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Kindan Vampire vol 6 Emperor of the Black Rose Alexander von Weiseheldenburg Review

Oops! I think I'm getting a TsudaKen bias (*≧▽≦)ノシ I uh seem to have a bad habit of starting at the end of a series, so I might be a little confused till I look some stuff up, but lol, oh biases.

Well I was in a vampire kind of mood, so I decided to listen to Kindan Vampire vol 6 Emperor of the Black Rose (Kindan Kyuuketsuki - Kurobara no Koutei) with Alexander von Weiseheldenburg. The story is set in 19-20th century with origins in Germany. Also, each different volume focuses on a different member of the Weiseheldenburg family (and all with a different heroine). Sooo much goes on in this CD. This volume focuses on Alexander, who I believe is the oldest of the Weiseheldenburgs. Also, this isn't R-18, but TsudaKen's voice/sucking, ohhhh my. ///3///

It starts out with you running from some gunshots when you run into a man. He notices you're bleeding and based on the scent asks if you've met before, but you say no and he comments on how that made him look like a typical womanizer then lolol. He calls you beautiful and asks if you're his "destined princess" before introducing himself as the "emperor of the black rose." He brings you inside his manor, which has a door protected by invisible magic and asks who you are. Turns out he knows your father and he reveals that you're a vampire, the only princess amidst a family of male born vampires. You're a little wary since you were hiding your true nature, but he says not to worry since he's a vampire like you, and introduces himself as Alexander von Weiseheldenburg.

Well even though you're a vampire, you don't know how to use your powers to heal. Alexander muses how the powers are declining in the family, but decides to teach you how. He tells you first how to control it, by inhaling and exhaling (as he does this by your ears ;adkjf). Then he breathes alongside you with this dummy head mic experience nfufu. (*/ω\*) He says his sigh is the sigh of magic or something that, and allowing it into your body will allow his magic to flow into you. By remembering this sensation, you can use it as well, such as for healing your wounds. :3

Since you're curious, he indulges you in some history of the Weiseheldenburg family. You were going to learn from your father when you were an adult, but that's kinda hard when you've run away to be a part of the Revolution. Ooooh, Rebel, haha. He also isn't making it easier by saying that's a type of his lol. Anyway. He starts by saying it's a story of regret and atonement...

It all started out with a "sinner", which was him. Regret became betrayal and that eventually became a curse that would curse him and brother (who's name is Maximilian I believe), making them immortal, and continue to run in the bloodline. Some countries were built and destroyed, and he had some part in it since he couldn't control his powers. There were only two times his brother's asked him for help. The first time his brother asked for help was if Alexander could substitute as emperor for him until the country became stable. Long story short, Alexander was able to protect his brother at the blood cost of others, but they blamed the brother for everything since they look alike, ruining everything his brother had built. Uh, whoops. However, he did make it up to him later by waking him up from the sleep he entered so that he could save the country. Now, remember how Alexander asked if you were his "destined princess" when you first met? Turns out his Maximilian's destined princess appeared, a beautiful girlfriend to save his brother when he could not. (Ouch) Alexander admits that it's a selfish dream to want his own destined princess, especially when he's a "sinner", but he can't help but dream.

Part 1 of the story ends, and he hushes you to bed. You try cheering him up by saying there's a destined princess for him as well, but he's practically given up hope. After all, he's the only one who sinned, so it's natural for Maximilian to be "saved." You continue to reassure him, causing him to shout on how you don't understand anything, but then calms himself and apologizes. You're feeling warm from using your power for the first time, so he decides to sleep next to you on the bed LOL. He tells you to continue your inhale-exhale exercise and begins touching you, scolding you when your breathing pattern changes. *snickers* He then tries another stimulus - licking you - targeting areas that'll sharpen your senses, which is related to how you'll control your power. Despite the helpful intentions, that doesn't mean it's not hot. When he's done, you comment on how your body is even warmer, and he just teases you that even though you "don't know why", just go to bed anyway lolol.

The next day comes by, and gun shots are being fired at the mansion by a hunter or something. ಠ_ಠ He picks up a bullet on a ground, which turns out to be a silver bullet purified by the church. You carefully touch the bullet, and already it feels uncomfy. Alexander explains that a strong vampire like him wouldn't die, but others might. Also, it makes one's vampiric powers run wild until they just become a bloodthirsty monster, killing anything in its path. The mansion is quickly getting surrounded and so he leads you to a place in the back to escape. While you're escaping, you ask for the continuation of the story, and he obliges.

This time, it's about the second time his brother asked for help. His brother had sons - Mateus and Friedrich - who also inherited the curse of being a vampire. Alexander's job was to look after these sons while the brother was away, and so they all traveled from place to place. However, they didn't know Alexander was actually the older twin and not their father (though Maximilian never said anything). Anyway, I guess the second son (Friedrich) became a hostage to the French, which wasn't on friendly terms with the country of Weiseheldenburg. He was stubborn, but managed to avoid being executed and succeeded in dancing. Because the sons are cursed, he wanted them to be saved like his brother. So, he told the secret to the people the sons respected and cared for. Alexander meant well, buuuut it was a failure: those people treated them like experiment subjects instead, and so the sons grew to distrust humans. However, they were able to meet their destined people one day, saved from their curse, and had children of their own: Mateus had a son named Rudolf and Friedrich had a son of his own. Turns out Friedrich's son is your father, Oskar. So yup, Alexander is your great-grandfather, or great-great-uncle if you will. ( ^∇^) Anyway, Alexander watched these grandchildren, who were exempted from being executed when they were arrested. History repeats itself because your father met your mother and well y'know BAM beautiful girl~. Meanwhile, Alexander can't help but envy your father, who has a family to return to, while he has nothing. (´;ω;`)

The two of you reach the exit and bids you adieu. He murmurs on how he thought you'd be his destined princess, but then says nevermind and says "bon voyage." However, he notices some footsteps and tells you look out as BAM he gets shot. With the deed done, the person runs off as you remain near a wounded Alexander, who is suffering so much. ;AAA; Despite the possibility of his powers going berserk, you stubbornly stay by his side, despite his yelling of "why won't you leave!?" You turn the tables by saying you'll be his destined princess, and naturally he's surprised. You reassure him that it's not pity and that you won't leave him - even if you see the ugly side of him - and so he indulges you on his sin.

