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Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion? (Plus Other Pokemon and Conspiracies)

To all the fans who have played Pokemon X and Y, a pretty noticeable difference was the serious lack of new region Pokemon: 69 to be exact. What happened to the rest; are we going to get more? Because more hidden Pokemon would certainly be nice. And just what on Earth is Nintendo trying to shove our way? So without further adieu, let's begin~

Now then. This was actually released a while ago on Serebii before it was taken down, but I completely forgot about it. But, now we have pictures to actually go along with those leaks. :3 Turns out someone was able to hack into X/Y (damn, I didn't realize someone could actually hack into a 3DS game after a two-month release) and read the codes to find what could possibly be Kalos' legendary trio.

First up is Diancie, a rock/fairy type. Diancie has this cutesy little quartz motif thing going on, but it reminds me an awful lot of Carbink, who is also a rock/fairy type. On top of being the same type, they have the same jewel, grey skin, white fluff, floating on a cloud kind of thing going on.

See what I mean? This makes me wonder if Diancie is even a legendary Pokemon at all. Maybe it's an evolved form of Carbink, who knows? Maybe it's one of those weird things where you breed Manaphy to get Phione. Or heck I don't know, maybe it's like Moloetta and a bunch of other Pokemon where they have two separate forms...though I wouldn't count on that one too much. MOVING ON

Next up, we have Hoopa, a ghost/psychic type - a typing we've never seen. Out of the trio, Hoopa seems to be the mischievous one.
Oh and disregard the levels btw. Since the Pokemon are hacked, they need a place to spawn, and I guess Santalune Forest was the place of spawnage.

And our last possible legendary is Volcanion, a fire/water Pokemon, and I suppose the badass out of the three. Again, a typing we've never had before.
And hey, people have been wanting this type for a while (it'd be a pain to try to kill, bah), and it doesn't look all that bad actually. And look! It's little donut things can even split off into some huge ass cannons. Exclusive move perhaps?

Now then. Both Hoopa and Volcanion seem to be the oddballs here: They don't exactly fit in with the France theme of Kalos. Diancie however does fit with the France theme, which means there could still be a possibility of it being a normal Pokemon rather than a Legendary. On top of that, Hoopa and Volcanion's capture rate is a measly 5% while Diancie skyrockets to 30%. That's rather high for a Legendary. Don't get me wrong, Xerneas and Yveltal's capture rate is 70%, but that's because they're essential to the plot and hence you actually need them to be catch-a-ble.

I do hope that all three of these will be available via a special event, whether we download them directly or we get an item. Now if we were to get an item...I can think of a certain item that could go well with Hoopa and Volcanion's foreign theme. That's right, the Strange Souvenir...which really reminds me of those things on Easter Island and are clearly not French. In fact, it's from "some region far from Kalos." Hm...

Regardless, there's already been quite a bit of talk about a "new region" hidden inside the game, thanks to this backpacker you can talk to. He talks about some new and far-off region that the player will be able to access. And for all of you hoping it's a hint towards a Gen III remake? Sorry, yo, but it's not Hoenn. Since it's not any of the past regions, it leads one to believe that maybe Nintendo is planning an event for us in the future. Maybe Nintendo will allow to travel to this new region since there really isn't much to do post-game. (Or maybe it's hinting a Pokemon Z with Zygarde, but it's waaaaay too early for that) Don't get me wrong, the Looker missions were cool, but post-game things to do is just way too short. And yes, there are the different regions in the Pokemon Ranger games, but I don't think it's any of those because A) They don't feature any new Pokemon and B) They're not tied in with the main series: It's its own spin-off series in a different world.

And now...other pokemon!

Remember AZ's Floette? Apparently it can be encountered as well, possibly as yet another event Pokemon. I'm not sure how this would work out though. After all, AZ's Floette waited 3,000 years for its trainer to redeem itself. Now that they're finally reunited, would it be willing to just jump into the arms of another trainer? XD But for all those who like to collect all the Floette colors, this would be a nice addition to the collection. Also, since it's AZ's Floette, perhaps it's impossible to evolve? That would be interesting as well. YEAH I'M LOOKING AT YOU PIKACHU. Any Pokemon Yellow fans out there? Since that game was based off a show that was based off a game (...lol whut), the Pikachu you had couldn't evolve.

Moving right along isssss.... MEGA LATIOS & LATIAS! And yes, they are exactly the same lol. No doubt they'll be version exclusive. And also...did they have some weird fusion going on? After all, Red + Blue = Purple. Or maybe Latios and Latias had a baby and this is the result. Breeding Legendaries is nothing new *cough* Manaphy *cough* Or perhaps it's more a reincarnation thing? If you remember in the Pokemon Heroes movie (with Latios and Latias), even though Latios died, another Latios was able to be reborn. So idk. But maybe with these mega forms, Latias can have increased Sp. Atk and Latios increased Atk. or something. *shrug* Just my predictions; nothing set in stone.

Do you like Wonder Trading and roaming the GTS to collect all the Vivillon patterns? I DO! 8D If you're a Vivillon fanatic such as myself, then tralalalah! there's some new Vivillon patterns to jam into Pokeballs and add to that wondrous collection. Now, I don't know where this Vivillon is stationed geographically at, but I do think it's rather pretty. Who knows, maybe it'll be available in that new region I was talking about earlier. But hey, why stick with just one new Vivillon when we can get two? Yup, there's also a Pokeball-themed Vivillon. I can guarantee you that this one will be available via a mystery gift event.

Alright guys, bear with me, we're almost done. Our next victim is Arceus! Throughout the game, you're able to find and collect these various plates. .... Arceus event hint perhaps? I would really like another Arceus distribution event, eventually since I missed it last time. >__> Apparently if you give it a Pixie plate it you can get a *gasp* Pink Arceus! ....ಠ_ಠ (dafuq) If Arceus isn't going to get a Mega Evolution and turn into some weird pink shit instead then he should at least get another form (like how Giratina switches back and forth for example). How sexy would it be for Arceus's regular form to be called "Alpha Form" ("alpha" means "beginning") and his second form be an "Omega Form" which is some weird apocalyptic but still E-rated shiz since "omega" means "end." :3 And yes, Arceus has the multi-type thing going on, but perhaps IV's and things can be influenced by the plate that's being held. GET ON IT NINTENDO.

And lastly, it's everyone's favorite elusive Pokemon: Mew! ...Hopefully no trucks will be involved like in Pokemon Red and Blue. ¬_¬ But anyway. With a game full of new DNA Mega Evolution changes, it would make sense that the one Pokemon who is said to have the DNA of all Pokemon would make an appearance. However, just because we're seeing Mew, that doesn't mean we'll get a Mew Event. After all, all the Pokemon are programmed into the game and you'll be able to transfer any Pokemon you want after Pokemon Bank comes out. ...But I would reeeally like another Mew event, because I've just had terrible luck with events. When the Mew Event came out for GBA, I don't remember exactly what happened but I guess I went on the event day and Toys'R'Us was all "uhh we don't have a Mew event lol." So I missed 2 there. Then I always seem to misplace my games, so I lost Diamond, Pearl, and SoulSilver, missing out on the Mew event as well as a few others. OTL

Come on, Nintendo, get with it. Release more free events, broaden my Pokemon experience. I want to catch 'em all, TO BE THE BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS. JUST DO IT. LOOK HERE'S A HAPPY FENNEKIN THAT COULD SOMEDAY BE ME.

Shall I dance for you Nintendo? Yes, let's dance. Let's kill some brain cells along the way too.

(I'm so done)

 So, that's that. Just me rambling on and on about some Pokemon news aha. Until next time :3

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