Sunday, June 22, 2014

Diabolik Lovers More Character Songs Vol. 1 Ayato - "Arcadia" Audio Sample - Plus Other DL News

(Totally meant to make a post the day this stuff came out, oops)
Well in the July issue of B's Log, we got a preview of Ayato's second character song cover. And on the 16th, Rejet finally posted an audio sample! ^_^

Below the cut you'll find said audio sample, my thoughts on the song, and my thoughts on a couple other new previews. :3c

First up, the audio sample! 8'D Ayato's second character song, titled "Arcadia."

It's different, it's interesting, and I think I like it more than Addicted 2 Phantom. XD It's also ironic that his song is called "Arcadia", when the noun of it means "a very quiet place or scene. Originally a region in ancient Greece." And well yknow. Ayato obviously isn't LOL. It still has that... punkish-gothicish? feel that all the DL music carries. I'm excited for the full version and lyrics. c:

Next up is another preview for the More Character Songs, this time featuring Kanato!
JFC he's looking a little delirious, like he's going stab your eyes out with the paintbrush or something. XDD Once more we see the paint motif: Started out with Carla's dumb little hobby, then the Dark Fate website decided to have rainbow paint splatters everywhere, and now each of the boys will probably be painting something. XD Originally I was thinking all their pictures combine to make an image, but probably not LOL. Wonder how his song will turn out and which one I'll end up liking better.

The next character song after Kanato is Ruki. I'll finally be able to hear Sakurai singing seriously Because Disney Date doesn't count! XD.... ouo *heavy breathing*

Coming right along is the cover preview for the Tsukinami Dark Fate Drama CD.
FINALLY SOME NEW ART FOR THESE BOYS. Jeez Louise. It's about time we got something other than recycled art. They both look kinda mysteriously elegant. And maybe a bit of Ruki vibes from Carla. o3o You have some symbolism here - particularly that eclipse, which is the reason for all shit going down in Dark Fate LOL.

Aaaaand save the best for last: BABU AND BABU2! 8'D (Been waiting for this cover for so long)
Loving Ruki's 500% done pose. XD Super excited for this CD hnnnnnng. Akui's gonna buy this one while I'm buying the one after that (Yuma/Azusa). It's true that the cover have seem to be getting less and less decorative, but I think the symbolism speaks for itself on this one. You have a book in the background along with some feathers. JFC Rejet, if those turn out to be crow feathers..... (All you who played Ruki's route know what I'm talking about). Please come faster August. I want Sakurai/Ryouhei goodness in my ears (/)u(\)

And that's all for now~ Until next time >v<

(Scans belong to k704)

Edit: Rejet has now posted lyrics for the Arcadia sample!


  1. oh good so im not thee only one who thinks im going to get stab by kanato .... and ummm do i even want to know what Disney Date is XD

    1. Yeahhhhh I saw that and I was just "wtf Kanato why" XDD

      Oooh Disney Date? It's beautiful pfff. Basically it's a bunch of seiyuu men singing Disney songs. 8'D

      Toshiyuki (Carla) -

      Sakurai (Ruki) -

      Midorin/Midorikawa (Ayato) -

      Aaaaand my favorite is this last one, which sorta kinda makes the shipping canon LOL. (Ayato/Ruki) - It follows the original arrangement, meaning that Sakurai doesn't start singing until towards the end. But it was the first time I heard him singing, and he blends so well with Ayato 8'D

  2. XD ahhh i was thinking prevy stuff :P ... ahhh ya it would be that song and to me its like ayato is singing can you feel to love tonight to me .... >////<

    notice how its 3 main guys that have a song XD oh are you happy we can dig the carla now that hes for sure not karil :)

    1. Ooooh, naughty naughty. ;D JK JK lol.

      Yeaaa, let Ayato sing to ya. ;D //shot to the moon I love his random Engrish though lol.

      Well there are more seiyuu dudes who sing obviously. But those were the only DL boys I could find. XD But haha, how ironic that it's those 3 pffff.

      Ehe, and yeah. So relieved that Carla isn't Karl, despite all the stupid similarities. 8'D Doesn't help that I think I'm slowly gaining a bias to Toshiyuki's voice. (/)u(\) [He's also in Wasurenagusa and Black Wolves Saga eeeeee *flops*]