Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wright Selection: New AA1-Era Art (And Misc. AA123 News)

As revealed on, in celebration of the upcoming Wright Selection (Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodou Selection) 3DS game, new art for Ace Attorney 1-era Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Maya has been released. (Been a while since we've had some Maya art)

As a sidenote, the game also includes game 1's secret case, Rise from the Ashes. (Keep in mind that Ace Attorney was originally a GBA series, and Rise from the Ashes was added to the English DS release)

They look so much prettier haha. Then again, the three original games are getting their graphics revamped, so new art was inevitable~ And no, their mouths don't move a mile a second that take zero pauses between words (Or have uhm, awkwardly cut bodies) while never blinking like they do in the HD Trilogy smartphone game XD
Haaah, now if only this would come to America. That way, I can own all of the original trilogy (*´・ω・) (*Actually only physically owns the third game*) The game will be available in both Japanese and English (but naturally with the JP voices) and have a stereoscopic 3D effect, but I only have a US 3DS soo.... ((((*。_。)_ (Damn region lock)

This might seem like another re-release just to make more money, but it'll really help the AA franchise. After Dual Destinies exploded everywhere, fans who were new to the series probably want to backtrack and see where it all begin, and with physical copies of the old games practically non-existent (or ridiculously overpriced BAH), this is imo a great idea. ewe

Naruhodou Selection releases on April 17. Both first release versions come with a digital code for an original wallpaper for PC/Smartphone as well as an arrange BGM "Naruhodou Ryuichi -igi ari! gyakuten saiban 123 Remix ver." for PC.

The limited edition comes with an original illustration package by Tatsuro Iwamoto as well as a new Drama CD called Gyakuten no Combination, featuring Phoenix and Edgeworth. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can think of only one other AA drama CD haha)

Come here precious ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧ *grabby hands*

My wallet should be so thankful I can't buy this

Until next time~

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