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Bad Medicine ~Infectious Teachers~ Situation Drama CD White Vol 3: Kakeru Kuzuha - Overview & Babbles

(Lol, I started this post back in January and it's March. I'm so lazy)
"Or rather, you shouldn't stay behind this late. 
You're a girl, so you should be more careful."

Kakeru Kuzuha (CV: Takahashi Naozumi) - a.k.a. "The Most Terrible Playboy" - is a 26-year-old 180cm (approx. 71in I think) World History teacher that is flashy in both appearance and behavior and has a leg fetish. (^_−)☆ He grew up without a mother so he's kinda prejudice, thinking all women want to just play around. He enjoys playing around himself and doesn't see much value in people.

 Omg Rejet, why you do this, stawp. _(┐「ε:)_

 Alright well I don't think the heroine has a name yet, so I'll refer to her as "You"

Track 1 - Pushy Teacher
Kuzuha starts by telling everyone to sit down, and that there's nothing wrong with being early to class. The bell rings and Kuzuha mentions how he'll return the test from the other day. He tells the students to take their test based on attendance order, but they complain it's too troublesome. So he says he'll just reveal everyone's test score instead. (・ω・) That gets them running up to the front, and Kuzuha just laughs. He was just joking, and he has each student line up at his desk (?). You come up - whose a transfer student (and hence don't know the rules that will sooner lead to this hot mess of a series~) and Kuzuha mentions that World History isn't your specialty. (It's not mine either. I prefer USH more, personally XD) However, she's worked hard and deserves some praise (and no, nothing pervy yet lol), so he gives her-I mean you (e-e) some bonus points. You mention how your hair's messy (I think he rubbed it, that's why) and basically he goes on about how no one will notice because it's not like she has sex appeal anyway. 8D But he relents and fixes it anyway, and starts sniffing a bit, complimenting that she has a good scent and that it's to his liking. ;D Lol wtf this is during the middle of class.You hit him, and he kinda chuckles a bit on how it's privilege, but then begins the lesson.

The bell rings, signifying the end of the period. He reminds everyone to study the questions they missed, and he stops you as you're getting ready to leave. He sniffs your hair again and mentions how it's the smell of that famous shampoo everyone's using. However, it smells different on her, the way it mixes with her scent and all that. (✿¬‿¬)✧ You ask if he has a hair fetish and he just scoffs, saying of course not (It's the legs! ;D) and tells you to keep using it until he gets bored of it. Why? 'Cause he likes it, obviously. Then he dismisses you off to your next class.

Well this was certainly an interesting little intro. XD You can see a bit of his personality in his actions, such as being a little slipshod, laughing at the students reaction/idiocy, and how he'll throw something away when he's bored of it. And of course, a playboy. Regardless, it was a nice little track. (Short though. ewe) He's definitely flashy and doesn't care what he does around others haha. Towards the end when he's sniffing and whispering in your ear, I'm just batting my headphones away. Goddamn Drama CDs and their sexy dummy head mics. ~(ouo)~ This should be fun to endure for all the other tracks. I'll be looking forward to it, Ka-zu-ha-sensei~ ( ´ ‿ ` )

Track 2 In the Dim-Lit School
Look at my super awesome (*cough* crappy but I'm bored) hickey-editing skills guys 8D

*ahem* The track starts with you knocking on the infirmary door. But then you hear Kuzuha's voice. ಠ_ಠ He opens the door and just kinda stands in the doorway. He asks what she's doing way way after school, since it's rare for her to stay after. But you're just staring at him and he chuckles, figuring out that you've seen the deed on his neck. He sighs a bit, saying that he hoped she (*cough* the infirmary nurse) would be considerate and not put it in such an obvious place since he's a full-time teacher. He laughs at how flustered you are, asking if you've never seen a kiss mark.

Change of topic, Kuzuha asks if you needed something since you're here, but quickly notices that your finger is bleeding. Since the infirmary teacher "isn't there", he can't use the medical supplies there since a student once mistook the medicine for something else and caused a reaction like poison or something. If it's fine with just plaster bandages, then he has some in the prep room.

