Sunday, June 22, 2014

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Azusa Maniac 06 Translation

Akui has kindly translated another chapter for me as my otome spirit is slowly returning. Maniac 07 will definitely be translated by me; my ass is being hounded already LOL.

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-Scene: School Stairway-

Yui: (I wonder where Azusa-kun could’ve gone)
(Sometimes he goes up to the rooftop, so he might be there today… …)

Kanato: I caught you.

Yui: Ka, Kanato-kun… …!?

Kanato: Honestly, you’re a really annoying person.

Yui: Let go… …of me.

Kanato: Don’t give orders to me, it’s annoying and very rude.
Since you are so dull in the head, I need to tell you that you can’t be saved.
In this situation, telling me to let go is rather foolish, what kind of world do you live in if you think I’d listen to you?

Yui: No… …! Let go… …!

Kanato: Do I need to say this? Releasing you would be foolish when I have this chance.  Please don’t make me say it twice.
And you don’t seem to understand that your power can’t match mine… …
I want to kill you right here and now with how stupid you’re being.
Now, obediently give up and come with me.

Yui: No… …!

*Screen Vibrates*

Yui: Aah!
(I’m falling… …!)

*Someone Catches Yui*

Yui: (Huh… …? Did someone catch me?)

Azusa: Yui-san… …you fell down all of a sudden… …it startled me.

Yui: Azusa-kun… …You saved me, thank you.

Azusa: Thanks… …Are you happy that I’m here?

Yui: Yes. I was saved thanks to you, Azusa-kun. Thank you very much.

Azusa: Yeah… …

Kanato: Azusa, she’s my prey. Understood? Please release your filthy hands from her immediately.

Azusa: No… …She doesn’t belong to you now, Kanato-san. She’s mine… …

Kanato: A ferocious thief, that’s exactly what you are. How dare you speak to me like that when you’re in such a vulgarly low position.

Azusa: Then, is that the… …whining of a loser… …?

Kanato: Wha… …

Yui: (What should I do… …this situation look serious… …these two might really kill one another… …)

*Cell Phone Rings?*

Kanato: … … … …

*Cell Phone Rings Again*

Kanato: Tch… …How annoying. … …Hello, what do you want? I’m busy now.
Hah? … …Yes… …Really… …Okay… …
I received a sudden call. What a shame. I’ll carry out this pest extermination the next opportunity that arises.

*Kanato Leaves*

助かった→ We’re saved  [Tsk tsk, no love for you]

Yui: Phew… …We’re saved… …

Azusa: … …Saved… …Do you think that I lost?

Yui: I don’t think that… …But when you cause a commotion in a place like this, it only brings in problems one way or another, right?
You might even get blamed for it Azusa-kun… …

よかった→ What a relief  [+5 Love for ya~]

Yui: Ahh, what a relief… …

Azusa: Relief… …what is? What is a relief?

Yui: When you were fighting here with Kanato-kun, you could’ve gotten injured… …

Azusa: I… …won’t get defeated by that guy. You are mine… …but you don’t want to believe that?

Yui: It’s not like that. But, I hate it when Azusa-kun gets involved in things like this… …

Azusa: Are you… …worried about me?

Yui: Yes.

Azusa: … … … …

*Screen Vibrates*

Yui: Kyaaa!

*Azusa Shoves Yui Down*

Yui: O-Oww… …

Azusa: Your leg… …it got scraped… … blood’s coming out from your thigh… …

Yui: That’s mean, what did you suddenly knock me down for?

Azusa: Sorry… …I thought I was good enough, but I guess I’m not good enough… …

Yui: Good enough for what?

Azusa: I’m happy that you’re worried about me, but… …
I’d be much happier if you would’ve expressed your gratitude and rewarded me… …
Once again… …I helped you… …and wouldn’t you give thanks for that?
But, I failed. … … I failed helping you.

Yui: Azusa-kun… …

Azusa: As an apology, here… …I’ll lick it… …Nn… …but… …I need just a little more blood… …
There’s more… …that’s going to come out, right? I’ll immediately stop the blood, like this… …

Yui: Aah… …!

