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Jewelic Nightmare Situation Drama CD Vol 1: Diamond & Ruby - Overview & Babbles

Welcome one and all to Jewelic Nightmare, where the realms of the Sweet Side and Nightmare intwine with each other. In this CD (& game), Michiru is a normal girl who likes sweet and beautiful things. The Lord of the Mansion Papa Sakamaki Joshu invades your dreams, sends you to the Nightmare world, and tells you that you need to choose one gem/bachelor that suits her before the next full moon. But to fall for the Sweet Side boys or the Nightmare boys; that is the question.

Vol 1 includes Diamond & Ruby aka Adamas and Ru. Or by their Sweet Side names, Seiichirou and Kou.
Adamas/Seiichirou (CV: KENN)
Ru/Kou (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原 徹也)
Lord (Joshu)/Narration: (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)

I'm going to say this right now: my mind is making Diabolik Lovers references for some reason (what the hell Otomate). So do bear with me on that. ...Yay, gem metaphors!

AND OTOMATE JUMPED ON THE REJET BANDWAGON. I honestly thought for a while this was a Rejet series, but nope. (I mean yeah Otomate and Rejet have collabed before but yknow) We get a non-Rejet game with Yanderes, Do-S, carnivorous peeps, and things of the sort. XD

Without further adieu, let's begin

Track 1 - Prologue
Well first of all I love Jewelic Nightmare's songs, which you can find on their site. Anyway. Lord Joshu invades Michiru's dreams, telling her she's in the world of Carmina and she needs to pick a gem that's the most praiseworthy. She picks up the diamond - beautiful but with a shine that isn't all it seems to be - and Adamas appears, saying there isn't a gem worthy of a woman like her. Ru then pops up, saying not to scare her, and Joshu asks if she'll take the ruby, burning of a flame of passion.

Ru: Ru, that’s the name of the gemstone you’ll choose. Be sure to remember it, woman. Well, even if you forget, I’ll burn it into you in a way you won’t be able to forget, even if I have to do it by force. …My hot, hot shine into the deepest places within you
 That...totally doesn't sound wrong. XDD So Michiru flips out and runs away, but Joshu chuckles that she'll be visiting the castle every night, that she can't escape it.

Back in real life, Michiru is going to her new part-time job when she runs into Kou, who has a huge sweet tooth and is also a new part-timer. She asks if they've met and he said they've probably passed each other on the streets. Then Seiichirou appears, introducing himself as the patisserie of Cafe Felice (pronounced Fe-lee-che). He gives the both of them cake and Kou immediately dives in, ecstatic about how deliciously sweet it is, surprising Seiichirou than a male likes that style of cake.

Good god, Kou's just as happy-go-lucky as Kou Mukami. (Coincidence? I THINK NOT //slapped. I've been looking into too much Diabolik Lovers) While we're on the DL topic, Seiichirou's temperament reminds me a bit of Ruki (Mukami), heh. The whole "Lord who lives in a mansion and invades your mind to tell you of your fulfillment in a task" reminds me of Karl Heinz/"Papa Sakamaki"/Rainheart. Anyway, I like it so far. As always, I applaud seiyuus for delivering different voices. Though I do like their Nightmare voices a bit more, hehe. But gawd are the Nightmare names cheesy as fuck XD

Track 2 [A Wound Upon that Hand] ~Side Dream~ Adamas
Adamas is walking around, wondering if Michiru has awoken yet. As if on cue, some clattering is heard as Ru chases her. Tiring of seeing her unsightly run about from that "trash", he drags her into through door into some room to hide her from Ru. AND HOLY CRAP IN MY EAR, OKAY. So Ru grumbles off unable to find her in the mansion, and it turns out Michiru and Adamas stumbled into a bedroom. He says that he wasn't necessarily trying to protect her and plops her on the bed and he mentions the clasp on her chest is disheveled. He tries fixing it and she gets embarrassed, etc. He asks how Ru touched her, she starts to explain and suddenly he doesn't want to hear anymore, to "rot his ears" so to speak lol. Adamas goes on to say that he can't do anything 'cept hurt others and that if he's to continue watching scum, then he'd rather scratch Michiru so much that no one would dare look at her anymore. Then she clasps his hand - and he gets a little miffed - but then realizes he's trembling and denies it, saying she should be trembling at him in fear haha. He starts saying that if she doesn't rebuff him then with his hands he'll.... aaaand the bell rings, signaling her to go back to sleep.

