Monday, April 28, 2014

Goes! - An Otome with an All-Female Cast! + Impressions

Well, it seems yet another otome series has hopped onto the Vita bandwagon, and quite an interesting one at that. Introducing Petite Reve’s second franchise, Goes!, the first otome game and drama CD to include an all-female seiyuu cast!

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The setting is a present-day Japan in which studies to develop skills and knowledge in magical, theological and scientific disciplines are undertaken with equal importance.
However, not everyone is allowed to freely use magic. An individual's personal qualities are taken into account, and in additon, one must study magic as their speciality. For that reason, magic educational institutions were founded.
At the magic school Takashi and his schoolmates attend, many stories about the "Seven Wonders" of varying veracity are passed from the senior students to the junior, from the old generation to the new.
Takashi and his scholastic companions gradually discover the school's "true mysteries of the Seven Wonders"...
There isn't a release date for either the game nor drama CD yet, but it seems really interesting. I mean, there are plenty of female seiyuus that play male parts already (the first that can come to mind is Edward Elric's seiyuu, Romi Park. Ah, if you're curious, here are some samples for her).

My thoughts/samples on the seiyuu:
  • Sanpei Yuuko as Tsuzuki Takashi - I'll be honest, when I first heard her speak in her high voice, I was a little.... worried. XD However, she can make a convincing adolescent male voice (kinda like her roles in Beyblade and Eureka 7 and a few others) and a shota-ish voice like in KHR lol. Sample. So..yeah. Many male voices haha. Though her Zexal role is the only one I'm familiar with I'm afraid.
  • Shiraishi Ryouko as Vince Vivian - Oh, she kinda sounds like a mezzo alto when she sings. (Well, at least in Boku wa Kimi no Mono) *ahem* Anyway. Here's a sample from Hayate no Gotoku (blue haired dude) and it's kinda high, but that's a young character and Vince is a first year... I suppose it works. XD
  •  Saiga Mitsuki as Kai Jolis Sakura - For someone who seems to do some rough characters, it might seem a little weird to be voicing a gentlemanly dude haha. Sample.
  • Kokuryuu Sachi as Niiyama Masanori - Ah, she sings kinda low too haha. Anyway, here's a role of hers: Fran (green haired) from KHR.
  • Minagawa Junko as Hinata Eli Farce - Well, I found a video that has a couple deep voiced ones that are slightly different.
  • Takeuchi Junko as Sejm Eli Farce - Eh? Naruto was voiced by a chick? o3o Never knew that one lol. She also switches to her Lambo voice in the video, and there's a difference between the cute voice and the low one.
  • Kaida Yuki as Kurone - Well it seems that she's typically casted as young male characters anyway lol. Some roles include China (Hetalia), and Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)
Wah, please excuse my kinda fail samples. I'm just getting into the male seiyuu fandom, and I don't know the names of any female seiyuu. OTL

Wow, I'm pretty sure that it'd be easy to forgot this was a female cast. XDD Honestly I still have no clue what the plot's about even though there's that summary (lol), but it would be nice to try for the fact it's all female seiyuu. :3

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