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Dandelion ~Wishes Brought to You~ Demo Summary & Review

Playing Nameless made me curious about playing Cheritz’s other title. And so I felt like dating some animals today, finally hopping deeper into the Cheritz bandwagon. 8D And it's a pretty frackin’ adorable game. Not really a visual novel per se like Nameless in terms of choices; it’s more-so a stat raising game. But I still enjoyed it a lot. (There is story though; it's just decided through stats rather than choices)

Story: Heejung Kim is a 21-year-old student living in Busan, South Korea and seeking her place in the world. With her final months of university approaching, she knows she has to decide what she's going to do with her life. However, when she awakens to find a basket full of small animals mysteriously place inside her locked home. Their presence seems to do little her outlook - until one day, they've been turned human! From that point, she's made a choice, and there's no turning back. What will Heejung's fate be, now that she's sharing a roof with five men who are nothing like she's ever met before? Will her choice affect the "game" they've been sent to partake in?

The demo starts two months after she's found these lovelies~

If you’re like me who knows jackshit about Korean, it might be confusing with all the dudes' names starting with “Ji” (theres a reason for that. Click here). However, the more you spam the hell out of it play the demo, the more used to them you’ll get c: Or for me, writing their names a bajillion times

Here's a quick name guide:
Heejung (CV: Mira Yoo) - The heroine
Jisoo (CV: Kyungmyung Kim) - The black kitty. His text is red.
Jiyeun (CV: Myungjun Kim) - The orange kitty. His text is orange.
Jihae (CV: Nakyoo Choi) - The fluffy silver bunny. His text is dark blue.
Jieun (CV: Kyungtae Lee) - The baby white bunny. His text is teal.
Jiwoo (CV: Seongil Lee) - The spotted bunny. His text is green.

In this game, you have a few meters: Femininity, Beauty, Art Skill, Stress, and Pressure. At the bottom is another type of stress bar (the one that says max), so no, it's not a love bar. When that one fills up, you can unlock more activities to do around the house. Stress can be relieved by resting on the couch or taking a bubble bath, and pressure can be relieved by studying. You can also get money by working on weekends. I honestly don't know what happens when pressure goes all the way up, but it warns you when it's getting there. Once school starts, I always have Heejung study when I boy I want to pursue isn't home lol.

If Heejung accumulates too much stress, you'll get an event. She'll have a headache and can't sleep when Heejae calls, asking if she wants to go drinking with friends. When she gets there, she'll feel a little uneasy that everyone left and it's just the two of them, but she goes anyway. What started as one drink turns into many many more, and the drunk rambles begin. XD Heejae rambles that when he first saw Heejung, she looked a lot like his first love/crush. But he wants something mutual, so he proposes they be drinking buddies.
Later on, he takes her back home and awkwardly stands around until she's inside. Whoever's route you're own will then ask why you're home so late. Heejung also doesn't feel better with her new headache, because getting batshit drunk is always the solution lol.

Once it’s Fall, you can go to more places other than the beach, park, and university. Other areas available in the demo are university, the park, art gallery, the beach, bookstore, restaurant, café, and cinema. You can also go to the store, bookstore, or go to work. *snicker* Some of the items to avoid copyright are hilarious, such as the Pony Station Portable and MakBook Cloud. XD

Also...their mouths move! How neat is that? (。´∀`)ノ Heejung also has a voice, which surprised me.

Another thing that surprised me is that this game allows you to pet them. Look how adorable he is~ (*≧▽≦)

This post will be very picture heavy, because I went screenshot crazy (。゜౪ ゜。)ฅ✧
(For TLDR, just skip to the bottom lol)
The story starts with Heejung leaving the university. Her friend Heejae catches up to her and gives her a bag of chesnuts, since his mom apparently always buy too much stuff online. He tells her the shells are good for animals's fur, which immediately perks her interest, so she thanks him for the gift.

Once she gets home, she immediately starts throwing food together. She mixes broccoli, some other veggies, apples, carrots, chestnut shells, yogurt, and aloe juice. .... Eghhh. She calls them over and they glance skeptically at the food but eat it anyway. Heejung's happy, when all of a sudden Jiwoo and Jisoo topple over, Jisoo throwing up and Jiwoo completely passed out! The other two rabbits however just continue to eat.
Heejung wonders what went wrong, but with so many ingredients, she can't tell. For Jisoo, I'd have to say it was the yogurt, since cats aren't supposed to eat dairy. As for the aloe juice well....that shit's just nasty in general. Imagine that having that mixed with yogurt or veggies. @___@ Frightened that the others might get sick, she snatches the bowl away and just throws it all before getting ready for bed.