Azusa: Nn… …Hey, more blood’s coming out… …Mn, Nn… …
But there’s still not a lot of blood coming out… …you’re not feeling pleasure then… …Nn… …Hey, isn’t that right?

Yui: … … … …

Azusa: Why? Why aren’t you saying anything? … … Ahh, I see… …you must be feeling so enchanted that you can’t speak.
Heh… …Wait. I’ll enchant you more then… …Mn… …Nn, Nnn… …
Next time… …I won’t fail… …because I’ll do my best. Then you’ll properly express your gratitude to me… …I look forward to it.



  1. ya she told me she was going to climb trough your window and make you sit at your screen ... i said i would help if i could ... i mean what ....

    woot more kanato vs ! yaya baby errr

    goood news if you haven't herd .... Shirahana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~ was released in English yesterday the bad news ... they teamed up with the shall we date people to make it in English so its a free to play game so it has the energy build up. and it also has no voices T_T but maybe if people keep asking they make a paid version with voices ... or a psp download...O_o

    more bad news rememmber that game i was talking about Eikoku Tantei Mysterie/ English Detective Mysteria look like was going to come out in English ... but for what ever reason it didnt T_T this explains everything T_T

    well what ever the reason was i hope there still hope for that game to come out in english other wise its only hope is fan translation or vita port

    1. Amg. XDD I'll get to it I promise, I promise LOL.

      Woah, is this the first Hiiro no Kakera game in English? So, the English version is as an app.... Interesting. I've yet to actually play a single HnK game due to how excessively long it is pfff. And no voices? That sucks (*._.) Even if it's the original JP voices, I would still enjoy it. If it's a full version or follows it pretty closely up to a certain point, maybe I can grab a JP PSP copy and play alongside it. 8'D That is of course... if we fix the tablet first. *eye twitch*

      Aw, no. I was kinda looking forward to Mysteria to add more otome to the English fanbase. ;o; And lol nice try, doing a horrible job of covering up that shadow. Weh, that sucks though. >_>

      I honestly have no clue what it's about but hell, otome in America! I'd buy it in a heartbeat. 8'D It'd be interesting if it actually did come over, or if at least XSeed released some otomes. o3o

    2. yep the prequel to the first game ever made ... well it maybe would of cost a lot to have voices in a free version ... but its a start to getting games over to the west i think the only thing its missing is the voice and the rest is you just have to wait 3 hrs to get a energy point to play a part of the story or if like me play before i go to bed and have 5 points to play of cores there also check points that you have to use items that you get with ingame money that you get from log in every day and outer ways to get it too but log in is easy just load and whoa XD BUT YEP ITS GOING TO BE A LONG LONG LONG ONE OTL like 3 times longer then any of the games ive played with shall we date ... and they also makeing this new ninja game ninja assassin+ a free game too i think ill go to hell with soji :P oh and girl side 3 got a English patch and stary sky affter spring and the people that did ssas are now doing ken ga kim

      ahhh just go to a black Friday (or cyber monday) and get a ipad for cheepy i got my ipad for 150$ last time i went to a black Friday

    3. Oh, the prequel? Mm, yeah, definitely want to play that.

      Eh yeah maybe for the voices. At least it's a start. c: And ughhh 3 hours? I would die. Especially since I like to marathon on games. 8I But if I ever do get to download it, I'm bracing myself for HnK's super long stories LOL. It's gonna be even longer since you have to wait, eck. But on the bright side, you can enjoy it longer. ;D

      Ooh, a ninja-esque one. Hm. Hmmmmm. I think I'll go to hell with Soji too. 8'DD

      Hmm Girl's Side. Another game I'll have to add to the bucketlist. That and Starry Sky, especially since they have patches LOL.

      Ooh, Ken Ga Kimi? I'd be interested in that one too. That was actually one of the first banners I plopped onto my blog haha. XD

      Ooh, nice deal. c: Ughhhh, I /really/ need to save my money though. With E3 just happening about a week ago (I might make a random post of games I'm interested in actually), I'm basically just like "I want all the games! 8DD". Buuut then I remembered that new games are $40-60 a pop. 8I And I still need money for a Vita, DL Dark Fate and DL Vandead Carnival wehhh. I think what we're gonna do on the tablet is send it back to get fixed since the warranty is still good and stuff.

