Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sonic Lost World - Demo Review

Alright. Time to see what Sega has thrown my way this time.

So. SLW is about Eggman plotting to rule the world (as per usual....) by conjuring up the power of the Deadly Six (oh noes!). However, they turn on Eggman and now Sonic must team up with the enemy, Eggman, to take em down in Lost Hex (lol, whut). New abilities of Sonic include his rainbow color powers. On the side, I guess you're also rescuing these little critter thingies that Eggman stole.

Alright. Just push the story mode button and sha-bam-bam, we're already treated to a CG animation. Eggman has his rape face as usual and Tails muses about "omg look it's the Lost Hex". (Is it just me, or did the dialogue seem kinda strained?)

Alright, so, gameplay and controls. All the stuff about Sonic is the same; he runs, he dashes, and he spins to beat up enemies. In SLW, there's a new way to beat up enemies called a Homing Attack. What's nice is that you automatically lock onto an enemy, so that saves your ass when the only way to cross a large gap is through mass-bopping of enemies. The tutorial is nifty, since it can guide the players getting into the series for the first time without too much experimentation of controls; lots of hand-holding if that's your thing. However, it's not one of those annoying "pop up in your face and deter from your gameplay" kinda tutorial. There are these little bubbles with a "?" in the center that you can totally run around if you don't want to read the tutorial. The tutorials were just a nice little bonus to me since I haven't really played a Sonic game since the Sonic Advance series waaaaay back on the GBA. Unless you count Sonic Riders. But that's just a multiplayer racing game. XD


Graphics are pretty nice, yknow. All clear and whatnot. But hey, it's a 3DS, I'd be a little shocked if they were less than impressive. There was one thing that bothered me though, and that was with the second CGI, where Amy and Knuckles call you. It kinda looked like the quality dropped a bit. ._. As a little sidenote, I think Amy's voice is a bit...annoying. Did her voice change? It sounds a bit different. Or maybe it's just me. And Knuckles as always is taunting Sonic heh.

I really liked the music in the title. It starts out all epic and then it softens down to a nice lighthearted piano tune. To me, it sort of made of think of sailing away on an adventure in some Studio Ghibli movie. The first CG cinematic reminded me of some Pokemon theme for whatever reason XD //shot In game though, the music is a bit repetitive and gets...annoying after a while (the same thing droning forever in your ears). I really hope there's some variety between each world or I just may go crazy.

Mmkay. Yay, world select, like Mario. 8D As usual, there are things that can't be done in the demo. The first non-demo feature you run across is this...bubble thing. Something about "transparent object not being able to be used in the demo". But come on man, really? If you're gonna tease us with stuff we can't use, then do what Ace Attorney did and change the first few minutes for demo purposes; emit some stuff and maybe make some jokes about how it's a demo. >__> There's also not much to do in the demo. You finish up the tutorial, do one more area and then....that's it. Two more areas pop up, but you can't even access them soooo.... ewe

If I ever get this game, it just might kill my R button haha. The R button is what you use to run, and that thing is pretty much pressed down all the time. Also, during one part of the demo, I'm just cruising along minding my own business when A GIANT FLIPPIN' CATERPILLAR STARTS CHASING ME ACROSS A PIT OF POISONOUS SLUDGE. WHUT. I don't even know man, I don't even...

I wonder how this game fairs on the WiiU. For example, instead of pressing the B button, would you make Sonic jump by flicking the controller upwards? Idk. o3o

Really, I thought the demo was a bit simplistic. There wasn't too much that I had trouble with and to be honest, I had a bit more fun with the All Stars Racing Transformed Demo. There are things that could be improved on. I'll take the wall-hopping for example. Yeah, better graphics help with expanding the world of the game, but there's this one part where you have to rapidly wall-hop across a large section to not fall to your doom and ughhhhh it made me so dizzy. Didn't help that I already had a headache. @_@ As usual, your grade at the end is determined by how well you did overall on your coins, how many times  you died/got hit, etc etc. If you're a hardcore Sonic fan, then you may like this game but too me, it just seemed kinda...drab. Same formula, yknow. Anything new? There are the new angles, I'll give it that. But sometimes fixed camera angles can get annoying. I'm not much of a Sonic player myself, seeing how up to date I am on the titles haha. But hey, if Sonic is your thing, then by all means, try out the game.

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