It's the middle of night, and I hear a bunch of voices start up conversation. ಠ_ಠ Jisoo gags on how disgusting that "poisonous food" was, and someone else replies that he should be lucky he threw it all up. Jiwoo expresses his dislike in the food as well. Jiyeon's fine 'cause he didn't eat and the bunnies are fine because they're picky eaters and ate only the broccoli and apples. XD Interrupting the banter, one of them mentions how Heejung's become kinder: no longer is it an obligation to care for them. She's enjoys their company and is nicer to them now.

So the next day rolls around, and it's time to pick an activity of the day. Basically you do 1 activity a day. After a week, she brings all of them to the beach in a basket and lies in the shade. Jisoo's chasing Jiyeon, Jiwoo's in the basket, and Jihae and Jieun are in the shade as well. Jiyeon jumps on Heejung's lap and gives a triumphant grin at Jisoo, who just hisses in return lolol. Meanwhile Heejung has a flashback about when she was younger and she came to the beach with her parents. Her train of thought changes to thinking about her little pets, such as how they'd look as humans. But then she dismisses the thought with "that will never happen of course."
Heh, this is some beautiful foreshadowing. Don't worry Heejung, you'll know soon. Fufufu~ 8D

On August 31st, Heejung reflects on her life as a college student, a little sad summer vaca is over. This scene makes her a relateable protagonist because she doesn't really know what she wants to do with her life. She moved out to be independent, to show her parents she could be something, but doesn't even like what she's pursuing in college. She also doesn't want to prolong it by studying abroad. Deciding that's enough for tonight, she heads off to bed. Some creeper voice pops up *cough* Wizard *cough*, saying she's finally made a decision and that he hopes she'll like the present he'll leave her. ಠ_ಠ

And now it's September 1st~ ♥ (And time for our boys to "awaken" so to speak)
     Jiyeon: Jiyeon’s been crying a lot lately, so Heejung decides to take him to vet. However, they're on lunch break. Upset, Heejung says “I wish you could talk” since it would be easier. Then a voice chirps “Okay.” .... (´⊙ω⊙`)

Bam, no more kitty on her lap XD
“…Huh? Wow! I came back to my normal self!!” Wait what? Jiyeon goes on to say “oh whoops, forgot this isn’t normal here; Animals changing into humans." Heejung's clearly confused so he tells her they all can change between animals and humans. However, they had to stay as animals cause that was rules of the game, which he can’t tell much about due to a contract. Images of them as animals flashed through her mind.
She asks if he’s from Earth because A) transform B) kitty ears C) he doesn’t look Korean. But he can’t tell since that’d be a breach of contract. She asks “How can you speak Korean?” to which he replies “It’s the power of love~!” XDD Celine Dion //slapped  Lol JK. Magic

She starts having flashback what she did assuming they were all animals: walk in Pajamas, walk into her room naked after a shower… She's embarrassed XD Well there's no reason to stay at the vet anymore, so Jiyeon says "let’s go home where there’s plenty of food." lol. So they walk home and naturally peeps are whispering “who’s that man? Is that a cosplay? Or is he just a foreigner? Woah those ears look real” Nonchalantly he replies to Heejung no one here has ears.

Lol he has some Korean diffulties, such as “Why are you signing” and “Have no bear”. But then he says this perfect reply pffft.
Jiyeon, why you do this? That's a girl thing XD
Turns out he was crying cause he felt weird. Probs cause the magic was getting weak. He's also touched that she thinks he was sick (actually, she thought he was in heat but lol whatever)

So she goes home to find everyone had turned into people 8D

     Jisoo: Hee-Jung wakes up in the middle of the night coughing and she thinks she’s coming down with a cold. (Dramatic music~) She remembers how she’d always get sick in high school, and her mom would scold her for not taking care of her body 

This made Heejung feel bad because her mom never asked why or how she was sick- just blame it on stamina and diet- so to her, her mom didn’t show much interest in her. But then Jisoo strolls into her room and jumps on her stomach d’awww (My cat always does that to me, except when I’m sleeping, and she wakes me up ಠ_ಠ) Whenever something happens, he comes to her side, and she’s able to fall back asleep.

