Sunday, March 2, 2014

Norn9 -Norn + Nonette- Jumps On the Anime Bandwagon: Cast and Thoughts

Alright. So. It seems like Norn 9 -Norn + Nonette-, originally a PSP game, has jumped on the anime bandwagon.

Well, since there are female protagonists, we need some seiyuus for them!

Ayumu Fujimura will be voicing Koharu

Mikoto Kuga will be voiced by Ayahi Takagaki

And lastly of the female protagonists, Asami Seto will voice Nanami Shiranui

The boys will still be voiced by the seiyuus who voiced them in-game:

From left to right, Kaji Yuki as Kakeru Yuiga, Shimono Hiro as Senri Ichinose, and Sato Takuya as Masamune Toya. (Koharu's boys)

From left to right, Ono Daisuke as Natsuhiko Azuma, Saiga Mitsuki as Sakuya Nijo, and Yusa Kouji as Itsuki Kagami. (Mikoto's boys)

And lastly from left to right, Sugiyama Noriaki as Akito Shukuri, Sugita Tomokazu as Ron Muroboshi, and Yoshino Hiroyuki as Heishi Otomaru. (Nanami's boys)

Other characters include Atsushi Abe as Sorata Suzuhara, Hamada Kenji as Mystery Character, Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Setsu Takishima, and Nagi Yanagi as Aion.

I'm really curious how they're going to make this into an otome anime...and explain everything in 12 episodes like most otome animes. 「(゚ペ) First of all, you have 3 female protagonists as opposed to just 1. On top of that, you have these things like reset, rebirth, psychic powers, future technology, World War 4, time loops, overlapping events, dream sequences, and just... it's a hot mess. And far too much to explain in 12 episodes.

On top of that, how will they divide screentime? 4 episodes per chick with 1 episode devoted to her while the other 3 are for each boy? But then it's hard to show the development within each character. Gah, just thinking about how they'll do episodes and characters and plot just makes my head hurt. Also, how about Sorata? I wonder what personality they'll give him since he always acts different depending on the route. Or maybe they'll include all of 'em like they did in Amnesia and its anime counterpart lol.

*shrug* I hope the anime will be decent. I know they can never go all out with the animes, but I hope they deliver it in such a way that it'll provide as a nice preview to the game and the routes.

I'm also curious what CGs they'll anime-i-fy

Well that's all for now. Until next time~ ♫
Don't run away with Aion and get hit by a car

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