Friday, June 27, 2014

OZMAFIA Due for English Localization! + Character Poll

Poni-Pachet has decided to give us all a surprise for their OZMAFIA anniversary. And that is....

An English version! 8'D

Earlier they made a twitter post which links to this staff blog post:

Dear our English-speaking friends and overseas otome game users,

Thank you for your many inquiries and requests.
We have finally decided to sell a localized version of "OZMAFIA!!".
We are now hard at work making an English version.
Please await further messages for details
such as method and time of sale.

Poni-Pachet SY

Thank you for your message to us.
I could not reply to every one. sorry.
I worried a lot about whether to make a localized version.
This is because I have repeatedly seen how our data is used publicly in unbelievable ways, such as illegal uploads, in illustrations or in music.
However, I have also seen people who censure illegal uploads raise their voices in order to stop this practice.
It is precisely this what gave me the push that I needed to make this localized version.
Thank you to all of you who believed in my words and waited for a long time.
I hope you will be pleased with this news!

Poni-Pachet SY

Whoo~! This is wonderful. This game was originally on my bucketlist anyway, so why not support it when it releases in English? 8'D Support and bring more otome to America ehehe. Time to save up more money.

When they first released OZMAFIA, an announcement was made to basically not pirate the game because based on how well it sold, an English release would be considered. Even though the piracy did happen (as it always does), it's nice to know they stuck with releasing it in English. :3c

Also, take the character poll! Who knows, your favorite character may end up as a bedsheet, drawn by the lovely Satoi. ;D


  1. this mostly makes up for my sadness of EDM otome game ... but still i would of wanted them both > . > ... welll i know i am buying that sucker ... hope thee a limited version ^^ ... maybe someone will translate the characters songs now

    1. For me personally, idk if I would dish out a bunch of money for a limited edition since I'm not too familiar with this series. o3o But hey you never know. XD

      Oh? There are character songs? ouo