Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thrift Stores Are Your Best Friend (Picking Up FFVII + some Xbox Titles)

If you're a game collector, then you probably don't want to always have to trek over to GameStop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or some other game retailing place to buy the games you want. ...Or in the case of buying retro games, they won't even carry the titles you're looking for haha.

So, behold: The power of flea markets and thrift stores! 8D Seriously, those places can give you fantabulous deals on games and consoles. Granted they'll be second-hand, but it's a great way to save some money. Just make sure to check the condition of it before you buy it (ex. disc games: scratches and cracks).

This happened to me a few months ago. I went to this place near my house called Catholic Charities (lol don't ask), which is a fairly new thrift store. I walked over to the CD section to see if there were any I wanted to pick up ($1 a disc? Hell yeah!) and I actually found.... Final Fantasy VII. O_O No, not some stupid remastered PC code, but the actual PS1 game in all of it's glory. It was complete with the game, manual, and all 3 discs in beautiful condition with hardly any scratches. And now the best part. Wanna know how much it was? 2 dollars. 2 FRICKIN BUCKS.

THAT.... is dirt cheap right there. And with FFVII's popularity, the game's price seriously skyrockets on Ebay and Amazon up to the hundreds; it's ridiculous! I almost shat my pants when I saw it haha. Needless to say, I popped that sucker into my PS2 as soon as I got home.  Yeah compared to today's standards the graphics may be a little wtf, but when it came in '97, seeing these new 3D polygon-modeled bodies was like HOLY SHIT BROHAM. If you can appreciate old graphics, then I applaud you. ;D

Yard sales are also a great place to look for games, and usually you can get them fairly cheap as well. There was another time where I bought a couple 360 games for a friend of mine. I picked up both AC: Brotherhood and er... some Halo game I believe? for a total of $15; which probably would've been closer to $30 had I bought them used at GameStop. :3 ANOTHER THING AT YARD SALES. If the seller sees you looking at games, they may fish out some more they have hiding in the back. The man at the yard sale was nice to me, and once I started asking about the games, he told me he'd get the others out as well. He also asked if I wanted to buy a white Xbox for about $100 but uhh... 1) I'm more a Sony person myself and 2) White Xboxs are more prone to RRoD, and really I don't want to have to deal with that XD (especially since there'd be a lack of warranty)

Now, of course there's always the dweebs who seriously overcharge for things, but second hand places are a great place to start. From Ebay/Amazon, to Craigslist to thrift stores and things of the like, there are plenty of places to start looking for games.

Regardless, happy gaming. :3 Have any awesome savings stories? Feel free to share em in the comments ^^

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