    4. ya do that random post ... maybe we have the same game wantsys (>o.o)>

      isn't anime expo coming up too ... if i remember right didnt you guys say about doing a otome booth thingy there and stuff ? or something or am i wrong

      hmmm but didn't you say it cant play the free to play games ..... >.> so still better off geting a own tabby

    5. (Wtf my post didn't publish ughhhhh. Gotta retype again)

      I've been working on it for a bit. It's really long. XDD Since there were like a million companies at E3, I'll probably just focus on the big ones. ouo

      Well we're not attending Anime Expo since that's in Cali. o3o The largest convention I've been to is Anime Vegas, which is 1 of the 3 (or 4?) anime conventions we have. Anime Expo would make my head spin. XD

      The one we were going to do a panel for was Sabakon but we just didn't show. Originally they had confirmed us for Saturday evening, but then the day before the convention they changed our time to 11am.... without even notifying us, excuse them! We had to email them since we suddenly weren't on the schedule and they were all "oh lol we changed it." On top of that, other stuff going on at the same time was a Homestuck panel, Attack on Titans, and the Opening Ceremony. With all that going on, there was no point in going since no one would probably be at ours. -___-;

      Weeeell. It can play some of the free ones like Metro PD, Shall We Date, Serendipity, My Forged Wedding, blah blah. I think the ones it can't play are the Gree versions. Which sucks cause I wanted to play some Gree games and others like Cinderella Contract. (*._.)

      Hmm well I'm still hoping that when my Mom's job turns around, I can upgrade my phone and get like an Android or something. Then I can download all the otome. 8'D I've had my phone now for.... Wow this'll be my fourth year with it. XDD

  2. what well THAT LIKE RUDE not telling people that they change they time

    ah well i never even went to anime convention in life.... well if could of gone i would of been there :P wait .... isnt veges in Cali ......err ? XS ... bad at remembering where stuff < heck everything im bad at remembering

    how did i ever tell you about this game ?

    hmmm yes but remember ios got Gyakuten Yoshiwara the sexy guys that move and wink :P

    and dont forget you can touch them and they talk and stuff too

    so ......ummm i dare you to try Boku no Shokora

    and zayay


    1. Lol no. Las Vegas is in Nevada and Anime Expo is in Los Angelos, California. XD

      Anime conventions are really fun. ouo I always cosplay and bring a friend or two along with me. And one convention I went to, I met someone from Canada that I became friends with, ehe. I like taking pictures of cosplays too and attending all the panels. The only sucky part is that I usually forget to keep track of my money, so I'm usually broke by the final day. 8'D (which is when all the stuff either gets sold out or goes on sale, weh).

      Lol, Love Sushi Rangers? No, I've never seen this one before. XD Transformation stories are fun. I'll have to put it on the bucketlist. :3

      Ugh Gyakuten Yoshiwara whyyyyyy. Your story sounds interesting. And pretty moving graphics. I want to play dammit. XD

      Ahh yes, 2/2 Lover. And it's fully voiced amg.

      Probably add Boku no Shokora and Zayay to the list as well, even though I've no clue what the latter is about lol.

      And mehhh horror. XD I like horror-esque stuff but I usually never play cause I'm such a wimp 8'D

    2. and here a another black log for you the bride of vampire XD but its also a paid version so mmmm XD

    3. Ooh I saw this one too and just ughhhhh want. *grabby hands* XDD

      *adds to wishlist so I won't forget about it*

    4. oo you saw it tumbler already... the guy i want to try isnt out till fall from what i get out of google translating the web page ... then i have to wait for English so might not be till winter there youtube vid looks good to bad no subs on it ..... whelp if that game and Scarlett fate dont make akui charge her phone who knows what will XD .... wait there you go for you ...just sit there at a wall with her phone plunged in :P then gree games ya go