Thursday, December 4, 2014

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate OP Revealed! + Audio (Also, Vandead Carnival Release & Audios ~)

After waiting and waiting, we finally have an OP for Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate HURRAH! ~ヾ(^∇^) The title of the song is Guilty×Guilty!!!

Also, Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival has been out for a day in Japan now. :3c

For my thoughts on both series along with audio downloads, click below the read more~

So this new OP. Hooooooooooooly crap I'm really loving it. AND THE SONG IS SO CATCHY TOO~ ♫ Very rockish and very catchy; I like. And you know, for having so many character (12 now, JFC), I think they did a pretty good job at syncing!

AND GDI THE WOLF CG GOT INCLUDED. //cries at my baes getting hurt//

We also have more previews on Shin and Carla in the OP, including their CGs (~o3o)~

That Carla one though, ohohohohoho~

But yeah. I'm really digging this opening, because I think it's divine ♫ The OP is also now stuck in my head pfff.

I also can't wait for the ending, S.O.S-ΑtoΩ- to come out too. Carla and Shin will be singing together in it. ouob

Next up is Vandead Carnival, the super fluffy fandisk! |D

I'm super stoked for Vandead. If you care to know some of my fangirling thoughts based on the little I've read, you can read it here. |D

I just. I need it. Now. And my goodies _(┐「ε:)_

Also, if you hop onto Akui's blog, she's already posted all of Kou's CGs. :3c  And then whenever she has time, she'll begin a translation of Kou's route and probably whoever wins the poll~

Full Ver. Downloads:
 (To save audio, right click and then click "Save Audio As")

And that's about it for now.

Until next time! (*゚▽゚*)

Have some spiffy vampires~


  1. Wow! I wish I could fangirl with you but my english is pretty bad. I'll try my best! This song is stuck in my head too /sob. The opening movie was very different than the others dialov games but I really liked it. I'm looking forward to Dark Fate's ending song too. (Moribuko is such an amazing singer)

    Vandread Carnival is so fun and adorable! Everything is gorgeous on the vita. Though this game feel like a sequel of More Blood where Yui and the guy of her choice are already a couple??? (or at least it seem that way on Ayato's route). I nearly died a few time of OTP overload~(AyaYui).

    Unlike what was annouced for Dark Fate the guys don't say Yui's name though //sob forever. But I'm so sad it was so short uggh but the vampire sleepy thing //my poor heart (my hands are still shaking)

    Oops I'm so sorry this is a long comment I just finished Ayato's route and i'm in a big emotional mess ^^
    -run away-

    1. Oh, no worries! Your English is just fine! (Though I apologize on my half for the belated comment)

      Ahh, yes. That song is pretty catchy. :D And I can't wait for Dark Fate's ending; I'm sure they'll sound amazing~

      Ehe, yeah, based on what I was able to play on Vandead, it seemed so cute! And yes, those gorgeous vita graphics. And their mouths, THEIR MOUTHS. I can't get over how they blink and "speak" a;lskdjf. I think that's sort of what Vandead is about: A fluff game where the two are already together. o3o

      Mm, it's too bad they don't say Yui's name. ;o; But at least Dark Fate will and I'm reeeeeally looking forward to that. And ohhhhhh, yes, the sleepy thing. Besides all the fangirling moments, I had so much fun poking the screen LOL.

      No, no, don't worry about long comments! *grabs you back here* All fangirling of any length is welcome~ ouob