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Bad Medicine ~Infectious Teachers~ Situation Drama CD White Vol 1: Shido Kaname - Overview & Babbles

"You're my student, 
it's okay if you depend on me."

Time to continue with our teachers at St. Christopher Academy. Shido Kaname (CV: Takahashi Hiroki) is a 29-year old perfectionist/realist English teacher who's 184cm tall and is intelligent and witty. He's half British and graduated from a prestigious school in America. Although he acts mature and caring, he loathes people who lack intelligence. Regardless, he's still popular amongst students. Seems like his fetish is scent.

Again, since I'm not sure whether or not the heroine has a name, I'll refer to her as "you"

Track 1 English Class
So it starts out with Kaname writing a sentence on the board. After that, he asks who can translate this difficult sentence, and everyone surprisingly raises their hands. Kaname's amused and says "Excellent!", but says that they shouldn't raise their hands so excitedly, to be more subtle... like miss transfer student in the back. He's impressed that you can translate it and figures you must've studied beforehand. But since you know it, perhaps you'd like to share the answer? However you just mumble something. He can't hear you, so he walks up to your desk again, where you shyly mumble that you were raising your hand just 'cause everyone else was. He understands, saying that there's no need to apologize since it's understandable to feel anxious when everyone but you knows the answer, especially since you're the transfer student.

He turns his attention back to the class and says don't put on a false appearance. (Hypocrite LOL) It's fine to honestly say you don't understand. Now, he asks again for those who understood the sentence on the board to translate.... and no one raises their hand lol. XD Sighing, he decides to translate it himself.

Later on, the bell rings. Kaname asks if anyone would be willing to help him with some stuff after school. His eyes meet with yours and he volunteers you. He appreciates the others who were willing to help, but he wants you to help him since he wants to make sure you can adapt. Plus, everyone else has committee duty, so that prioritizes. So it seems like we've got a date with Kaname later after school in the teacher's lounge.

Ah well, Kaname brings up a bunch of issues that I can relate to, namely being quiet when I don't understand things. XD I just smile, nod, and then proceed to suffer at home as I'm studying haha.

On a different note, I wish he actually said the sentence in Japanese rather than just "put this verb here and you'll understand it." I'm a native speaker of English, and I had trouble hearing his "excellent." On top of that... Not sure if it's just me, but I couldn't understand the English sentence to be translated at all. ಠ_ಠ (If someone could tell me what he's saying or has a script or something, I'd much appreciate that 8D)

Track 2 After School's Assistant 
Well you came, so now it's time to help with whatever he wants. Turns out the two of you are heading to the printing room to make copies of packets for class (English class problems lol). On the way there, you trip over a platform thing, but you reassure Kaname you didn't sprain your leg or anything. He goes on to say that as a teacher, he's worried about his student. Then he tells a funny little story about how he tripped on it when he started working at St. Christopher Academy, and his belongings flew everywhere. XD The printer's making weird noises, and he finds out that it's jammed and starts cursing at it. XD Meanwhile as he's fixing it, he tells you to just staple all the pages together.

Eventually he finishes and he comes back up to you to find that you've already done half of them. :3 So he joins you to share the work, but then realizes you inverted the pages, mixing up pages IV and VI. He says it's fine and that there's no need to apologize, but you inform him that you did all of them wrong. *laughs* Kaname says he'll fix all the wrong ones later, and he won't scold you since he was the one who forced you to help him anyway. He goes on to suggest that you head on home since it's late and it's pouring outside. He asks if you have an umbrella and offers to give you his, but you just...answer unsurely that there's one in the classroom and you'll use that.

Ahhah, is it wrong to be amused when he switches from Japanese to cursing in English? XD Anyway, I can understand the Heroine's mistake in the pages. I know I sometimes mix up my Roman numerals haha. And the story about Kaname tripping when he first started was adorbs as well. Too bad all the cute moments will disappear in the Black CD lol.

Track 3 Rain and Passenger Seat
So you're running along home when a car honks and pulls up to you. Turns out it's Kaname who stalked your ass followed you out of the goodness of his heart because he felt suspicious of your response... and he was right: There wasn't an umbrella because you're standing out drenched in the rain. 8D So he has you get in the car - saying it's fine that the car seat will get wet - and gives you a handkerchief to dry yourself with. He asks if you're cold since you're trembling, and decides to turn up the heat.  He also gives you his jacket, but you feel awkward in wearing it. You say that the suit jacket and car look expensive (He drives an Aston Martin for crying out loud! XD), and he's impressed you can tell the value of things. Ah, but your health is more important, so just wear it.

You have trouble with your seat belt, so he leans over pretty damn close and whispers in your ear and fastens it for you before driving once more. You're pretty quiet and admit you're nervous. Kaname however asks what for: it's not as if he's going to scold you. But ah, he does know that it's not common to be with a teacher in narrow spaces. Turns out that students like to gossip about their teacher's lives, because you ask if his experience is relateable to his own school experience, which was quite some time ago. Yay storytime. 8D
I'm sorry, I couldn't resist 

Turns out that he went to some prestigious school in America and we also learn here that it's his mother who is British. He graduated from his (high?) school in England, but he graduated Uni in America. (Why not just stay in England? College is much cheaper XDD) You comment that he must be a genius. He replies I can't tell if he's being modest about it or not that he was indeed the top student but genius? That's too much. It is just uni after all. (人*´∀`*) Well storytime's over and he wants to go into the convenience store real quick, so he leaves you in the car while he goes inside to buy some stuff real quick.

