Monday, February 10, 2014

Seduce Me - Meet (Aurally) the Incubi Brothers, The OP, and More

Well with Valentine's Day and the release of Seduce Me coming up, I decided to make a post about this.

I just found out about this upcoming otome game - that will be free mind you - so there will be a bunch of assorted thoughts here. If you don't know, Seduce Me is a upcoming PG-16 game to be released on Valentine's Day that's by Seraphim Entertainment / Michaela Laws.

To be honest, when I first saw this in my Tumblr feed, I saw "otome" in the tags and immediately assumed it to be Japanese. (Cause I mean hey, with DL Dark Fate, Bakumatsu Rock, and a shitton of other JP Games/Drama CDs in my feed, why would I think otherwise?) But when I clicked play, bracing myself to have to listen closely to translate, my brain exploded. "ENGLISH!? No way!" XD So without further adiue, let's meet our brothers! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ.。.:*:・゚✧

The original post of said audio can be found here

So who are these wonderfully sounding brothers?
  • James (Bradley Gareth) - The eldest brother of the Incubi brothers. Very smart and wise, he acts as a father figure as well as a brother. However, he can cruel at times when angered.
  • Erik (Christopher Escalante) - The second eldest brother and, as Suzu calls him, the ‘Ball of Sex’. He is a flirt and loves to keep that fact well remembered.
  • Sam (Alejandro Saab) - The middle brother. A hard ass and tough guy who can’t stand being weak. However, he’s not a BAD GUY and he hates to be assumed as such. He's also nicknamed "Sam the Tsun"
  • Matthew (Ethan Nakashima) - The second youngest brother. He is fun and outgoing and loves to entertain and make people happy. He, however, hates to be thought of as a shota.
  • Damien (Jonah Scott) - The youngest brother of the incubi. Quiet and soft spoken, he is kind and gentle. However, compared to his other brothers, he has the darkest past. He's the only one that wishes to be human.
Music by Christopher Escalante & voices provided by VOICEIYUU
Oh my goodness they sound so wonderful. I've listened to it so many times, I know all the words fufufu
 “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” (And have you listened to the rest of Christopher Escalante's uploads? I love 'em so much)

What is this game about? Well....
"You are the granddaughter of a rich company business owner. Your grandfather, despite cutting ties with his son (your father), loved and treated you like his own daughter. One day, when your grandfather passes away, you are set to inherit his large estate, but as you arrive, you find 5 wounded, yet EXTREMELY handsome men on your lobby floor.
These men, you find out, are Incubi, and they ran for safety away from a battle versus ‘The Devil Boys’, humanized devils in the human world, and they must become stronger. They then make a deal to you to live and train in your large home on the condition that they would be like servants.
Will they really JUST be servants?..."
 Next up, the Opening!
"Chained The Monster" Main Theme for Seraphim Entertainment’s upcoming visual novel, "Seduce Me".
Sung By AbilityPhoenix
Music By Christopher Escalante
Lyrics By Michaela Laws
I really like this opening.  (°▽°) *plays on infinite repeat* And those lyrics, my my my. •̀.̫•́✧ ("Prepare to scream my name tonight," ho-hoh~) For kicks and giggles, here's an instrumental version.

Also, here's art of the Heroine:
The granddaughter of a company CEO who sadly passes away. She inherits his estate and eventually meet the incubi, who will change her life; voiced by YOU (*´・v・)

Just...this sounds really interesting to me. And 5 more days! But a game that's otome, free, English, and has demons? Oh please, sign me up~ ... What can I say, I'm a simple-minded and easily pleased woman. Plus, I really need a Rejet break. Bad. XD

For more info and updates, you can visit the forum or Michaela Laws.

Until next time~

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