She's asleep but he continues monologue-ing to himself, saying that her eyes will drive him helplessly mad. Then he creeps in your ear and whispers and breathes and ;adkfj;dkj as he basically leaves some kiss marks on her in a place that only he can find. σ(≧ᴗ≦o)

OMG FLUUUUUFF. I swear, he's so in denial over her or something and doesn't want her to know how he feels. And that dummy head mic, a;dkfj;sdkj Speaking of which, here's a voice clip of the first time he whispers into your ear (do wear both sides of the headphones) And later on towards the end of the track when he's breathing heavily into it, ohhh my.

Speaking of which... when I first showed one of my friends the home page, she asked "What is this, a  bondage game?" I don't blame her, they do have chains and things going on. XD But Ru certainly isn't helping: he talks about tying her legs to the bed so she can't escape lol. (Which is also in the audio clip above)

Idk man. I think I'm getting an Adamas bias XD

Track 3 [Sweet Fingertips] ~Side Real~ Sumeragi Seiichirou
Heh... heh heh heh *eyebrow wiggle* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alright. So it sounds like they're done with their shift for the day. Seiichirou mentions that he's been making various types of cakes - Michiru's face lights up at this - and he'd like her to taste test them to get a woman's opinion. He also pours her some tea and says he'll sit close so he can see her reaction up close heh. Some time passes and it's time for the last cake, which is a Savarin cake. He warns her it may surprise her, she takes a bite, and it does haha. For those of you who don't know what savarin is, it's a ring shaped cake that has rum syrup soaked into it. She likes it and proceeds to eat more lol. She ends up dripping syrup down her arm, and Seiichirou tries grabbing the fork but the damage is done haha. So he licks off his fingers, but then he half scolds her not to lick her arm like that. To which he proceeds to embarrassingly tell her that men react when a woman does something like that. XD

Michiru replies slowly, and she's got the whole the whole bedroom eyes going on as you hear a heart throb SFX and she leans over towards him. XD Then she laughs and he figures out that she must've gotten drunk off it, and it's his fault. Michiru then proceeds to plop herself onto his lap. (*~▽~) She tries to eat more cake and he tells her not to, a little scuffle occurs, and fork goes wheeeee onto the floor. Then I'm assuming she licks his fingers a bit, because it's said they're sweet where the syrup was? XD

Suddenly she falls asleep and just leaves him hanging lol. He wonder how he'd explain hugging a younger girl from behind while on his lap if someone were to come in and see (Yeah bro, she's 16 and you're 24 XD). Then he notices *gasp* Adamas' kiss marks on the back of her neck! :O ... Which he proceeds to "blot out" by adding more of his own XDD He stops himself, asking himself what he's doing and all he did was make it dirtier. Seiichirou apologizes and carries her off somewhere to let her sleep~

But before that... 5 SECONDS OF HIS S SIDE ;D
*whispers* Hey. If you’re that defenseless, someday, you really will get eaten up by a bad man. Heh…

THIS WAS ADORABLE. a;dkfj;sdkfj Alright, anyway, first off, I'm calling a bit of BS on that cake. Even if it is soaked with rum, you can't really get drunk off a cake can you? XD I'm wondering actually, how does she even manage to eat it? I've had desserts with some rum in it before. But there was this one place that had fruitcake soaked up the ass in rum, and it was god awful disgusting. ಠ_ಠ No one in my family could eat it lol. Anyway, I love how she's totally hitting on him. *snickers* Another topic, it's interesting how the kiss mark that Adamas gave Michiru shows up in the real world. And it amuses me how Seiichirou gets all defensive over a mark that he kinda technically gave. XD

Track 4 [In the Midst of a Postponed Continuation] ~Side Dream~ Ru

(Goddamn this track was super long)

So you have Ru loitering around, waiting for Michiru to wake up. After a few attempts, he finally gets her up, and she tells him not to be so loud 'cause her head hurts (from that hangover, *snickers*). She explains that she ate some cake and got drunk off it. For whatever reason, Ru doesn't know what "keeki" is, but whatevs. He decides to bring a cup and then goes "oh, I forgot a cup. You can just drink from the pitcher. If you don't want to that way, shall we do it mouth to mouth?" Oh, well that seems caring enough. Lol, nope. He keeps pouring and pouring water into her mouth, and gets a little miffed when she pushes it away and spills water everywhere, coughing up a lung in the process. He complains about how the sheets and his hands are soaked, as well water around her mouth.

