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Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol.6 Yamazaki Susumu Review

I always see fans of Wasurenagusa, and it made me feel a little lonely that I didn't know what all the rave was about. :\ Shinsengumi stories are always fun, so I've decidedly to very lately jump onto the Wasurenagusa Bandwagon. \^o^/ Yamazaki seems to be a favorite, so I'll start with him. Even though he's the last volume; lovely logic Tsuki-chan.

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa 6 – Yamazaki Susumu
CV – Morikawa Toshiyuki
Wasurenagusa Website

O-Oh my. I never realized Wasurenagusa was R-18... ///// Plus that on top of dummy head mics... Dammit Morikawa \(///Σ///)\

So Yamazaki's job is surveillance and investigation, always having to keep a close eye on people. Because he's a spy, he's always suppressing his true self. He also has some medical knowledge that's beneficial to the Shinsengumi. As you later find out, he's a closet yandere, and a Do-M on top of that. XD

Anyway. When Yamazaki first meets you, you're already working as a maid for the Shinsengumi. You don't know him, but he knows you since he's been watching you to make sure you're not suspicious, and rattles off a bunch of information about you lol. Yamazaki then invites you to his room to look at your wound. He feels responsible for it since he was responsible for the men who escaped at Ikedaya Inn and you got injured in the mess. Eventually he gets you to take off the top of your kimono and begins licking the wound on your arm/shoulder/back, saying that using disinfect would hurt too much. (Pffffft) In the end, you trust him and he leaves when he's done, not finding anything suspicious underneath your kimono lol.

You continue meeting up with Yamazaki and one day he comments on some of your habits, such as blinking when surprised or sneaking off to feed the animals. He's surprised that you're so enthralled at what he knows - since most people would be creeped out by someone watching them - but continues indulging you nonetheless. He's still a little confused, but he recommends a mountainous area near headquarters that you might enjoy since it has a bunch of animals. 

One day Yamazaki is out a mission. You, who's out shopping, sees him and calls his name, totally blowing his cover. 8D The people he's stalking become curious, and so he grabs you to get away, suddenly kissing you and telling you to pretend to be lovers. After all, if they discover his identity, he'd kill them and kill you. So there's just a few minutes of kissing and whispering and "use more tongue" and just... Amg ear-rape; Morikawa why you do this. (つω⊂* )

Later on Yamazaki goes to your room when you're sleeping. He feels guilty about just using you like that, but doesn't have the courage to apologize to your face, so he does it while you're sleeping. He also realizes his affections and confesses and whatnot, and the whole scene is just very sweet. c: He also says that he doesn't have a right to love you and that he feels ashamed to feel suspicious of you when you're been nothing but earnest with him, poor thing. ;A;

So he continues checking up on your and there's one night he stays with you for a bit since you had a nightmare. You "sleep" again and so he continues talking/kissing you when he realizes you were awake the whole time lol. Cue all of this teasing and whispering and licking and *ahem* and just ;akdlj;fslkdfj MY EARS OMG. He goes subtle Yandere mode, saying he'll cut out your eyes and kill you if you like someone else (here he puts a knife to your throat to prove his point). Continuing the Yandere streak, he says he loves you so much that he wants to lock you up somewhere. Ah but there's also a Do-M in him~ During this tango between the two of you, he asks you to bite his hand again and again as well as digging your nails into his back. Yamazaki says do it as hard as you can, more and more painful, so that there'll always be a mark to affirm his existence. He gives you a few kiss marks as well, and when they fade, the two of you can just mark each other up again. ;D

Wow go figure, the first Wasurenagusa track I listen to is a Yandere Do-M XDD

The ending is near, and it gets super fluffy. He talks about falling in love with you, and you two kiss as you hold hands. He then tells you to wait for him tonight in your room, where it'll be continued later, fufufu~ Anyway, you and Yamazaki just hang out on the mountain area he suggested earlier, and the two of you watch butterflies.

Final Thoughts
Woah, this CD was really long. There were 2 discs, racking up a total of almost 2 hours. XD I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to listen to Wasurenagusa: I always thought it was another Shinsengumi story with fluff and whatnot. LOL NOPE. R-18 \^o^/ This volume wasn't too bad in terms of R-18ness - it was more the kissing and whispers that killed me haha. Much applause to the seiyuu.

I adored the music in this volume. It was so fitting and so beautiful. Makes me want an OST of Wasurenagusa. Much applause to Rejet on music. (。´∀`) The pacing was also well done: I didn't feel bored at all 8D

Yamazaki is pretty polite, even when he asks you to take off your kimono lol. During the scenes where he popped in at night and confessed in your sleep, I'm sitting here going "amg poor baby (;*△*;)." He's very likeable actually, and you don't find out about his closet yandere do-m tendencies till near the end haha. And yes, he's a Yan, but it's very subtle: He only goes as far to say that he'll kill you and wants to lock you up somewhere because he loves you so much. I usually steer far far away from Yanderes because they creep me out when they go batshit crazy, but you can hardly tell with Yamazaki. I had no idea he'd be Do-M either. XD

I was d'aw-ing the whole time at the end when Yamazaki talks about how loving you allowed him to open up and be himself. He continues that he can keep on living if you keep on smiling, and that he wants to do things with you like laugh together, hold hands, watch the seasons change, and most importantly, protect your smile- because he'll love you forever. ;asdkjf;lwkfdj You sweetheart ;w;

Well as history (and Hakuouki lol) goes, Yamazaki ends up dying sometime. I reeeeeally hope Yamazaki's CD in Wasurenagusa 2 doesn't focus on him dying. I don't think I'd be able to stop the waterworks. ಠ_ಠ

So just... all in all, this was beautiful *o* I think I've found another drama CD series to jump into haha

Until next time. In the meantime, here's Cat Day artwork of Neko-Zaki~

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