Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Speak Your Language Day!

Well, as this lovely person created, today is Speak Your Language Day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ English is my native language, so I’ll practice in others instead. If anyone cares to join me haha. I won’t be using Japanese because my grammar is atrocious, I have no one to proofread for me, and so I don’t want to embarrass myself with broken Japanese LOL. (And Kanji. Oh gawds, Kanji) So I’ll use Spanish and Tagalog (Filipino) instead. :3 If you send me something in one of those 2 languages, I’ll answer in it. For other languages, I’ll randomly pick one. (*´・v・)

(Feel free to join me here as well)


¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Hoy es “hablar su la lengua el día” y voy intentar español. Soy una principiante completa. Tengo estudiada esta clase durante casi un año. Por favor perdona mis errores. Ehehehe.


Hi! Kumusta ka (po)? Today is “speak your language day.” Dahil ako ay mestiza, kailangan kong magsalita ng Tagalog LOL. Hindi ako bihasa, pero kailangan kong subukan. :3


I might...butcher some speech. So do forgive me. XDD Comment away?


  1. O.O wait you know Spanish too, err wishes she could join but she knows noting * walks away in shame*

    on a side note i tried sending you again what i tryed to say before with the brocon link after you wished me a happy bday did you get it this time if you have checked that is ? XD

    1. !Ay! Yo no /"saber"/ español. Estoy en español 1 LOL. 8D Si quieres, puede hablar siempre en inglés y me hago sufrir como yo tratar de hablo en otro lenguas. Y luego lanzar en Google Translate o... No sé. Algo. XD

      --Oh! I don't /"know"/ Spanish. I'm only in Spanish 1 LOL. 8D If you wanted to, you could always talk in English and make me suffer as I try to speak in other languages. And then throw it in Google Translate or... I don't know. Something XD //slapped.-- (Wow, I'm pretty sure my grammar/word choice is atrocious 8D. About the message, I replied on the BWS post)

    2. but google translate isnt good i though XD i think id rather have good old English ...Spanish 1 ? is that a class? lest i dont think its good as ive used it on a post on my live journal scanlation and it didn't relay make the best of since

      mmmm i guess you could do your Spanish and English under it like you just did if you wanted XD

    3. Ughhh too much work and I'm lazy. Forget this; I'll just keep to English. 8D And yeah, Spanish I is an elective you can take. It's just a bunch of basic Spanish things. And wow, GT did that a little weird. It's supposed to be they were waiting for it lol.

    4. To lazy XD lol
      hmmm though it is a little wired if they can read it ...why not reply in English XD or maybe they cant and someone uses my little teams translation in to Spanish eh o well i dont care if they do

      o good so you did get it and is working on a replay? k ill sit on my hands then XD .... i still have to work on a replay for akui ...but i dont know if i should be evil back or be nice hmmmmmm >. > she ask if there a chapter i wanted requested ...i should ask for a kanato manga chapter and be evil back XD ....>___O then again i could be EVEN MORe EVIL and ask for subaru sequel manga chapter ...

      o and a new otome game but ios and paid >.> dont have money .....heck i stil have a lot of voltage and shall we date to buy gahhhh XD and i just got the new ps3 otome game *COUGH*
      and ahh toudou change her blog ... welp there gose all them bookmarks XD