He leans over and begins licking the water around her mouth, and there's some syrup left on there because he mentions how she's sweet and asks if her body makes nectar or something lol. When he's done, he laughs at how she's red and can't speak because it was "too stimulating." Her head starts hurting again, so he just tells her to go back to sleep. He remembers the sheets are wet, so he walks over to the table and just tugs off the tablecloth, sending everything on it clattering to the floor. 8D So he has a bit of a caring moment as he puts the tablecloth under her and tucks her in and stuff. She falls asleep and he goes back to his rebellious side, commenting to himself that next time she wakes up, she'll have to repay his tenfold. ;D

*snickers* The way he switches back and forth is amusing. First he gives off that rebellious aura. Then he turns caring in an arrogant caring sorta way. After that he goes back to his normal attitude but then exclaims in a pissed manner on why he's the only one that "feels this way" and starts punching a pillow or something. XD His kisses were interesting to listen to hehehe. And I laughed so hard when he just yanked the tablecloth of, because that's super productive.  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Track 5  [The Sweet Bite of an Attacking Wolf] ~Side Real~ Togari Kou
Ahh, the last track. Back in the real world, another day of working at the cake shop is now over. Michiru is a little hesitate to go outside and Kou sees why; the guy who kept hitting on her that day is waiting outside for her (creepy...). Kou mentions how he'd like to tell him off, but the guy is a customer, so he can't really do that. After a few minutes of awkward fumbling and Kou sounding embarrassed in a super high voice (XD), the two decide to leave the cake shop holding hands to make the dude think they're dating. And it certainly worked, for the guy had an ‘ate cake that was too sweet’, heartburn, weird expression going on. And Kou, who attends an all-boy school, is basically a virgin in everything with the ways of being with a girl, so he's amused at small and soft her hands are.

Some time passes and they're strolling through the city. Michiru mentions how she wasn't scared because Kou was there, and although Kou gets a little embarrassed he's still holding her hand even though the customer is long gone, she says that he doesn't need to since it's "warm and comforting." Since it's getting late, Kou decides to walk her home like the good gentleman he is.

Then they finally arrive at her house. Michiru says she'll invite him for dinner and Kou says he doesn't want to impose on her family, to which she replies she's the only one home. Kou's surprised she even offered because he might've attacked her or something, but Michiru just gives him a look like "please, you're safe." So then Kou feels his masculinity shrink a little, because she feels safe with him and doesn't consider the possibility of being dangerous but not with the guy outside the cake shop. *snickers* Kou babbles how he'd like to try holding her hand harder and not to let her guard down because there might be a time when someone like him bites her, and then he proceeds to kiss her. She pushes him off and blushes, but denies him and kicks him out. 8D Outside Kou is pouting and tries to figure out what to say in an apology text and just walks off as he grumbles in his dilemma. XD


Well this was interesting. XD And hey Kou, clearly I'd feel more comfy with you if I worked with you all the time than some weirdo I don't know waiting for me after hours to continue hitting on me even after I've shot them down. Everything seemed to be going so well: Michiru didn't want them to stop holding hands and she even offered him dinner in a house where she was the only one home. And then he screws it up by freaking her out and coming onto her. Of course you're gonna get denied if you do that, silly ≖‿≖


Well, this whole drama CD was pretty amusing haha. It gave me a bit of insight into the series and made me become interested in it more. 。◕‿◕。 Out of the 4 I think my biases would have to be Adamas and Seiichirou, heh. As for Ru, his sadist side makes me chuckle. On the other hand, I'm not all that interested in Kou's "I have zero experience even breathing next to a girl" kinda thing.

Just for kicks and giggles, here's the OP. Which btw is called "Eidolon" and sung by KENN. So basically you get to hear Adamas/Seiichirou sing ( ✌゚꒪౪꒪)✧

Until next time~ 

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