Kuzuha offers for you to follow to the prep room, but you ask why you can't just stay here. He smirks and asks if you've already forgotten what's on his neck. Immediately you fluster as you remember, ho-oh~ ;D
Idk who drew this. But this is kinda what my brain conjured up. Dammit brain, what's wrong with you. (Lazy editing, bah. Original)

Anywoo, he says that if you refuse to come with him, he'll lick your wound instead, saying that surely you've heard that scratches will be healed if you lick 'em.~ (And whispering in your ear, holy shat) Then he laughs, saying he won't 'cause then the bacteria will spread to him as he clearly enjoys your reactions.

The two of you start walking and start talking. You tell him that you stayed late due to committee work and it took a while since you were doing it alone. Kuzuha mentions that although people were nice to you, there were a lot of things you were excluded from and held back, so don't be afraid to talk to teachers and whatnot. Reaching the prep room, you sit on the sofa while brings out a flower-print plaster. XD He jokes that he likes the flower, but then says that students always give him plaster since he's always papercutting himself. And also *taps neck* to hide those marks, mm yes. ;D You have trouble plastering it yourself since the finger on your dominant hand is injured and does it for you. Then he says he hopes it feels better since not being able to use fingers is an inconvenience (aww).

You look at the vast world map on the wall, and Kuzuha mentions that he's been abroad a few times, but not enough to visit everywhere.

Woah, that's a lot of words. Sorry, I had too much fun with this track. XD This whole track was really amusing to me. First of all, he's playing around with the infirmary nurse and that's why she's"unavailable" fufu~ In the prep room, I thought for a moment he was serious when he said he likes those pink flower-y plaster, and I'm sitting there going "HAHH?". So snarky lol. When he was talking about her finger bleeding, I thought he would lick/suck it, but nope lol. CLEARLY I've been playing too much DL. (*=ω=)✧ He resets his perv meter and actually talks about practical things, such as how having a lame finger is an inconvenience.  Which is pretty true. Think of how much stuff we do on a daily basis with our fingers. (*・ω・) The little fluff moment there makes it d'aww-worthy. I wonder where he's traveled though. Out of country, I've been to Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. I'd love to visit Japan, Italy, Sicily, France, or a bunch of other European places. ewe //useless info about Tsuki-chan

Track 3 Sudden Examination?!
Kuzuha asks if there's a certain country you want to go to, and you say Europe. He hums, saying he thought so since it's "typical for Japanese." If you have any questions, he'll gladly teach you with this "special service~" ;D. I thought she/you would ask about some European countries, but nope, the conversation turns to Hawaii lol. He mentions that Hawaii's a popular destination for couples for reasons such as wonderful nature, a vast sea, and a romantic view of a sunset and that it's just an interesting country in general. He likes it because he surfs, hikes, and dives. He asks if it piques her attention, because then he can be your personal guide and being together with you to do as he pleases would excite him, fufu~ •̀.̫•́✧

Suddenly he says he notices something and asks if you have a mirror with you. You do so you give it to him, and he says "how expected of a girl" as he shows you have a red mark -"that" mark - on your neck. (Ooh, how naughty XD One of the other Disciplinary Teachers? Lol) He jokes that she's surprised she does "stuff" like that, despite her serious look, and suggests to cover it. Ah, but then it'd be even more noticeable and rumors might spread. However, you insist that they're merely mosquito bites. He keeps teasing you, such as "mmhmm suuuuure they are; mosquito bites." You start blushing but he just jokes and says not to worry about it, especially since you're not the type of girl he jerks off to anyway. (*´艸`*)

Anyway, her finger still hurts so he suggests you think of another pain... like pinched cheeks! He's tries to pinch your cheeks but you shove him off lol. He then asks where you're going since he's clearly not going to let you go back home yourself at this time. Why? Cause as a teacher, he worries about his student and how to punish your ass. Plus, your parents are probs worried already too. Since he's taking you home, he asks for your address. Because he rides around a lot, he knows just where to go~

I've heard Hawaii is a very nice place to go diving in. (*´・v・) Anyway. It was nice just hearing him drawl on about Hawaii for a bit; Makes me wish my own World History class had been that entertaining haha. Ahahh, and Kuzuha's such a tease in this chapter. XD I'm still convinced that the "kiss mark" on her neck was actually left by another one of the disciplinary teachers. I mean really, a mosquito bite? Have you been bitten by a mosquito bite? Those things don't look like love bites, nor are they flat like 'em. XD Anyway, as per usual, Kuzuha's a big tease haha.

