Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tiger & Bunny: Hero's Day - Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Route Summary & Review

.....I'm a huge Tiger & Bunny fan. This was bound to happen. XD (I think I'm the only one who plays this game guys //slapped)  Besides being a fan, I don't see much of this game out there, especially when the anime exploded everywhere when it came out. (Then again, maybe it's because people just don't bother to look for games after seeing an anime or because there aren't any translations GAH, YOU'RE RAMBLING, STAWP). So I thought, why not? ヾ( ゚▽゚)

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Alright. So Tiger & Bunny Hero's Day is a visual novel game made by D3 Publisher. In this game, there won't be any silly Hero fights or awkward camera angles like in the first game. Instead, you'll get to live the daily life of each of our TnB characters! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

Now, when you first start the game your only 2 character options are Kotetsu and Barnaby. As you progress further, you'll eventually unlock more characters, but you won't be able to actually play them until you complete Barnaby's or Kotetsu's. Also, let's say you start with Barnaby. You can't plow through all of Barnaby's route without stopping midway through and backtrack to Kotetsu to let his story catch up.

Another cute little side feature is that you can select who'll speak and things haha.This game is also split into "times", which makes sense since you're following 1 day of a Hero.

Ahhh, this game is such a relief to my poor brain. Unlike otome games, everyone speaks, so now I don't have to stare at silent Heroine 500-stroke kanji going (;¬_¬) ... (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━━┻ wondering what the flippity-floo she's saying and squinting my eyes trying to read the tiny font in the first place.
(I'm still learning ~(ouo)~ )

**Important: You'll have to go back and choose the other option for a lot of choices so that you can rack up points. Otherwise, you'll just keep getting a bad end towards the end of the game no matter what you choose. I ended Kotetsu's route with 78,110 points (of course there's many options I still missed, but I had enough to pass the game). But running straight through without going back racks up only 32,015. Biiiig difference haha.**

I haven't played this in a while, so I don't exactly remember everything. But regardless, let's begin!

I really love Kotetsu's route; It really showed his quirks of how much of a loveable Oji-san he is. And that he's always willing to protect others. (。´∀`) (CV: Hiroaki Hirata) The anatomy in his CGs is pretty consistent too. There were some in Barnaby's route for example that were really awkward looking... Anyway, I find it funny how nothing in Kotetsu's route really touches on that musical they're all invited too lol

Basically his day starts with him waking up late. On his way to work he thinks he hears someone in trouble, but it's just Barnaby fangirls lol. Depending on what option you choose, Kotetsu can also run into Keith and his dog John for a bit. Finally arriving at the office, Lloyds reprimands him, asking if he has no shame for always being late. Kotetsu tries to explain his situation, but Lloyds won't hear any of it. He compares him to Barnaby and sends him off to do punishment work before leaving. After finishing sorting the boxes, Kotetsu looks to see Barnaby having an interview on TV. Shrugging with nothing else to do, Kotetsu falls asleep.

About an hour or so later, a voice pulls Kotetsu out of his lull, and he's surprised to see... *drum roll* BUNNY! 8D (Kotetsu: Dahhh!?)

Barnaby begins to scold Kotetsu on how a grown man such as him should be ashamed for sleeping on the job, and it's pathetic. Bunny does feel a bit bad using harsh words (as you find out later in his route) but he feels that's the only way to get through to Kotetsu to make him reflect, and the latter feels like he deserved that lecture a bit anyway. The two talk for a bit and then go outside. Before I carry on though... Remember the tidbit from Episode 18 where Kotetsu says he ends up liking people he dreams about? Before Barnaby wakes up Kotetsu, he's murmuring Bunny's name in his sleep. ;D (Totally not adding to the Yaoi fuel, pshhh)

While Barnaby is getting bombarded by fangirls, Kotetsu gets a call from Kaede. I don't remember what she was talking about exactly, but you "Battle" with her, picking the right options and proving to your daughter that the memory hasn't left you yet. Did I mention that you get only 10 seconds or less, and failing results in a game over? 8D (Weirdest game over, getting dissed by your daughter lol)

Anyway, answer all her questions correctly and she'll be pretty damn pleased.

