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Seventh Heaven vol 5 Shion Review

Eeee Tattsun. I had to listen. (/)u(\)  (And I just jumped from volume 1 to volume 5. LOVELY LOGIC PFFF)

Once more we have singing shinigamis, one of which you accompany until the next full moon. This time we have Shion, another Do-S kinda guy. (And apparently "violent"? Idk, I found him more a dork than anything LOL)

Seventh Heaven vol 5 - Shion
Release Date: August 28, 2013
CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tattsun) (鈴木 達央)
Artist: 35

Okay. So once more, you’ve stumbled upon Hiiragi Mansion. Shion’s walking along, whistling, when he reveals your hiding spot, laughing as you jump startled. He immediately states that you’re trying to die by slitting your wrist, and that if you’re going to do so, you should do it in a flashier manner LMAO. He asks what you wish for before death, and naturally you say that you don’t want to suffer anymore. Shion then chuckles, saying that until the next full moon, you will be his toy. At your confusion, he introduces himself as Seventh Heaven’s Shion, the shinigami who guide your soul to the afterlife~

He leads you inside while grumbling that Kanade forced you onto him (gee I wonder what Kanade did this time pff). Shion thinks that you must be interesting, so he asks if you can do something, so he claps repeatedly like he's some show animal trainer going "come on, do something." XDD He's disinterested you can't do anything and you start to tear up, so he cuddles you. But then you hit him LMAO. But then he starts kissing you and just eheh Tattsun kissies (/)u(\)

Later on, he's napping when Kanade's crow decides to wake him up. *snort* So now we have a moment of Shion the crow whisperer because this interaction is just amusing. He asks the bird if it wants to accompany him (it ditches him later instead pff), and it gets so offended when Shion forgets its name. When the crow flies away, I'm just sitting here going bwahhaha because he does that adorable "Baka Baka BAAAAAKA!" sequence. >v< (Yuma Mukami anyone?) While he's wandering, some anguished lost soul comes up to him, so he decides to work his Shinigami Magic and send it off by whistling a little tune.

Aw man, track 3 is where the fun starts. Before this track, you've seen peeks at his other personality, but here's where the eccentric prankster dork begins. XD So Shion finds you and guess what? Time to go room raiding! \(^o^)/ So first off you get dragged to Akira's room, who still shows interest in poker. (Omfg no the feels) He messed up Akira's book and makes you write "I did it", poor thing. Next is Hinata. Shion breaks into his box and reads the diary discussion how Itsuki became victim to his (terrible) cooking *snort*. And then Shion gets jealous because there's entries about everyone except him LOL. Next is Yuuri's room, who has traps everywhere. And here we learn that Shion is a master at doding arrows. ouo And because they almost get caught, they have to bum out in the closet for a while. While inside, you get Tattsun kissies ehehe. (〃▽〃)

Next track rolls around and the bgm is perfect. And it's soooo dorky. Shion and MC-chan go to the beach and just...gawd. Favorite track right here. XDD He even manages to build a sandcastle and is so proud of it, but then a wave comes along to sweep it away, and his reaction is so priceless LOL! Track 5 killed me; I couldn't stop laughing.

And finally.... soul day has arrived. ;-; He muses on why you chose death with this pure soul with an incredibly sad voice and just....gah. He tells you that he'll forget about the time the two of you spent together, but his voice says otherwise. He's at the verge of tears himself and he tells you not to cry either. And so, singing time, with him being extremely gentle to you.

This song is interesting imo since it incorporates acoustics and piano, and it has really interesting chords for both instruments. Anyway. The lyrics and the singing and context just... ughhhhhh my heart broke. Right here. Shattered to a million pieces. Here are the lyrics and some audio so you too can cry in a corner.

Shion finishes singing, you're gone and it's like... he doesn't really want to let you go. He keeps on talking how the two of you can't bicker and things anymore if you're gone and just... He starts yelling in frustration and sobbing and I'm just all "Shion bae no" ;AAAAA; If I wasn't crying already I DAMN AM NOW. NFFFFGGGG.
Final Thoughts (Feels)

SHION. YOU PRECIOUS BAE. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 REJET WHY?! Hnnnng. Okay. So unlike Akira's, I felt that all the tension of the series is towards the end rather than distributed throughout the CD. After all, Shion is a huge childish dork - something you wouldn't really expect - and it's kinda hard to take things seriously around him. XD But once that moon got closer, they had to crack down on things... And you can see just how anguished he is about letting you go. All this emotion, just... ;w; And while he's dragging you along to ransack rooms, you can tell that the other dudes still have quirks from when their MC-chan was around. Akira still associates himself with poker, Hinata cooks, Yuuri carves... Feeeeels. So really the mood didn't really start to hit me until he's getting ready to send your soul over. The song made my heart break - WITH THAT DRAMATIC PAUSE BEFORE HE SAYS I LOVE YOU BTW - and then if I wasn't crying there, I WAS CRYING BUCKETS DURING THAT LAST TRACK. MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS. If there was oooone thing I had to complain about.... Why is this CD so short?!!? I don't even think this was an hour of love. WHY. I need more time with this precious bae. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Do I regret listening? Absolutely not. Do I recommend? Yes yes most definitely.

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