Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3DS Update: Miiverse & Nintendo Network ID (What on earth...?)

Alright. So I haven't updated my 3DS since about mm... October? (When Ace Attorney came out lol) So now that I've done the update, there are 2 new features that I've never heard of: Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID.
Well, I don't own a WiiU, so in my defense that's a perfectly good reason to not know about these.

So thankfully upon opening, Nintendo has given me the run-down of how Miiverse works for dumb minds like myself:
Miiverse is a gaming community that connects people from all over the world using Mii characters. Use Miiverse to share your gaming experiences and meet people from around the world. ... Miiverse is a user-driven gaming community where you can interact with people all over the world. For example, you can communicate by writing and drawing posts in the various game communities. If you are unable to connect to the Internet, you can launch Miiverse in offline mode to write posts and save them for later.

... People can see what you post, etc. etc. Okay, cool, straightforward and simple. :3 So I launch up Miiverse and it really is kinda just like a giant gaming forum. XD
Now how do you draw on this thing *grumble grumble*
Oooooh, I got it 8D I get so distracted easily, do forgive me
Hehe. Everyone's drawing Pokemon in their posts on the Pokemon X/Y Community and it's so adorable >v< (And tedious with a stylus. Damn. I'd never have enough patience to do that haha)

*ahem* Now.  Onto the Nintendo Network ID. Now that the WiiU and 3DS IDs are linked, it's possible to have one "wallet" account for both consoles on the eShop. Yaaaaaaaaay (this means nothing to me since I don't own a WiiU....and probably never will. My voice is laced with an extreme amount of sarcasm. I'm so excited for this WiiU/3DS linking guys.). What still sucks though is that you're still screwed if you lose your console. Yup, games still aren't tied to accounts. But hey, at least Nintendo is slowly....slowly getting there.

So uh...not much else to discuss on this topic. It's nifty; has some potential. I'd really like it if Nintendo linked all purchases to an account (perhaps the Nintendo Network ID since we all had to make one anyway?) rather than linking to your console. That way if you lose the console, you can redownload it any time you want since the purchase history is on your account. Maybe then I'd feel a bit more confident about digi downloads. But 'til then, I'll just poke around these Miiverse forums.

Until next time~ Ciao!

Edit: I figured out how to take screenshots; I feel so smart. 8D Well...idk if you can actually save them to the SD card. But if you pause a game a go on Miiverse, you can post a screenshot of what you're currently paused on :3 

Edit again: There's also a couple new features with the update. One involves the camera: To activate it, you now have to press L+R rather than just one. No more accidentally activating it. :3 What's also really nice is that if you have a title that needs an update (ex. Pokemon X/Y), you'll get a little notif on the home page and before launching, it'll ask if you want to update.

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