Friday, December 27, 2013

Once More, Companies Aren't Prepared for the Influx that Christmas Sales Bring, Yay! (*sob* No PokeBank)

You know, after all this time, you'd think companies would be able to figure out that Christmas sales mean a huge influx and that they should improve their connection to make sure servers don't crash, lol. But whatever. Here's to me waiting patiently.
Since the eShop is about the only thing I care about right now, that'll be my main focus, but there will be non-Nintendo things in here as well. No, it will not just be mindless Nintendo bashing. Yes, I will talk about the idiocy of many consumers.

So without further adieu, let's begin~ ;D

As many of you have probably already noticed, the Nintendo eShop is down worldwide due to generating a lot of traffic and overloading the servers. *sigh* Guess that means I'll just have to wait longer for PokeBank. Bah, when will the US get it already? .__.

On the other hand, I am glad that Nintendo is keeping us posted via their facebook page. It's better than disappearing off the face of the earth haha. I'll admit that Nintendo has their problems, but every company experiences things like this. Though, Nintendo should've been just a teensy bit more prepared. After all, this was a huge sale for Nintendo: You have game prices being cut left and right and you have people buying snazzy new consoles.

Regardless of whether or not Nintendo was truly all that prepared, people are acting ridiculous on their facebook page. Honestly, a few extra hours of not being able to log onto the eShop will not kill you, people. Take that time to go do something productive. And really now, the people asking for some sort of compensation? Yeah, whatever, everyone likes free stuff, but you can't expect to be given something every time something doesn't go according to plan. A few hours of downtime doesn't require compensation. Now if it were a couple weeks or something, then okay, maybe. People need to stop acting like brats who are given all they want. And half of these are adults, which is a tad sad...

HOWEVER. I do understand the concerns of some of these people. There are some who bought/received a new WiiU for example, and have been able to do nothing with it save for using it to collect dust. They bought a new hardware, and they can't even load up their new game with the server being down, which really really sucks. They have a legitimate reason to be upset. But everyone else who's bitching about PokeBank? Pfft, please.

Nintendo isn't the only one with server problems during the holidays. Playstation Network and Steam were among the many other companies to jump on the server crash bandwagon this holiday season. (Ex. PSN: the crash in 2011 and a recent crash with all the PS4s logging on) But again, it's to be expected, and is actually kinda good for them despite the headache it might bring. After all, it goes to show that they have many many consumers attempting to buy their products. More people means more business, which means more sales and more moolah in the bank.

Anyway. All these digi download problems just go to show that we're not ready to go completely digital. (Furthermore, what happened to receiving an actual hard copy of the game with a console bundle?) Digital downloads are nice, but they can give just as many inconveniences.

To be perfectly honest, I hate digital downloads and use them as only my last resort. I like holding the real thing, and there's no way to get a used digi game. My Pokemon X game for example is a hard copy, but my Fire Emblem: Awakening and Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies are digital. Thankfully, I'm not having any issues playing them since they've been on here forever. Ace Attorney was only released digitally outside Japan and I'm a huge Ace Attorney fan and I reeeeeeeally wanted to play it after I finished fangirling/crying/drooling over all the other games whether they be main storyline, spin-off, or crossover. So welp, kinda screwed there. As for Fire Emblem... I bought the Fire Emblem 3DS bundle (with the game preinstalled, gah) when it came out in February because A) The cobalt blue was way sexier than the puke-inducing color of the aqua 3DS (and blue is my favorite color, but that thing was just *shudders*) and wasn't overly shiny AND had the Fire Emblem....emblem on it  B) I wanted to upgrade from my DS Lite to a 3DS and the aqua 3DS I had just bought a couple weeks prior was defective >___> and  C) Fire Emblem is just a really sexy series in general. Though I will give Nintendo some credit: advertising of these niche series really saved the two of them. A lot. Words cannot describe how happy it makes me feel to know they're gaining publicity.

Even for my PSP, I'd rather buy UMDs than digi download on the PSN. (At least Playstation knows how to link games to an account rather than a system *cough* Nintendo)

BUT WHATEVER. That's enough ranting for one day. =w= Meanwhile, I'm actually catching a cold, so I'm gonna lay my ass down and hope that when I wake up, Nintendo will be that much closer to being finished.

*coughs up a lung*

(omg look how adorable Hamtaro is. Damn I haven't seen that show in YEARS)

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