (the title of the track herr herr) The story is about a human girl who held a true love for a vampire nobleman, but the vampy just used her for her blood and then threw her away in pain. (GEE THIS SOUNDS AWFULLY FRICKIN FAMILIAR, I DON'T KNOW...MAYBE THIS WHOLE SERIES? Lol) Because he threw her away, she devised a plan of revenge by sending out death threats and then luring each residence member out, cornering them, before killing them. So someone is just copying that method, okay cool.

Then Laito piques up that if the chick's name was Odessa-chan, then he may be responsible since he was playing around with a girl a while back when he was at Richter's place.

....Wait what.  Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) Laito, why you do this, damn pervert. (ノಠ 益ಠ)ノ彡( \o°o)\

So naturally everyone gets pissed at him, and start tying him up....with Laito whining that he only gets tied/does tying when he gets kinky, ppfffft.Yuma throws Laito onto his shoulder (I REALLY WANT TO DRAW THIS) and chucks him outside.

Yui's worrying as usual and she mentions how the handwriting looks similar to her father's, but Ayato just dismisses her as being stupid. And then as the track is coming to a close, we get this creepy ass laugh in the background. |д꒪ͧ)… *hides* Ummm, I wouldn't completely dismiss her claim. After all, Yui's father - Seiji - was the vampire hunter that Reiji hired to kill Beatrix in Haunted Dark Bridal. .______.

So, that's that. I was sad when the track ended, but 20some minutes can only go so far. (´;ω;`) I loved how they played certain tracks at certain times, and there were even some new songs I hadn't heard before. This whole mystery thing was interesting too. They should totally slap out another CD where this whole thing gets solved and we have a confrontation with Seiji (and actually give him a sprite. I mean what the crap, he's all over in Azusa's route for crying out loud), but that's probably unlikely. 8D

Until next time guys~

(I really need to listen to all these DiaLovers CDs ouo)

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