Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nameless ~ The One Thing You Must Recall - Demo II Review

If you haven't read Demo I, you can find it here
Alright, time for Demo II. I loved it and hated it at the same time. Loved it because it's so fluffy and adorable and just ;akdfjaldfjk yeah. I also hated it because it left me at a goddamn cliffhanger and I hate cliffhangers, especially since I won't be able to know what happens unless I buy the full version. ಠ_ಠ

So. Demo II is called "Cat Named John". (Lol it seems lately animals named John seemed to attract themselves to me. Nameless, Tiger & Bunny...)

Demo II starts off with you walking to school with Yeonho. As you mess around with your phone, Yeonho wishes that he had a cell phone as well, and you realize the Yuri, the cheap bastard, didn't buy everyone else phones like he promised. ಠ_ಠ Then Yeonho mentions he wants to video chat a;adfj;d;jafdj he's so adorable. ;w;

Then Yeonho stops walking and *gasp* says he hears a cat! But he thinks he's just hearing things, so he says never mind and grabs you and runs to the bus stop you're about to miss XD

Class is almost over when you're greeted by Soi (>___>), and she rambles how the pretty boys (aka Hot5 lol) need to join clubs. Soi starts speaking to Lance and immediately he interrupts with "I'm not interested", radiating his coldness across the whole classroom. Then she approaches her little yellow chick and shoves a giant stack of club papers his way. She gives a stack to you as well, saying that Lance won't reject if you give it to him...lo and behold, he accepts the papers from you lol. Soi then asks you to persuade Lance aka "Ice Prince" (is she going to pet name everyone?) to join Student Government. It's your choice whether you want to or not.

Now we cut to nearly the end of the day where we're in music class with Professor Yuri (oh gawd) and as usual his teaching methods are questionable, making me wonder if we're still on music or sex. Yeonho on the other hand is distracted, constantly looking out the window, as if searching for something. You're sitting there thinking about how you want to run out of the classroom and tralalalalah! Leonho decides to beat you to it as it suddenly stands up and dashes out. Why did he run out anyway? It's very unlike him :| Lance teases that he'd rather run than listen, and Yuri says that "to the cherry boys ignorant of my class, this might be too difficult." (Lol I'm assuming that means virgin boys? XD) Soi then turns the table around saying that maybe Yeonho ran out because he was enlightened by his class, to which Yuri approves.

Doll Yeonho
So now the end of the day rolls around....and Yeonho's still missing. O____O Whut. Eri starts thinking of maybe how Yeonho's sick, but then another thought comes to mind.... what if Yeonho turned back into a doll? She doesn't want Soi and Shinbi to come look with her because it's something she has to do, and if Yeonho did turn back into a doll then, well.... the cat's outta the bag. Lance says he'll follow and tells the 2 girls with the excuse of not to come because something bad might've happened.

Eri's frantically looking around the school to the point that she starts crying. Tei breaks off from his squealing fangirls, and him and Red approach Eri. Red asks if she's sick and gives her some chocolates. Tei as well asks if she's okay, and Eri asks them to help her, that Yeonho's missing. So Eri, Lance, Red and Tei (as well as Yuri, who will be notified by Tei) decide to spread out and search. They're about to make a search plan when-


.....What? ಠ_ಠ (And gawd, what a deep sounding meow that was)

Red asks what is this creature, and Tei comments that street cats usually don't approach people. The cat starts running away and you decide to follow because you remember Yeonho mentioning a cat that morning and think/hope the two events are related.

So you chase after this cat with all your bishies behind you telling you to come back......and chase after it some more. And finally it leads you to some shady narrow alley. Okay then. Perfect place for a girl to be alone. (*._.)

Then your kitty decides to ditch you and you're borderline flipping out when-
"So that's what happened..."
 Lol whut. Who's speaking to me? It sounds familiar so you look into another alley and LO AND BEHOLD Yeonho's there playing with the kitty. He doesn't hear you call him and keeps talking to the cat. Finally he notices you and waves of relief wash off you and you gush about how worried you were that he didn't say where he was going.

And then you get this adorable CG ;w;
(I'm still convinced that Yeonho's the canon pairing haha)

Yeonho apologizes and says he was helping this cat look for his owner. He relates that if he had lost his master, he'd feel horrible, so he decided to help the kitty. However, he finds that the owner had already passed away. And here you learn that Yeonho baby can talk to cats! ^_^ (Even Eri is surprised haha)

Back at the house, everyone's speaking to Yeonho when you hear a rather familiar meow.... Anyway, Yeonho mentions that the cat's name is John. Then he says that John's the nickname and that his real name is Johnson.
And while Yeonho spoke "Johnson", that one word had a censored bleep. Eri's all O_O hoping she heard right, and as Yeonho tries saying it again, Yuri clamps a hand over his mouth saying that he shouldn't say such things until he's an adult. Lance mentions that whoever named a cat that had bad tastes, Tei agreeing that it's inappropriate for a "tiny cute kitten". Lance and Tei then look at Yuri, and Yuri defends himself saying he isn't the owner...though it would've made sense if he was. XDD //shot

Then Red pipes up saying "What's weird about that name? Does Johnson have some meaning behind it?" Yeonho as well joins the innocent-minded bandwagon.

Yuri says he'll teach them "the ways of the adult" whispering in their ear ( ゚∀(・-・) or some shit like that lol and Lance immediately covers Yeonho's ears and chides Yuri that they really should all go inside now to which they do and carry on with their merry disjointed lives ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

Alright. The whole time during this conversation I was just all "I don't get iiiiiit. Dafuq is wrong with 'Johnson'? (。_゜)" It took me a while to realize that a "johnson" was another name for a guy's dick basically. I've heard of stick, sword, shaft, etc. etc. but I never knew johnson joined the bandwagon XDD

*ahem* Anyway. Yeonho goes all puppy-eyed dog mode and asks to keep John, but you say that you can't since there's already a bunch of mouths to feed (gee, I wonder how her parents are going to react when they come home and there's 5 or so guys living at the house lol).

So Eri retreats to her room to write about all teh craziness in her diary.  And here you can see doll versions of some of the cast, specifically Yeonho, Yuri, and Lance. Eri then goes outside for some air and meets Yeonho. So together they wish various things upon a star (more brownie points to the YeonhoxEri shipping) such as John finding a new owner and Yeonho being with his master forever (so adorable a;dkjfskldfj)

So the next day rolls around- wait no before that. You're introduced to this dude named Hobin who is Tei's boss or something. And then the kitty meow and the text box says John! >v< Turns out John's going to staying at the cafe hehe since Tei had asked Hobin to take care of him.

Alright. NOW the next day rolls around and Red barges into your room clearly anxious about something. He drags you outside where everyone else is waiting. Eri's all "what's going on- ....  *speechless*


Alright. Well, this demo was adorable and had its fair share of fluffy moments. X3 It seems like a nice game, but I'm a cheap bastard who wouldn't be all that willing to fish out money for buying new games. ewe but if you want something cute, silly and funny to pass the time, then this demo (or the full version if you so wish) may be for you ;D

Until next time~!


  1. lol ye I wish they didn't leave a cliffhanger :(

  2. lol I'm playing this part right now and I was completely confused with the name of the cat... however, thanks for explain it. LMAO