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Soine Hitsuji Drama CD Vol 1-4 Review

Well, I recently found out about this series, which is a collab by Honeybee x Black Butterfly, and got inspired to listen to it after hearing about the release of the two newest volumes. Also... I suppose this is a combination of each company's CD series, Shukan Soine and Hitsuji de Oyasumi? XD (Neither of which I've listened to, but I guess I'll have to now lol) I'm an easily pleased woman, so why not listen to something simple haha. The art is by Kazuki Yone, and it's very pretty as usual~ (Artist of series like Hakuouki, Hiiro no Kakera, Nobunaga the Fool and Kamiaso). They even have sheep horns! >v< So, this'll just be a general review since there's not much to actually talk about: it's all about fluffy bed cuddles and counting sheep LOL. There's 4 volumes for this set, and each dude represents a different season, with 7 tracks in each CD. (There's also a free app version, but I don't have a smartphone uwu). Usually seiyuu and (imaginary) MC-chan converse about the day's event before he goes off to count sheep. Also, the last track is about each seiyuu thanking you for listening going going on to talk about his experience with recording the CD. It's pretty entertaining. (・∀・)

As a random sidenote, why is there a different method of counting sheep compared to counting other objects? ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)? (Ex. "Jyuu" is 10. But you say "hitsuji jubiki" (羊十匹). I guess since 匹 is used for counting animals?)
Vol.1 features Yasuomi (CV: Ryotaro Okiayu), representative of Spring, which is your 35-year-old husbando who works as an announcer. He's serious and blunt, but has his understanding/caring moments as well. He's also domineering at times and a perfectionist. ....As I found out while listening, he basically acts a lot like a Tsundere in denial with a bit of a rough mouth LOL. Example of his caring side is when he lightly chides you for not sleeping yet, even though you have a busy day awaiting you haha.

When I first saw him, my thoughts were "OMG MEGANE!" 8D He also has a deep voice in this CD, which I find very soothing as he whispers sheep. ( /)u(\ ) The first time I listened to his, I actually fell asleep as he was counting sheep in Track 2. XD

One of my favorite tracks would have to be Track 4. First of all, it's one of the longest tracks of him counting fufufu. He also pauses a few tims to talk and coax you to sleep. It starts with him lying down next to her as he starts counting in a normal speaking voice. Naturally, she asks him to say it quieter since she can't sleep if he says it so loud LOL. So he starts counting again, much much softer and in a whisper as opposed to a low murmur of the previous tracks. Towards the end, he stops since you're asleep (or close to). He yawns (and made me yawn as well *snicker) and puts his glasses on the sidetable. Then he gives MC-chan a peck or two, whispers "I love you" and some other fluffy stuff before saying good night and going to sleep as well. Dude, even his sleep-breathing is soothing. *laughs*

Not sure if I was supposed to laugh, but there's one blunt moment of his in the beginning when he comments on her being childish. She starts crying I think? and then proceeds to whack him in repeated succession with the pillow! XDD To get back on your good side (since you're also a little irked with spending so little time with him due to his work), he asks how to cheer you up/help you sleep and gives a defeated sigh when it turns out his punishment is to be counting sheep. (●´艸`)

And his sleepy wake up voice in the beginning of Track 5. a;dskfj; *much approve*

Much fluff. I enjoyed it a bunch. Go listen to him (〃・ω・〃)

Vol. 2 has the character Yuiichi (CV: Fujiwara Keiji) who represents summer and teaches Shodo (aka Japanese Calligraphy). Omg how cool is that profession? He speaks in a very "genki" upbeat manner, but speaks more relaxed during counting sessions. A lot of his moments are "Ahh- sorry, you're right you're right haha" and it's pretty amusing~ He's loud and carefree and really likes watching tv. He cares for you a bunch, but often has to get nagged to remember to do things like brushing teeth and sleeping on time lol

I initially expected him to have a... highish? voice since he looked a bit young. It's actually pretty deep at times (But then I looked at the seiyuu and it all made sense hehe) However, if you're expecting father-like characters or low voiced-ness, then this may not sound all that appealing to you.

Oh dear gawd, this CD was hilarious. XD The whole time, I can just picture him with a >3< kind of pouting face. MC-chan has full reign over her boyfriendo here, wearing the pants in the relationship mwahaha. 

