Monday, January 13, 2014

Ayato in Chrono Stacia? I'm Dying XD

So, if you look on the side of my blog, you'll notice a little Chrono Stacia banner. I decided to revisit the website (the BGM's gorgeous btw) to see if I could recognize any of the characters by voice.

I'm thumbing through the voice samples and I hear a voice that sounds an awful lot like Ayato Sakamaki, that sadistic vampiric little- a;dokafjs;dfk Anyway. I looked up the CV's name and lo and behold, it's Ayato! XDD Or rather, Midorikawa Hikaru.

And honestly when I'm so used to seeing/hearing him voice someone like this:

It's really odd to hear him voicing someone who I wouldn't normally expect him to voice based on appearances lol. So who is it? Well...

It's Clive!

Heterochromatic megane-boy was the last one I was expecting him to voice, but whatever. Maybe his in-game personality will change my mind XD


Oh, yeah. Basically for those of you who don't know, the summary on the site goes like this:
Underneath the white great tree lies the grand capital of Albion.
A method to manage time was discovered 10 years ago.
Ever since the birth of "BANK", people have been paying and competing to store time, gaining a large sum of money and social status as the interest. However, "BANK" suddenly got attacked by an unknown figure. The time stored there were lost for eternity, and a bleak shadow has been casted upon the world.
The World Time Bank <<BANK>> responsible for taking care of everyone's "Time" has gone bankrupt. The sound of the cogwheels of the world spiraling out of control resounds throughout the town.
And so now there's only 99 days of the world left as stated by this organization known as Baroque, the ones stealing all the Time. 8D

Until next time. Otome on~

(Psssst, for any Yaoi fans: He's also Shiki in Togainu no Chi, Shuri from Hanamachi Monogatari, and Okinaga from Sweet Pool, or or or SCREW IT he's in a bajillion otome and BL roles)

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