But then suddenly something heavy is on her, and fufufu Jisoo turned into a man~
 While she’s staring in a stupor, he asks if he’s alright and touches her forehead. ( /)u(\ ) She freaks out, asking who he is, and he just nonchalantly says he’s Jisoo lol. She tries to struggle away but he says stay still and that he was worried. Just like in Jiyeon’s, Jisoo explains the whole contract thing. She’s dizzy and lies back down, asking if she’s hallucinating. He says she’s not hallucinating but if seeing him human makes him sick, he’ll return to being a kitty (aww). He also says he’ll take food, LOL, you glutton.
She falls back asleep with kitty Jisoo curled up next to her.

She wakes up the next morning, saying it was probably all a dream. She walks into the living room, gasping as she’s confronted with 5 animal ears while Jisoo says good morning in the background 8D

     Jihae: Before I start, can we just take a moment to look at how adorable Jihae is when you groom him? ouo

Jihae’s been feeling a little down lately. He stares out the window and doesn’t eat much either. Deciding to lift his spirits, Heejung decides to take him out. Jieun followed Jihae as always >v< but she only picked up Jihae lol. The two walk to a park and Heejung sits on the grass, sketching away. She looks up and is shocked to find a beautiful man who seemed “out of this world.” She questions herself if a movie is being filmed nearby, and she’s in awe at the extravagant clothes. And there’s bunny ears~ X3

Wahh his voice is so deep o3o And look at them lashes~

As she was checking out gazing at this man, she realizes she’s lost her rabbit! To make it worst, everyone’s looking at him thanks to his grand attire. However, he persuades her that he’s Jihae, including that his ears are real. xD And he’s so formal as always~ Like the other routes, it’s now Jihae’s turn to explain the Wizard’s spell. Back to reality, everyone’s taking pictures of Jihae on their phones lolol. The two decide it’s not best to linger, so Jihae grabs her hand, and they head on home. As soon as they reach home, Jieun rushes out, calling Jihae “Eddie.” (Aww look at Jihae’s smile)
Heejung realizes that this boy is Jieun, and so he grabs the corner of Jihae’s shirt and walks inside. And BA-BAM all the pets are human 8D

      Jieun: Jieun Event: Heejae calls out to Heejung after school and hands her a bag of apples. His mom bought too much again lol. The bag’s pretty heavy and she’s wondering if she can finish it, but then remembers she has three rabbits. Yay, free rabbit food \^o^/

Heejung heads home and places an apple on the floor. Everyone just stares at it, but then Jieun hops up, circling the apple. She brings it to the kitchen and slices it, placing it in front of Jieun, who’s on the table. While he’s eating she goes to wash her hands, but once she turns around… There’s a boy sitting on the table eating apples!
Bwahaha look at his chubby little cheek XD Realizing the eyes are the same, she asks if that boy is Jieun, and he nods. Meanwhile, she asks herself if he turned due to eating the apple lulz

So we learn a little more from Jieun’s perspective. He says there’s a game and all 6 people of the household are participants. The fact they’ve returned to their human forms means she’s made a decision. Again, saying more is against the rules.
Jieun jumps off the table and the two walk into the living room~ ♪

     Jiwoo: Lol, so this starts out with Heejung saying she can't believe she wants to act so evil towards Jiwoo in a "teehee you're cute lemme hug you" kinda way. And she's absolutely obsessed with those cute little paws. Not that I blame her: look at this little Tsundere
While she's distracted with her thoughts, Jiwoo manages to free himself, hopping into her room. She reaches her hand out but he just uses that as a footstool to hop onto her bed haha. She looks up to see Jiwoo buuuuuut then suddenly the blanket moves. ..And I don't think a little bunny could lift a whole blanket ಠ_ಠ Suddenly a voice stutters "D-d-don't come near me!" Heejung lifts the blanket to find some dude she's never seen before on her bed. 8D Meanwhile, he's just trying to cover his face with his hands.
However, he looks surprised at his hands and feet, saying "I've changed." She's still confused, and now the sass returns~
He continues saying "Are you blind? Can't you see I've just changed from a rabbit to a human?!" XD He complains that he's tired and should be thankful he's lasted living in this house for so long. Also, he makes it perfectly clear that if she tries to touch his paws one more time, he'll bite her fingers - hard lolol. That being said, he turns on his heels and walks out. Heejung of course continues to think it's impossible, but the sight in the living room rips that to shreds~
There’s a little variation depending on the route you’re locked on, but here’s basically what goes down.