Well y'know, that was nice of him to offer her a ride. A little creeperish that he stalked her but whatever he has good intentions....... XD For now. I know if I was her, I'd feel pretty damn awkward A) Being alone with a teacher and B) wetting an expensive suit jacket and car lol. Friggin'... a European sports car, just... really? XD vroom vroom 

ANYWAY. Wow sorry, I get side-tracked easily. I really like this track for the amount of background knowledge we learn about him. c:

Track 4 Being Treated Like A Kid

Well Kaname comes back and it turns out he bought you some things alongside his stuff, so he hands you canned hot cocoa and a towel. He wanted to buy an umbrella, but they were sold out. He decides to help you in drying your hair while you're sipping on the drink, but he still does it too hard even though he's trying to control his strength lol. Anyway, he tells you to keep drinking and holding the can until you're not cold anymore.

He chides you lightly about how this all could've been avoided if you simply told him you didn't have an umbrella and used his instead. After all, maintaining your own health should be a priority and "little girls such as yourself" don't have sturdy enough bodies to just neglect health. You mention that high schoolers aren't little kids, but he brings up a good point that a teenager is still a kid in an adult's eyes. (He's about 13 years your senior; I'm pretty sure he sees you as a child haha)

Anyway, you mention that you smell something weird, something... sweet? He tells you to smell his jacket, and it turns out that's where the smell's coming from. It's not a perfume and just knowing about that scent touches a little too much on his privacy (remember, he has a scent fetish lol) but if you really wants to know, then he'll tell you if you become the top student in English. So work hard~ ;D Naturally, you say that's impossible with a dejected look haha.

Since you're almost dry, Kaname brings out another new towel so that you can finish drying your body. Don't ask me why, but you're just...sitting there. So he leans in close and whispers that he wouldn't mind continuing to wipe your body fufu. But he pulls back saying JK since he would no longer think of you as a kid if you did that.

Anywoo, seems you're a little directionally impaired, because you lead him into a dead end alley, which is kinda funny since he was just joking about it a few minutes ago lol. Kaname goes on to say how he'll take you home properly with you being his student and all. You think he's mad but he says he's not, that he's just intentionally playing to be angry. *cough* Do-S *cough* Well he leans over asking when to turn and you get startled, so you drop the (mostly empty) can of cocoa onto the frackin' expensive, what on earth are you doing floor of the car. He calls you an idiot, but then asks if your knee got burnt, which it didn't. He realizes it's not his driving your frightened of, but says it's fine if you don't understand.

Well y'know this track made him seem uh, caring. XD One good piece of advice he gives is if you're always berating yourself, then you won't have any motivation to actually do a good job. He whispers in your ears quite a few times, so if you like dummy head mics, there's some ear-service here haha. So he tells her to hold the can properly from now on and that he won't drive so violently that you drop it lol.

Track 5 Time to Come Back Home
The two of you finally arrive at your house. As you unbuckle, Kaname begins to as well and you're just kinda "wtf." Turns out that he wants to pay a visit since it's his responsibility as a teacher for keeping you out so late. You adamantly refuse and he accepts defeat, but not without loaning you his umbrella. His area has an underground parking lot, so it's not like you'll need it. So he says goodnight and watches you until you walk into the house.

Alone to voice his thoughts, he comments on how that "thick scent" is coming from you. You're not a bad student, but you're foolish, and students who violate the law of St. Christopher academy need to be punished. After all, that is the duty of a teacher.~ He laughs and SAYS THAT STUPID ENGLISH PHRASE I CAN'T UNDERSTAND and muses to himself on what type of guidance he should use. The thought of it makes him excited, and he will train this bad student.

Well like Kuzuha's, Track 5 is rather short. His scent fetish is showing through again as he muses about that scent coming off you. Furthermore, his Do-S side is ▂▃▄▅▆▇█ as he thinks of how to punish you.



Ah well, this was interesting. His fetish is scent and you don't really see it here, but I peeked at his Black CD and just... scent fetish indeed. XD I mean even in his last track here he's going on about scent this and scent that. The final track also hints at the soon-to-be sadistic side about punishing you and whatnot. Also... I CAN'T UNDERSTAND HIS ENGLISH FUUU- (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ -rage quite- *ahem* Anyway, he does tease a bit. Not....Kuzuha levels, but in his own intelligent I'm-better-than idiots-like-you taunting way. XD The interactions were nice to listen to, especially the teasing. Also, although he acts nice and blah de blah, there were sections where you could see bits and pieces of his true personality shining through. If you love Rejet and its use of dummy-head mic, then I assure you that there is plenty of dummy head mic goodness here haha.

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