Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Soine Hitsuji Special Edition (Bangaihen) Vol 1 Tsukihiko Review


*ahem* So, like the other Soine Hitsuzis, you have a hubby who lives with you and at some point or another counts sheep to you and gives you fluff. c:

Soine Hitsuji Special Edition (Bangaihen) Vol. 1 - Tsukihiko
CV - Tsuda Kenjirou
Release Date - March 28, 2014
Website: 添い寝羊CDサイトへ

The CD starts with it raining, MC-chan and Tsuda-hubby staying inside. He notices you're bothered by something and you're looking pretty gloomy with the weather not being ideal, since the two of you can't go out. Since the rain supposedly is going to get heavier, Tsukihiko gets worried and decides to give his parents a call, to remind them to stay inside. :3 After all, they're not young anymore and a fall could be bad haha. Tsukihiko's talking to his dad when suddenly the dad brings up the idea of grandchildren. *eyebrow wiggle* Tsuda-hubby gets flustered and asks for his dad to be more patient. The two of you are married, but since the both of you have jobs, kids are kind of out of the way at the moment haha. Tsukihiko does want kids, but he respects the fact that your job is precious to you.

The two of you head to bed, and since it's chilly, you snuggle up to him. To warm you up, he makes you some hot milk, and then counts to you like he did when you were younger. He snuggles up to you and whispers fluff in your ear and starts counting, but you're restless haha. You want to go to an onsen, but he's worried that you'll pass out again LOL. He confesses that he was really worried when it happened. He even offers to go to a private hot spring where you both can enter in the same area, but you don't want to. *snicker*

Even though you both have work in the morning, you can't sleep. He drops some kisses in every now and then, teasing that your ears are your weakest spot as he drops kisses all around. And then teases that perhaps you'd like to do something nicer ufufufufu~. But he's just kidding around, since it would make both of you tired tomorrow lol. So he continues counting and even strokes your head, making him start to get tired as well. (/)u(\)

Even though he's drifting off to sleep, he notices you're still restless. You suggest going somewhere, the three of you. Tsukihiko catches this, asking "Three of us? Y-you mean...?" Tsukihiko wants kids, and you're willing to have some! 8D He rambles on whether they'd have a daughter that looks like you, or a son that looks like him, and he's just so happy you care about him that he can't sleep now. >v< Once you finally fall asleep, he reminiscences on how he first met you at a cherry blossom viewing party. He says you always support him and he's so glad to have you as a wife (awwww).

For the ending, he decides to make breakfast, and you make him fluster when you say he looks good in an apron lolol. The two of you decide to go for nabe (nabemono; hot pot dishes) later on. Later that night, you two are enjoying looking at the full moon, and he counts for you again.

Final Thoughts
FLUUUUUUFF! So fluffy, ehehe. I like how they incorporated the counting in a more realistic way in this CD. In the original 4, they'd count straight through, but here, he counts a bit, there's some conversation, and then he continues. It flows very naturally. After all, I'd probably say something while someone was counting sheep to me lol. It was all very sweet, and the main part of the CD was him wanting a kid! X3 There's also fluffy kisses thrown in every now and then, and he's honest with how he feels. Since it's Soine Hitsuji, TsudaKen's counting sheep, and I almost fell asleep a few times while listening haha. Out of Soine Hitsuzis I've listened to, this would have to be my favorite.

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  1. oooo ooo i remember them they were a app sleepy boy friend ... so they had a drama cd i knew there should of been more to them ah but the first set has no translation. guess ill have to request vol 4 as my fav looking guy and 3 too

    1. Sleepytime Boyfriend is actually based off the drama CD Shukan Soine. XD http://aeiyrra-42.deviantart.com/journal/Shukan-Soine-Otome-Drama-CD-279862310 The original 4 volumes of this series can be found in the app store under Soine Hitsuji c: Soine Hitsuji vol 1-4 (drama CD) don't have translations, but it's pretty much counting anyway lol

    2. o they still just conting sheep mostly ah then never mind . ya sleepy boyfriend app just had a little voice sample translated and then there was counting sheep you could buy more talking but im like ...na. i sent replays to your last 2 post down below if you haven't notice

    3. Oh, lol haha. It's weird; Shukan Soine is basically cuddling/talking with you until you sleep, Hitsuji de Oyasumi is mainly counting, and Soine Hitsuji is the crossover to those two series. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll slap some Soine Hitsuji into my media player, and they help me sleep. XDD //slapped. And yeah, I saw them, but I had a fever earlier so it was hard for me to focus reading. >_<

    4. ahh lol .... mmmm .... ooo now i want to read them to a fall asleep XD. ah well i hope you feel better you can replay when you feel better as the one was very long