Jisoo comments "damn wizard". Jieun repeats that Jisoo swore, and Jihae asks that Jieun doesn’t become impudent like him, to which Jisoo scowls. Jiwoo then comments that at least they were quiet when they were animals lol. Jiyeon says Jiwoo’s a rabbit too but with spots, even though Jiwoo tries to deny he’s the same XD Quarrels: they’re perfunctory~ 8D

Jisoo says to stop bickering, since it's making Foodgiver uncomfy haha.
Jiyeon mentions spell is now broken, but Heejung's worried about other things, such as what  peeps would think if they found out 5 guys lived in her house. But then- Woah woah Jiwoo mentions that $#%&* and @$%$ might happen if they live together XDD
Jisoo says none of them have to worry about it since Foodgiver isn’t her type lol

Jihae then says “My Lady, we’ll do our best not to inconvenience you in any way” aww. (Yknow, Lance looks a lot like him //slapped) Jisoo says they’re from a place far away and that Heejung was chosen, but no one explains further, and Jiyeon reminds her they can’t tell.

Heejung contemplates if she should throw them out since that would be the right thing to do, but she always felt happy coming home to find them there. So she decides to keep them and decides they should all wear hats when they go outside X3 Another rule is to stay as animals in the evenings so neighbors don’t suspect anything. And they’re no longer allowed in her room during bedtime lol. Damn ;D

A few days later, Heejung thinks about the pros and cons of animals that turn into humans.
Cons: Not used to so much testosterone and lots of money is spent on food. She also can’t roam in her pajamas.
Pros is that her life is fun now (*´・v・)
*snicker* Turns out Jisoo had a pretty big appetite as a kitty, and now he won’t eat anything but expensive human food. Jisoo’s also the first to greet her when she comes home, and behaves more like a dog lol But he does go out to the park a lot to take naps (Gah, my cat and him have so much in common). Jihae and Jieun also go get groceries, and the two always do everything together (which makes sense since Jieun is his young master). Jiwoo on the other hand can be a bit snobbish haha.
Other stuff he says: Don’t touch me; You’re so dumb, do you even have a brain? He does have a cute side though, such as reading a cliché romance novel.
 Lastly Jiyeon is the most cheerful and follows her around. But him and Jiwoo bicker like preschool kids, and Jiyeon still has speaking problems
 Others: "we’re out of peckles" [pickles] and I think coca-colas [Cocker Spaniels] are the cutest types of dogs". Sometimes he mixes up words that aren’t similar, again the coca-cola LOL.  Well, at least for English. Idk about Korean. Anyway. He also goes out a lot to "meet the pretty ladies." Jieun on the other hand is pretty quiet, and has a boner for apples. He also always asks Jihae to do things for him.

So a few more stat-raising days later, and we get another scene with each of the boys on the 14th.

       Jiyeon: Jiyeon goes out to play with fire; the “fire of love” pfffft. Heejung even thinks to herself that he's a kitty wearing a kitty hood but y'know, that’s what makes him adorbs.

Jisoo pity laughs once Jiyeon leaves and says that it’s obvi he’s going to “bring home the bacon” aka beg for food. 

Jisoo persuades Heejung to follow since it’s Jiyeon’s first time begging and he might get dragged off by police since only homeless peeps beg lol. They step outside, and four old women are listening to some melodramatic suck-up story of his XDD Lines include “I deliver newspapers in the morning and do those kind of part time jobs in the evening… My sister… She went off to find dad six months ago and I haven’t heard from her since…” Turns out that in his story, he also has a brother in the hospital.

He also lives in someone’s house doing work since he can’t pay rent (Heejung gasps a bit basically thinking "Excuuuuuuuse you!" since he always throws orange peels around everywhere lol, but Jisoo shushes her.) Jiyeon is so dramatic, I swear.
The best part is that these women believe him lolol. They offer to give him food and will pack some for his “brother in the hospital”. He also mentions that he wears the hoodie to make his “brother” laughed since “he” hasn’t laughed in a long time.

... Heejung decides she’s had enough but Jisoo says it isn’t that big a deal.
He mentions that a lot of cats from where they’re from feed themselves by begging, and that a lot of cats aren’t who they really are. Heejung asks if he’s included, but he says from the dog family ….. EHHH?? “He’s loyal” is his defense to that response. Err okay XD Other dog qualities according to Heejung: Wags tail, honest, loves eating. So ehhh y'know, I suppose you could argue that. Anyway, the two return home.

