Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kamiaso's Getting an Anime?! ∑(O_O;)

Well, yet another anime shall be joining the otome-based bandwagon. This time it's Kamigami no Asobi ~Ludere Deorum~ aka Kamiaso. If you care to read the article on it, you can clicky here

 Damn, look at all my babehs. And the pictures are linkable to the website~

For all you guys that don't know, Kamiaso is a rather new PSP otome-game...about Mythological Gods. ^_^ I'm a mythology freak, so I'd really love to pick up the game....maybe. The art is gorgeous and my babehs are lookin' mighty fine (I mean shit, have you seen their god forms? ^་།^) but...I haven't seen too many pleasant reviews on this game. Broccoli is pulling its UtaPri crap all over again with copy-pasta stories. ._. And this is an otome game, but there seems to be a lot of questionable bromance going on here. XD (not that I mind).

So...really I'm just curious. If the story isn't all that great to begin with, I wonder how they'll create an anime out of it. But whatever. 2012/2013 seems to be the golden year of otomes. I think prior to that, the only otome anime really out there was Amnesia. Now we have Brother's Conflict, Diabolik Lovers, Trick or Alice, Kamiaso... just, back to back as otome animes seem to be getting more popular. ouo

Well, we have some time until 2014. When the anime comes out, I'll watch it and see if it's any good. (*sigh* yet another anime to distract me from school lol). And one more thing before I finish this...

KAJI YUKI IS EVERYWHERE. GODDAMN. ad;fjsldkjfsdlkf j  *flops* I've been seeing quite a bit of Daisuke Ono as well. I swear the two of them stalk me into every new anime or game I try and get into. >___> (Kaji Yuki is Anubis and Daisuke Ono is Hades btw)

Until next time! See ya~

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