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Bravely Default - Demo Review & Tips Part 1

THIS SHIT FINALLY CAME ONTO THE ESHOP ;ADKJF;LKJF Seriously, I've really wanted to play this game. And apparently in Japan it's known as "Bravely Default: Flying Fairy" but I guess we lose the subtitle cause Nintendo of America is cool like that. Technically, the NA/PAL release is "Bravely Default: For the Sequel" since it's the updated version that Japan got in December. But anyway.

Bravely Default is a RPG game created by Square Enix and is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The demo debuted January 2 and standard and limited editions will be up for purchase sometime in February. (And holy crap, this thing already has a sequel planned, called "Bravely Second". Then again, this has been out in Japan since 2012.)

If you wish to view the websites, English:
Japan: BDFF

Is it sad that everytime I win a battle I think of this theme instead? XD

Ooh, apparently in the Full Version, you can select languages between English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese since it'll be a worldwide release for other countries. Kinda like how Pokemon X/Y did it too :3

Also, there are Demo Bonuses that you can obtain to make your life easier in the full version. Talking to the guy on the right before exiting town can tell you which "packs" you've obtained:

1. Play the demo (literally)
2, 3, 4: Beat the three quested mini bosses
5: Beat the quested boss
6: Reload the game after beating the quested boss, and fight another boss
7: Upgrade all of the Norende shops to the max (lvl 3)

So you're introduced to 4 characters - Edea, Tiz, Agnes (aka Lady Vestal), and Ringabel -  and the Prime Minister of Ancheim asking for help. A Giant Chasm has opened up near Norende Village and is wrecking havoc there, halting the restoration process. You start by controlling Tiz, who's a native of that village (Unless someone dies; then you'll play as the next party member). And that little fairy chick on the cover art? Guess she's your fairy companion that you can view in the menu screen and she'll help remind you of what quest you need to do. You can also change the classes (or "job") of these peeps, which is nice and should play to their strength stats. There's also a day/night system, which affects affects what enemies you'll see.

omg these items are so Final Fantasy a;djfdsf

Anyway. The Jobs that I chose were Tiz: Ninja, Agnes: Red Mage, Ringabel: Valkryie, and Edea: Swordmaster. Also, don't forget to assign building jobs in Norende Village! (Cause they take hourrsss, especially if you don't have anyone to streetpass with)

So the first task I to do is obtaining 5 Beast Livers, which can be obtained by roaming around the desert and beating some Panthers and White Caits. But before you leave, do buy items like potions and antidotes. And remember, you can always rest up at inns. Upon completion, you get 400 pg :3

Next up is collecting 7 demon tails from Imps, which are available only at night. Finish that quest up and bam, 1,500 pg. If you get any extra tails, sell em~

The next quest is The Mysterious Intruder, where you have to beat up some enemies who've taken advantage of the cave to the west being used as a storehouse. Mesuline charms your allies so if she does, hit em to knock some sense back into em. 8D Our goal here is to defeat the Mesuline. Also, it might be a good idea to level up some more beforehand (I didn't go till I was Lv6 cause I'm paranoid like that lol). If you see any treasure chests, nab em. Also, buy eye drops. Lots and lots of eye drops. 'Cause there are these gargoyle things that spew gases that make you Blind and then you'll be screwed in battle. So just make sure you dont linger in front of one too long. Also, you can't save in the cave, so be wary. The only exception is when you run into the merchant dude before the boss fight. Check for weak points as well. D'gons for example are weak to water since they are fire based. So after you get Mesuline, you get a Demo Bonus. ;D Don't forget to nab that Long Sword and White Cape accessory item on the other side, which nullifies Silence. You'll have to walk straight into a gargoyle thing, but it's worth it. Besides, nothing a couple eye drops can't fix.

Next up is heading to the forest area in the northeast, Miasma Woods. Again, leveling up before entry would be nice. Stock up on some antidotes as well. Make sure you don't step into any green swamp whatever patches, 'cause they'll poison you. Also, if anyone can use magic, buy a Fire scroll. Cause yknow, plants and fire. Your objective is to obtain Monster Fibers from any of the plant monsters. Btw, Myconids (the blue fungi) are a butthurt, cause they can spawn a second Myconid. Deathstalkers can also "pheromone plus" and bring in more deathstalkers. >__> Finish up this quest and BA-BAM 600pg.

Once again you must venture into Miasma Woods. This time you need to beat the next mini boss: Adamantite Shell, covered in the next part.

Until next time when we battle this dude (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

P.S. Don't forget about that village!!

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