     Jisoo: This event starts with Jiyeon walking around with nothing save for a towel. Splendid XD

Naturally, Heejung freaks out and Jisoo comes to her aid but totally misunderstands the situation. He thinks Heejung’s surprised because Jiyeon bathes every day pffffft. Jisoo asks how Jiyeon can stand to bathe every day, and Jiyeon retorts he doesn’t want to be a scumbag like Jisoo (*´艸`*) … btw according to Jiyeon, “scumbag” probably means dirty based off a book Jiwoo was reading lol. Jiyeon says that he’s gonna change…there, in the living room XDD But Jisoo says Heejung’s embarrassed so go change elsewhere

But then Jiyeon retorts with a laughable cheeky reply
 Besides, Jiyeon says she’s already seen everything when she bathed him as a kitty. ;D But uh, I’m pretty sure a kitty and a human are pretty different XD The two kitties bicker over bathing and finally he hisses Jiyeon away lolol

Now that Jiyeon’s gone, Jisoo complains that he’d die if he had to bathe at least once a week, and so Heejung learns about Jisoo’s bathing habits. Turns out he hasn’t bathed since he was kitty, which was a month ago, blegh nasty. XD Jisoo gets defensive, saying at least he looks clean
Jisoo basically acts like a little kid, questioning why he has to take a bath, especially since cats groom themselves. It’s pretty adorable XD Finally she says she hates guys who don’t bathe, and she drags him to the bathroom to accept his fate MWHAHAHA. Meanwhile, he’s still recovering over the shock that she likes guys who “bathe everyday like that orange cat.” If my cat suddenly went human on me, she’d probably do the same XD

Jisoo walks in, but Jiyeon yells to not look and Jisoo yells back asking why he’s naked. Ah, whoops, that’s right. Jiyeon’s still there XD

      Jihae:  Jihae Event: Heejung’s drawing when Jihae returns. She immediately closes her sketchbook because she doesn’t like other people seeing her work; she’s afraid of being judged (omg me too Heejung 8D). Jihae asks if she’s interested in art since she was drawing and Heejung replies that it’s her hobby. He sits down next to her and asks to see her work, saying he wants to see it. X3

Heejung shows what she’s been working on and- I SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE. Oh Cheritz you.

Jihae’s silent for a while, but then says it’s beautiful, www. Heejung awkwardly thanks him, not used to getting compliments or talking to Jihae as a man. He asks what a dandelion seed is, and she tells him that if you blow it, your wish will come true! So he asks Heejung what her wish is.
 Heejung reflects on how she moved out to find said wish, but she doesn’t have one yet. To live happily with your bunny man 8D  Heejung returns the question, and Jihae is thinking when Jieun comes back from the veranda, saying he thinks it’ll rain. Heejung’s about to return to her room when Jihae thanks her~

     Jieun:  Heejung thinks of how Jihae and Jieun are always together, both as rabbits and humans. Jieun calls Jihae “Eddie”, but the latter says that he can’t call him that and should call him by the Korean name Heejung gave them instead.
Stubbornly, Jieun continues to call Jihae “Eddie”. XD Heejung asks if it’s a nickname or his real name, but he insists on being called Jihae. Heejung asks what they’re relationship is, and wonders if they could be father-son lol. Jihae doesn’t really know what to say, so Jieun just says they’re friends, which surprises Jihae. Based on Jihae’s reaction and the fact he calls him Young Master, Heejung doesn’t really think that’s the case, but won’t pry.

Heejung asks if all rabbits are these quiet, but Jiwoo pops out of nowhere saying that they’re just goody-goodies.
The cats are noisy enough and if the other bunnies were loud as well, then he would’ve left a long time ago lol. He’s also thankful that the two kitties are out on a walk, because now the house won’t smell like oranges. But then Jieun turns right around and says that Jiwoo’s noisy XDD

Jiwoo leads his “blockhead Stupid Owner” into her room, and asks if he thinks the white bunnies are normal. She replies that she’s really the only normal one lol. Jiwoo of course is offended that she lump them together with him since he’s rational and intelligent. He says to look past the appearance they all have ears and look at something else, like personality. Heejung thinks a bit and says that they do lack some social skills. Jiwoo then says that judging by their white fur, they’re either nobles or members of the royal family.
Which yknow would make sense with their clothes and how Jihae’s always doing things for Jieun and calling him Young Master. Jiwoo can’t say too much about the hierarchal structure of his world, but he can say that white fur means Jieun is of noble birth. [They finally addressed this! ouo] Heejung’s confused since rabbits are normally white anyway, but white rabbits here and white rabbits there operate completely differently. Heejung asks if Jihae can be of nobility, and although it’s unique, Jiwoo explains he isn’t.
It’s possible Jihae’s a mix between commoner and another class; probs an aristocrat. Heejung wonders the purpose in telling her all this, and Jiwoo replies that having a rabbit of high status end up in this world makes him feel uneasy. He warns her to stay away from Jieun to avoid any sticky situations, and denies that he’s worried XDD (lol, such a Tsundere)

