Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIABOLIK LOVERS Bloody Songs - SUPER BEST- Announcement & Audio

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On the 20th, Rejet announced their Diabolik Lovers Bloody Songs -Super Best- audio CD.

 The CD includes the character songs, the various game opening and ending songs, Parhelion Logic, and a couple remixes.

It will be released on May 21, 2014 for 3,150円.

Seeing as I have pretty much all these songs already, there's no real reason for me to buy this. (゚ー゚;) Unless it comes with awesome bonuses. Then maaaybe. (I need money saved for Dark Fate o3o) The only one I'd be interested in is the Unlimited Blood Remix, since I don't have that. The remix sounds pretty sweet and there's even different words in the middle that Subaru speaks. 8D *rapes the replay button* Audio samples of the songs can be found on the best album page.

Here's the Unlimited Blood Remix:

(Those suits man hnnng)

Until next time my Do-Ms~
B's Log's April 2014 Bloody Songs Announcement

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