Well..... turns out Alexander had killed Maximilian as a sacrifice to God. ;_; However, Alexander didn't want God to take his brother away, so he sipped his blood. As punishment, the brother was brought back to life and they became the first vampires, Alexander constantly driven with the desire to destroy. You say you'll accept him and allow him to drink your blood, and he sees the love in your eyes. *snicker* You entrust everything to him, and he sinks his fangs into the nape of your neck to suck. ;asdkjldkfj ear rape omg

Because LOVE PREVAILS ALL (and you inherited the power in the family), his bloodlust settles down and even the wound from the bullet is healing. Now that this ordeal is over, he asks to kiss you, the vow of love, and says he won't stop no matter how many times you say "no" with those reddening cheeks. ;D Originally his title of a black rose was meant for hatred, but now the meaning of "a love that never perishes" is much more fitting at the moment. He keeps kissing and kissing and kissing you as he takes you back inside. (/)u(\)

*fans self* Prepare your ears, cause this is where all the sexy comes in. (*/////∇/////*) It's time to teach you the ways of being a vampire: tasting the sweet blood of your lover. He demonstrates first, sucking and all that jazz (in your ear), commenting on how even the best wine can't compare. And now it's your turn fufufufu. He guides you to the area to suck, and then for the rest of the track you hear him breathing heavily and groaning at the wonderful melting sensation of it. He even tells you to slow down, because someone is overzealous apparently lolol. (This isn't R-18 I swear! XD) But hey, now the two of you have become one. ( ꒪౪꒪)

After that experience, there's really just a bunch of fluff. He even says "I love you" in a bunch of other languages, just as je t'aime (French), ich liebe dich (German) and ani ohev otach (Hebrew). He wants to love you deeper, and so it's time for this "next lesson" ho-hoh~. There's kissing, cuddling, you blushing, and him wanting to undress you as you both want each other, and I'm pretty sure the next part is implied. XD

Well, track 15 is actually a song track: the theme for this volume. It's a very beautiful song. *o* To share it, here's a download of the track along with some lyrics and translations. :3

In the epilogue, he laments on how the age of darkness (for vampires) is slowly drawing to an end as science dominates. At the same time though, humans fear the dark, but are fascinated just the same. The two of you are walking in the streets when he wants to kiss you, but you won't let him since you're in public lolol. He teases you a bit more, but then says to leave. When you ask where, he kinda says wherever, or perhaps to a place where he can kiss you. ;D

Like most drama cds, the last track thanks the listener for listening. However, there is also a bit of a continuation! 8D Basically Alexander mentions you're still embarrassed, and teases you by asking who your master is lol. But mmm you've some rebel in your eyes haha. But when you lose.... you know what to do. ;D He talks about how you drive him crazy and decides to tell you through kisses. //// Then we transport to fluffyville as he says you fill the emptiness in him and he wants you to entrust all of you to him. He wants to live alongside you and won't let go, because he loves you. (Awww)

Final Thoughts

Wow just... Much recommend. XDD I find the plot of the series really interesting and I actually kind of want to listen to some of the others now. Sooo much is going on, and you have to really be listening to get everything. I've heard blue (vol 3: aobara no kishi) and purple (vol 5 Murasakibara no kenja) are good, so I might listen to them sometime. Anyway! My favorite track would have to be Track 13 fufufu. First of all, you get to hear him suck your blood, with dummy head mics of course. Then it's your turn to suck his blood, and you hear him groaning and all that in your ear ehe. (〃▽〃) I also thought that the last track - Track 17 - was just going to be the typical "thank you for listening! Here's some behind the scene thoughts on recording with a dummy head mic", but it actually turned out to include like a... epi-epilogue lol. It's also amusing for me this relationship went but lol.  Even though the romance did seem a little rushed, I couldn't help but feel bad for Alexander. First of all, it's got to be damn lonely having an eternal life. On top of that, he slowly gave up hope finding his own lover as he watches over his nephews and grandsons all find someone. And when he reveals his sin, making you realize why he constantly says he "can't be saved", is just... damn my heart. It's just...sweet how it all pays off in the end because he gets to meet the one female vampire in the family, his own destined person. ♥ *such a sap* Anyway,  it was still great to listen to, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. 8D Much applause to TsudaKen on his delivery of emotions. On a sidenote, I actually thought of Chikage Kazama for half of this CD. It kinda fits, dontcha think? XD

Until next time my do-M's 。◕‿‿◕。

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  1. I love your review! Kindan Vampire 6 is also my favorite from Kindan Vampire series... as you wrote, he was damned to be very lonely in his eternal life.... I can't help but sympathize him. That voice, how could you say no to him and let him in pain from that silver bullet.... I think the pace is too fast, like, the heroine just met him for two days but say that she will prove to him that she will be his destined princess... anyway, it's also my biases for Tsudaken's voice but this is great..^^

    I translated this drama CD but when I read your review, I think I need to rewrite my translation in some parts. Maybe some other time^^ Once again, thanks for writing this review^^