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DRAMAtical Murder re:connect April Fool's Drama - Part 1/3 Overview & Babbles + Audio

This is actually a bit of an old drama - April Fool's 2012 - but with DMMd filling up my tumblr feed with its possible anime release or something (due to an "upcoming important announcement") and whatnot, I decided "Why not?" And let me tell you, this is amusing and hilarious XD

(In case you're new to DRAMAtical Murder, DMMd is originally a BL R-18 game created by Nitro+Chiral)

Basically what goes down in this radio drama is a crack-filled time of Aoba, Ren, and Mizuki hosting Midorijima Radio Station with Koujaku, Noiz, Clear, and Mink as special invited guests, brought to Midorijima live from Junk Shop Heibon.
Aoba Seragaki (CV: Atsushi Kisaichi)
Ren (CV: Takeuchi Ryouta)
Mizuki (CV: Takahashi Kenji)
Koujaku (CV: Hiroki Takahashi)
Noiz (CV: Satoshi Hino)
Clear (CV: Masatomo Nakazawa)
Mink (CV: Kenta Miyake) 
The three hosts begin talking about how great the weather was. It was pretty warm, and the sun makes Ren's fur light airy, making him fluffy after sunbathing~ (* >ω<) (Such an adorable thought omg). Aoba goes on to talk about the various things you can do in this weather, such as dress lightly, take a relaxing walk in the park, eat good food, and then just space oooooooooout. .... To this last statement, Mizuki calls Aoba an "old fart". (●´艸`) Mizuki asks if there's something else he'd like to do, but can't come up with a suggestion when put on the spot, heh. Ren mentions how Spring is time for school entrances and company orientation ceremonies, and Aoba and Mizuki congratulate all the new students and working adults (新入生; 新社会人) o(^▽^)o Now cue their dramatic announcement of Midorijima Radio Station~ And Ren sounding like one of those people who announces the sponsors before the show. XD

Now our guests are introduced: Koujaku, Clear, Noiz, and Mink, the first two being ecstatic while the latter 2 acting bored out of their minds. ;D Koujaku reprimands Noiz and Mink that their attitude isn't very courteous and that they should smile a bit, to which Noiz replies why he should have to do that, causing him and Koujaku to almost go head to head.
( ´ ▽ ` )
Aoba tells the two of 'em to calm down, and asks Mink if he could say something - otherwise no one will know he's here and that'll be lonely. Mink and Noiz however agree that that's worthless. ewe Trying to lighten up the depressing atmosphere, Mizuki and Koujaku wakl about how it's good for your body to laugh, to which Noiz asks if this is now a health program.

Clear comments how Noiz and Mink are too scary and they should smile more, and Mink retorts that it must be nice to live so thoughtlessly (LOL). Clear whines how that's mean and that - shocker - he has worries too! Such as how to invite Aoba on a date or his version of a Man's Romance... ... LIKE THE NAKED APRON! 8D (Aoba: Haaah?!)
Censored for all those who don't wish to see Clear's sculpted robo-ass~

Incredulously, Mizuki looks at his friend, asking if he really told Clear such a thing, to which Aoba vehemently denies. (You can thank Clear's "Grandpa" for telling him that apron thing haha) Clear goes on to ask what it means to be "thoughtless", and Ren makes an analogy that your brain is lacking, like a clear blue sky devoid of clouds (like today's weather), and Aoba scolds Ren to not make stuff up. However, that's Ren's interpretation of it and Koujaku backs up that it wasn't exactly wrong. So Clear says he's always bright and warm like the sun's rays to which Mink replies that that's "thoughtlessness." XD Noiz mentions how it's something to be jealous of, making Clear uhm... happy that Noiz is jealous of him. XDD Meanwhile, Clear continues to giggle happilily.

Next up: Q AND A! For this section, questions will be "fired their way", and the guest will have to answer as fast as possible. Ready? Set, go!

First up is favorite food. Koujaku mentions Tae's cooking (lol of course), Clear's is Aoba's cooking (even though Clear did all the cooking), Noiz's is pizza and pasta (come on, that's what he grew up on for 19 years haha), and Mink says nothing.

Next: Music. Koujaku likes traditional Japanese instruments (which makes sense seeing what he walks around in all the time), Clear's is radio exercise music (.... I got nothing for this one XD), Noiz's is electronic music (another obvious one, considering he does Rhyme and the door you go through at Platinum Jail is all about electronics), and Mink is -again- nothing. *grumble* For Mink, maybe some traditional village music? 8D Idk.

It's Mizuki's turn to ask a question, and his is if they'd rather visit the mountains or ocean. Koujaku is mountains, Clear thinks about a bit before answering the ocean (he is waterproof right?), Mink says it doesn't matter (though I'm really leaning towards mountains), and Noiz finishes with "both sound annoying."

Another question by Mizuki: Spicy or Sweet? Koujaku likes both but he'd have to go with spicy (Oooh, my my Koujaku, you feisty thing •̀.̫•́✧ Sorry guys, spicy=feisty in my world + it really reminded of this song and Koujaku is a player), Clear likes sweet things (omg what an adorable thought, Clear eating sweets), Noiz clearly likes sweet things since spicy makes his tongue numb (half the stuff he bought were sweet if I remember right), and Mink doesn't like sweet things (didn't you eat Tae's donuts though bro?)

Now we're back to Aoba asking a question, asking which of the 4 seasons is a favorite. Koujaku clearly likes summer (especially with the way he flaunts that chest around, I mean please), Clear likes spring (since he's so cheery //slapped), Noiz likes winter (He did grow up in Germany, so I guess he prefers the cold), and Mink once more refuses to give a straight answer.

The next question is that when bathing, do you start from the neck down or with the arms? Koujaku does a little demo on himself as he tries to figure out and realizes he does it from the neck down (Like Barnaby Brooks Jr.! 8D), Clear does his arms, Noiz does it anywhere and Mink can't remember.

Then there's sleeping posture. Is it good, is it bad? (Aoba, what kind of question is this lol). Aoba has terrible sleeping postures half the time he's at Glitter pfft. When at home, he's normal, lying on his arm and whatnot. *ahem* ANYWAY, this isn't about Aoba. Koujaku sleeps like an average person, Clear sleeps rigidly (DOES he ever sleep? I never saw him in-game), Mink - once again - doesn't know, and Noiz is neutral on it.

Phew, last question: Is there someone they like~ ;D Koujaku likes all women since they're lovely, which makes me wonder how he goes from this suave Lady Killer

to blushies omg I love you Aoba even though I'm your childhood guy friend who gets nosebleeds having sex with you (BL logic lol. Thoughts of our friendship has been tainted by the onslaught of puberty! //slapped Idk.)

Anyway, Clear cheerfully announces he does (Aoba *snicker*), and Noiz and Mink completely brush it off. And ding ding ding, Q and A is over.

Pfft, Mink. Always keeping things to yourself I see. Ren mentions how they couldn't find anything out about Mink and Aoba grumbles about how that's boring. But then Clear mentions that Noiz and Mink never answered that last question, so it could be very possible, ho-hoh~ At Mizuki's and Aoba's inquiring of who they like, Noiz and Mink get up and leave.

Aoba tries to get 'em to stay, starts announcing what's next and then- COMMERCIAL BREAK.

♫ ♪ Green Island Radio Station ♪ ♫

Until next time in part 2! (Part 3 was my favorite though, just saying :3)  

Scrap on! (Lol whut)

Edit: Even though I didn't post blurb for the other 2 parts, I definitely recommend listening to them! They're hilarious! 8'D

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