Track 4 The End of Our Time Together
Kuzuha's gathers up your stuff and tells you to stop resisting as he puts an extra bike helmet on your head. Since it's too big, he has to tighten the strap on your neck. Naturally you fidget and blush, and he asks why you're so sensitive; it's not like he was trying to touch you indecently. Ah but now there's another problem: Ride the bike that way, and your skirt will go wheeeeee~! c: So he offers his jacket and tells you to come along, but stubborn little you just stands there.... So he picks you up on slaps you on his bitch seat motorbike. 8D He teases that you'll fall off if you don't hold on tightly, but then jokes that he wouldn't drive that fast with a girl. You say you're embarrassed to be glued up against him and he just chuckles, saying that she should feel excited rather than embarrassed, since it's a rare opportunity. He suggests to lower the visor as well. Unless, you want to be seen with him? Fufufu. That said, he starts up his bike finally and drives off.

Wow, talk about stubborn. I've never had a CD where a whole 6 minutes was devoted to uh...getting on a motorcycle. XD One good point that he does bring up though is that you should enjoy your high school life now, because it'll be over before you know it. o3o But other than that, there's not much else to say about this track lol.

Track 5 The True Intention
Well, he safely drives you home. It's not late, but your parents might be worried. So he takes his jacket (looks like you did end up using it) and his helmet from you. Once it's off, he laughs at your helmet hair 8D He fluffs up the poor squashed thing and once more mentions how he wishes to caress your hair. Since it's "too quick for lips" you'll just have to settle for this, and he kisses... your hair I believe? He then says his goodbyes, expects to see you at school tomorrow, and drives off.

The last bit of the track is him talking to himself as a bit of his Do-S side comes out. First he comments on how you'll be a troublesome woman, and that the whole mosquito shenanigan was such a lie, since your expression gave it away. When he remembers it, he wants to laugh. Ah and women... they're just poisonous sinful creatures, and you're no exception. You should be fortunate that he'll be the one cleansing you, punishing you, tormenting you: You'll enjoy the pleasure as you fall and obey before him~

Oh my~ (*/∇\*)I can see it now, his Do-S levels going (*´∀`)ノ☊ฺ S▂ฺ ▃ฺ ▄ฺ ▅ฺ ▆ฺ ▇ฺ █Do-S Well, looks like that sweet man's gonna be gone hahaha. Ooh, and I really liked the BGM that played near the end.

(*Sobs* I can't put a picture for every track heading like I did in Jewelic Nightmare, gahh much OCD OTL)
Hmm well this CD was certainly interesting~

Before I go any further though... I guess the heroine has a design now, with the upcoming game and all? (Don't know the name though)

ANYWAY. Wow, this was pretty damn amusing. And Kuzuha is such a tease, that womanizer haha. I know he's supposed to be the one with the leg fetish, but it seems more like a hair fetish. XD Then again, maybe we'll see the leg fetish when he's all domineering in the Black CD. Also, it's amusing to see that he can do all these suggestive things and that teachers of the disciplinary committee can punish as they please (I'm already staring at Kashu and his handcuffs). Here, a teacher would get their ass fired the moment any advances is heard of. But hey, that's the difference between a fantasy and a reality. XD As my first Bad Medicine CD, this was a good start. Besides the ear-gasm moments of the dummy head mic, there was quite a bit of humor as well. Kuzuha's Black CD should be fun to listen to. ;D (I also want to start Shido's (vol 1), but I can't understand that guy's Engrish at all. ಠ_ಠ)

Until next time. (。・//ε//・。)


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