     Jiwoo: Heejung picks up a copies of The Correct Methods to Love and Getting to Know Your Man Fast that are lying around in her room, along with a few others. Of course, they're all romance. Jiwoo however asks if she's been touching his stuff and if she has no sense of privacy. Timidly she asks why he's reading the books since they're something middle or high schoolers would read, and women at that. However, his defense is to become an expert in relationships basically (wow, these give you such great experience XD) She finds it kinda funny and asks if it's for a certain someone~ Jiwoo in turn starts blushing \(//∇//)\
And so, the fluffy tsundere side begins to show~ Jiwoo asks her to keep it a secret, but Heejung can't help but tease him, saying "Yeah, sure. Privacy," and loving the way his ears move when he overreacts. She even goes as far as "I shall protect your privacy, Young Master," lolol.

Heejung even gets this image of a shy Jiwoo in front of the girl he likes. Jiwoo however just thinks she's crazy, and says get out, and Heejung comments that it's her room...Young Master haha. Jiwoo tells her again STFU basically and spams her with 바보바보바보!! before shoving her out of the room.

Jisoo - watching the food channel of course - comments on how noisy it got, and Heejung plops on the couch next to him. Heejung says that it's fun teasing Jiwoo, and Jisoo comments on the bunny's weird choice in romance novels lol.

Jisoo's confused as to why anyone would read something so boring, and Heejung smiles as the image of a shy Jiwoo resurfaces in her mind. Heejung comments that it's possible Jiwoo likes someone when Jisoo suddenly says "Oh my God! A new Yum-Yum Snack has come out?! 8D" He apologizes with droopy ears for his outburst, and says it isn't uncommon for all the guys at this house to think about girls, with them being at that age and all. In fact they think about "all sorts of things"~ ;D Heejung just scoots away a mutters a "pervert" lol He gets a little defensive, but then mentions he remembers seeing Jiwoo with a girl at the bookstore. However...
Heh. Looks like someone's a little player~ ;D Five to be exact haha. Heejung thinks it could be one of them but Jisoo denies it, saying he knows who Jiwoo's targeting and trying to receive love from. However, he can't say who. Heejung's curious about this girl, but Jisoo says it'd be ironic to tell. He starts off saying she's dense and pretty by his standards. She's also older than Jiwoo, which compliments his childish side.

He goes on to say that they meet very often haha. Suddenly there's a total topic change and he talks about how he really wants that cat house on tv since he's tired of sleeping on the couch XD
I really enjoyed this demo. Speaking of which, it's actually a fairly long one too. The voices were superb and the music fit the mood really well. Each boy also had their own distinct theme. Again, even Heejung and side-characters had voices, which was a nice touch. The graphics are very beautiful as well, and nothing really seemed strained. I also like how the text box is like paper from a diary entry, which correlates with the game being set up in days. Each of the 6 main characters had their distinct own personality, and it was ridiculously fun watching them interact with each other, especially the banter (or not) between the boys. It was also fun to replay the demo to see the scenes for each boy, which were all unique in their own aspect and helped to give the player a deeper introduction of them. I think for now, my favorite boys in no particular order are Jisoo, Jihae, and Jiwoo (....all who have some of my type preferences, oh gawd why XD). Jiyeon's cute I'll admit, however, the second scene especially hints that he's not who he appears to be. Jieun is also adorable, but I typically don't go for Shota characters. Though I'm curious how they'll go about his route. So far it's been nice and tasteful. Tbh I didn't think I could have so much fun with a demo haha. If there was one bad thing I'd have to say about this game, it's that it requires a constant internet connection to play. This is Cheritz's way of preventing piracy since you can only have 2 computers linked to a game, and I don't blame them for it, but it can still get inconvenient at times. XD All in all, Dandelion's great, and this demo as well as the Nameless demo has piqued my interest in them. Not sure if I have the money to buy both of them, but I will be keeping an eye out on their third upcoming title. (*´・v・)

Gah, I'm about 5K words for just a demo. I should stop haha. Until next time~ (*´∀`*)

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