In the afternoon, Kotetsu and Karina are in the lounge. To be honest, I don't like Karina all that much (I find her a bit too whiny for me..), so I didn't pay attention to this at all. I just know there's at least 6 variant CGs for this scene. So uhm... I think at one point, he might've been going on about mayonnaise, how he can't believe she doesn't like and she simply must try it? (゚ー゚; ) As always, Kotetsu's dense and doesn't realize he's not helping Karina's little crush by feeding her haha.

Soon after we're joined by some Ivan/Origami Cyclone, Keith/Sky High, and Nathan/Fire Emblem where they discuss their day, tactics, and things of the sort.

Kotetsu meets up with Ivan later and they head to a mall before going their separate ways. Kotetsu gets suckered into buying Kaede some shoes, and a man who's in a rush accidentally bumps into Kotetsu, apologizing before dashing off. The guy drops his phone, and Kotetsu tries tracking him down but it starts ringing... (゚ー゚) So Kotetsu answers and the guy's kid is apparently being held hostage. Mmhmm okay co- HAAAH? OI, THAT'S NOT COOL AT ALL! (*゚ロ゚) And apparently to get the boy back, they need to rendezvous at the picture sent. ewe  After some asking around, Kotetsu figures out where it is and dashes away. Note that if you don't get enough points, as mentioned in the top of my post, some girls will call you a pervert and things while you're asking for directions, scream help and you'll get kicked out of the mall lol

Turns out that guy Kotetsu ran into earlier is here too, and the little boy on the phone is on top of that towering metal structure. As most parents usually do, he panics and immediately tries to scale the structure to reach his son. Cue another "Battle", this time with Kotetsu basically telling him to think rationally, persuading him to not just blindly climb up, and things of the sort. Finally Kotetsu relents and uses his Hundred Power to bring to the two of them to the top of the structure. The other two have a father-son moment, but then the structure starts to creak... Well crap, we're doomed. Five minutes have passed apparently so Kotetsu's powers have run out, you have a giant metal structure tilting over, and you have 3 mortals on top of said metal structure that is God knows how tall. Σ( ゚▽゚;) Kotetsu braces for impact when...


(Friend commentary: Come with me Gurl, we're going places ;D )

So after Bu- Barnaby brings them back to the ground, Kotetsu thanks him and the latter asks the boy if he know where the criminal went. However, he can't hold it back anymore and starts bawling, saying that he employed this whole ruse because his father was always busy with work and he just wanted some attention. The man apologizes on how he hasn't been able to spend much time, and they waltz off living happily ever after.

Kotetsu basically apologizes to Barnaby for the trouble and thanks him for his help, and Barnaby says it wasn't that big a deal. (And he's acting so tsun here asdfghjkl). They start their friendly banter that they're so well known for, and Barnaby starts to leave Kotetsu behind with Kotetsu telling him to wait up lolol.

The Endヾ( ゚▽゚)

After the textless ending from the anime plays (that totally isn't about their relationship I swear to gawd), you get a little preview of all the chaos that's going on at the musical they've all been invited too. Next time on A Fish Stinks From the Head~


  1. As a T&B fan who recently decided to try this game again (I tried it last yr but gave up sincd it's in jap), I really appreciate you making this post! Been stuck in the mall with Kotetsu D<

    And really love the On-Air Jack! game too! I could at least figure that one out despite not understanding it >< Tiger & Bunny ftw!!!

    1. Whoohoo, another T&B fan! :D Glad you enjoyed the post. :3 And yeah, On-Air isn't all that text heavy since you do a lot of fighting hehe.

    2. How do I unlock other heroes' stories?haha I completed both kotetsu's and barnaby's already (I reached the ending) but the other heroes still remain locked! @A@

    3. Hmmm well this may seem like a silly question, but did you complete both routes on the same save file? o3o

    4. i'm pretty sure.haha i cluelessly answer the pop up screens, but i think they are. Both kotetsu's and barnaby's stories are complete to the endings!haha pretty sure i covered all alternative routes too haha

    5. Huh. Not quite sure then. They should've just unlocked themselves. XD Would you like my save file and play off it?

    6. ooo ok!haha and nah it's okay! i'll try to figure it out myself! but thanks for the kind offer! ^^