Monday, February 10, 2014

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright - Announced DLC + English Screenshots

Whoohoo, more PLvPW news~

Just a friendly reminder, keep in mind that this game was announced in Japan in 2010 came out in 2012 and was primarily produced by Level 5, so the art will naturally be different. :3

First up, our DLCs, both of which are available post game.

The first DLC is 12 additional mini episodes. I'm looking forward to this because there's nothing worse than finishing a main storyline too quickly and having NOTHING left to do. (゚´Д`゚)゚

The second DLC are art galleries of over 60 illustrations and comments from our development team of how they went about fusing the two franchises together.

On top of that, the game will also be released in 6 different languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch. I like what 3DS games have been doing lately: packing a bunch of languages into one game and letting you choose what language to play in.

Europe will get PLvPW on March 28th. North America will get its release sometime this year.

Next up, some English screenshots that's been released.
Oh look, they spell "honor" as "honour" :3
Come on now Feenie, you've defended enough to know not to judge a book by its cover (no pun intended)
The book where things written it in come true~
Well until then I'll just- Feenie what ARE you doing? XD *smh*
I only have a couple things to say to Capcom/Level 5:

I've wanted this game for a really long time now. A crossover of 2 great franchises? Oh yes please. You have no idea how much I fangirled when I went on Nintendo eShop in the middle of the night and saw that English PV trailer. XD Because I don't have a JP 3DS to import this baby on. (If sales do good, do we get Gyakuten Kenji 2? Because translations are painful hnnnng)

Until then!

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