Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bad Medicine ~ Infectious Teachers~ Demo Review & Thoughts

Well about a week or so ago, Rejet released a demo of Bad Medicine, which can be downloaded here. Below is a brief summary and my thoughts on Rejet's newest sadistic game. :3

Since it's a demo, there isn't too terribly much that goes on. First and foremost, we learn that our heroine's name is Kawana Hina! Basically she remembers a conversation she had with her parents, them explaining St. Christopher Academy, how the father used to be an OB, etc. etc. She continues down a few rooms where BAM she rendezvous with our teachers~

The sprites are high quality; it really amazed me. o3o Their mouths move and they blink haha. Even the heroine's eyes blink. :O Which is nice because it just seems slightly more interactive that way.

Basically they each begin to introduce themselves. You even get a CG~

If you're not familiar with Rejet's PC games such as Black Wolves Saga, you might be confused at the "CG Click". When you're on a CG, you can click on a character and they'll say extra things pertaining to the situation.

Anyway, so they introduce themselves. Some of them start chiding each other and it's just really hilarious the way they interact with each other. They had some adorable sprites too, such as Remu's defensive sprite and the others 500% done sighs. XD

Towards the end of this, you get to pick your man. ouo
.....At least, you would if this was the full version LOL.


The Good: I enjoyed the music very much. It ranged and was mysterious when need be. The sprites are high quality and hence look very pretty hehe. The set up of the options is very simple as well. Like BWS, Bad Medicine also has key words that are highlighted. When you click these words, a description of what it is pops up. For example, St. Christopher Academy was highlighted and you could click it to gain some background info. Throughout the demo, the use of a dummy head mic was prevalent, especially towards the end fufufufu~. The scenes flowed well and I enjoyed it very much. There were also some small things that made it more convenient: The voice for example didn't stop speaking when you open the backlog, close the textbox to see the sprites/image, etc. etc. Even the auto was at a decent pace

The Bad(?): IT WAS SO SHOOOOORT. I know it was a demo, but c'mon. Don't tease me like this Rejet. ;w; The CG was also very short. About one line is said but then it disappears LOL.

Overall: It's a short demo, but it's fun while it lasts and I have nothing to complain on. I would definitely recommend giving it a go. :)


  1. what about alice= alice arent you going to try that too ?

    1. (Sorry, I've been AWOL for a few days).

      The Alice=Alice one seems interesting too. I'd like to play it but I can't get it to work. I've tried redownloading it and everything but it just won't work. 8l