The first track is just full of laughs. It starts out with him laughing hysterically at the t.v., and when you tell him it's time to go to bed, he's just all "c'mon let's watch. Sleep doesn't matter; we'll figure it out. ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ." So you turn off the t.v. and give him a glare that effectively stops his complaining lolol. While the two of you are brushing teeth, he asks if you want to go on a date since it'll be your guys' third anniversary and you just give him a sly approving glare that makes him ecstatic of your approval. (☞゚∀゚)☞ He finishes first and teases that he'll sleep and take up the whole bed, leaving only a little room for you~ But you get the jump on him and walk ahead, him trailing behind you (*≧艸≦)

So yeah. Just a bunch of fun. When it comes to counting time, I think he tries pouncing on you, but you shove a pillow in his face lolol. He goes on about the t.v. and ichaicha-ing in bed *snicker* but then scoots over, says fluffy things, and starts counting. It's not as ecstatic when he's counting, but it still has a bunch of happy vibes. I feel like his tracks are counterproductive: I'd spend too much time laughing than actually sleeping. XD He's also a little loud, so not sure if I'd actually be able to sleep to it either lol.

Vol.3 features your boyfriendo Takumi (CV: Daisuke Kishio) who's a fourth-grade teacher. Lately I've only heard him as Azusa, so this was a nice pitch change haha. He's also not a morning person and when you try waking him up, he's just all "a;skldfj;h"

He's such a little sweetheart www Basically you rush over to his place 'cause you want to see him so much, but he's concerned that you'll catch a cold with wet hair. So he grabs a blowdryer and dries it for you. (〃▽〃) And then basically you just cuddle a bunch~~ He seems pretty laidback, and his "Che, stingy >3>" along with his little reluctant whines are adorkable as well haha

Takumi actually wants to get ready to sleep (unlike the previous lol) and tells you to hurry and join him since it's cold. Often he's worried about how "cool" he is and what kind of image he presents to the kids (that he teaches), and you just comment that you think it's cute lolol. But then there are times when he talks about his past with his grandma and his fears and being emotionally weak and stuff, and I'm just sitting thinking "amg you poor baby (´;д;`)"

His counting is very gentle. When he starts, he counts to ten and then asks if you're asleep. XDD Obvi you're not, so he continues counting. Later on he gives you a little kiss and asks if you'd want another one because you're so cute. (つω⊂* ) But then you steal the blanket since you're embarrassed from his teasing, making him realize how cold it is. XD

Track 4 practically starts out with much kissing and teasing ufu~ ///// (The way he says "baaaaka~" is adorable as well haha)

His voice speaks a lot of emotion in this CD. =w=

Lastly, we have Vol.4 which is Kaname (CV: Shimono Hiro). Unlike the others he's actually a 17-year-old high school student. Basically he's a tsundere who's representative of winter... How fitting 8D //shottothemoon. A favorite activity of his is playing games. He's a bit of an upbeat character as well and he's just all "Don't laugh at meeee σ(≧ε≦o)" *emits Tsun pheromones* Kaname flusters easily (like during some counting scenes) and generally wants to be seen as a man. c:

He talks with you a lot and helps you with stuff around the house. Ex. In the beginning he's helping with dishes. If there's one thing I like about his CD, it's that he overreacts in an adorable way. He has some other cute moments too, like complimenting your hair and cuddling in a .... it sounds like a sleeping bag lol. He asks if you're scared of anything and things like that. Kaname also kisses you a few times and it's very ah, wet sounding compared to the other boys. XDD

Kaname's counting is okay. For me, it's a little dull though. ^^; But he does care very much about you.~ He has d'aww moments when talking but I don't know, I just couldn't get that into it. o3o

Final Thoughts

Wow. It's not very often I marathon a series and finish the whole thing in one sitting. ヾ(*´∇`)ノ (Not counting the times I actually dozed off hahaha) When it comes to actually lulling me to sleep, I'd have to go with Yasuomi. Counting sheep to help me sleep? I feel like such a child lol Takumi isn't bad either. For much laughs, the answer is clearly Yuiichi. The others have snicker worthy moments as well, but he just takes the cake. If you want sweet moments (with possible feels), then it'd be Takumi. Attack of the tsuns would be Yasuomi and Kaname. I don't really have much to say on Kaname. I usually go for Tsunderes but idk. If I had to give him something though, I'd say best reactions lol. And lastly, everyone gets fluff one way or another 8D So if you want sweet nothingness whispered into your ear and be counted sheep to, I'd have to recommend this adorable series. (*´・v・)

Makes me kinda wish I had money to throw out to the two new volumes. (T∇T) I'm such a sad being >∇<
(However, the rest of my money is reserved for a certain group of vampires)

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