Friday, August 8, 2014

Criminale! PV Character Line Translation

Well I know there's a bit of Criminale! translation floating around, such as this one, but I don't think there was a mini translation of what pops underneath each of the boys in the PV and website in Italian. And I was curious. So here's my shot at it ~ ♪

Geraldo: "Whether you're alive or dead is up to me."

Lucia: "If you get in the way of my mission, I'll kill you."

Tempesta: "In any case, everyone will be dead after 100 years. It's a trivial thing."

Chiave: "The transaction's complete. Now, you're on my time."

Nero: "We're connected now. We'll never separate again."

Chara: "Death is scary? Are you kidding me? You're afraid of something like that?"


Well, I can certainly imagine them saying those lines. Fits well with the little personality previews.

Until next time ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ

Edit: Guess I'm a little late in the regards that it has been translated already. But what the hell, different interpretations never hurt anyone. I did use the Italian script as my translation base if that makes any difference. *shrug* Because I just watched that Rejet event for 19 hours straight and I'm way too braindead for Japanese


  1. you know 90% of your interested cd are rejet O-o...

    1. WELL.... Those are just the ones I'm keeping extra tabs on (totally not a Rejet slave). (;-◞౪◟-)

      If you look on the calendar though, there are way more non-Rejet CDs that I think would be interesting to listen to someday. XD