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Lamento Original Short Drama CDs Review

Gdi Bardo why does your figure have to be a different height 
I've gotten back into a bit of a Lamento kick, so I decided to catch up on dramas I haven't listened to. These short and sweet dramas came with Kotobukiya's 1/10 scale figurines ouo

ES Series Kotobukiya 1/10 Scale Figurines Original Drama
CV:  Hatano Kazutoshi, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Hatano Wataru, Nomura Kenji
Release: 2007

Konoe - An Unexpected Day
Rai walks into Bardo's inn soaking wet and with clothes torn, and demands a room. After some pestering, he reveals that while fighting a monster he fell off a cliff. WHAT. Both Konoe and Bardo try to get Rai to dry off, but he ignores them and drips all the up to his room. ㅇㅅㅇ

Konoe brings a towel up to Rai's room and nags him about drying off and changing. Rai as stubborn as always just brushes him off. Konoe tries giving Rai some of his clean and dry clothes to change into, but Rai points out that Konoe's clothes won't fit him LOL.

Bardo happens to walk in and says he wouldn't mind lending Rai clothes, but Rai as always refuses anything related to Bardo. He tries to say only idiot cats would catch a cold, but then he sneezes and sniffles. www Rai continues to not want to borrow any of Rai's clothes, but relents when Bardo reminds him that he needs to be well to hunt the monster again. Bardo's amused that the shoulders are too wide for Rai, but Rai remarks that the arms and legs are too short for him. (*´艸`*)

Asato pops in through the window and is convinced the gang is playing dress up thanks to Bardo's comments. Asato gets some of his clothes, Bardo gets some festival clothes, and together they try to get a growling Konoe into clothes that are too big for him~ (╯✧∇✧)╯

Rai - A Too-Quiet Day
It begins with Konoe pacing, eventually telling Bardo & Asato he feels like Rai is ignoring him. Wow deja vu much? The other two suggest that Rai is always like that or that he might be in a bad mood "isn't he always" lmao Bardo, but Konoe mentions that Rai doesn't speak to him at all and that it's been going on for 3 days now. (^._.^)∫ He gives an example of yesterday when he was excitedly telling Rai about this thing called a "picture book" and how he was able to read it. Rather than nagging something along the lines of "if you have time to read you should spend it on training instead," Rai was quiet the whole time Konoe tried to awkwardly carry the conversation along. Bardo and Asato find that weird since Rai is the type to be blunt when something's bothering him, so now they're on a mission to find out what's wrong with Rai lmao.

Bardo heads into Rai's room while Konoe and Asato wait outside. Konoe has a bad feeling about this and lo-and-behold, a cup smashes inside the room. Outside, Bardo mentions his plan failed: He wanted to test Rai's reaction by giving him something hot when claiming it was cold, which made Rai throw it at Bardo pfff. But Bardo didn't get a reply from Rai either, just another glare.

Konoe decides that even though he was nervous about it, the best way to solve this issue really is through communication. Thank. Konoe starts off by saying if he did something wrong then he'll apologize, and since Konoe doesn't know what Rai's thinking, he won't know what's wrong. And because of that, it really hurts when Rai won't say anything. Silence. Konoe begins to get upset, telling Rai to just tell him if he doesn't want to talk with him, rather than giving the silent treatment. Rai calls him an idiot but then suddenly coughs, making Konoe to pause and go ( ・◇・)?

Rai doesn't want Konoe to keep assuming things wrong, and apparently he was quiet because his throat was sore. Maybe if he had actually dried off there wouldn't be this problem lol. So naturally to avoid hurting his throat, he just kept quiet. Rai is miffed that Konoe just went on assuming the worst, and calls him an idiot again while coughing. wwww

Asato - A Sunny Day in the City
Konoe tells Bardo - who's busy making a shopping list of sorts - that he has things from Tokino and that they'll be closed tomorrow to take care of other affairs. Bardo - having procrastinated on supplies - now needs to go to a bunch of stores to get all the ingredients he needs, rather than get it all at Tokino's. Konoe offers to help buy ingredients, but Bardo is.... wary about Konoe going to multiple stores considering he has no sense of direction LOL.

While Konoe is out, Asato appears, announcing that Bardo sent him because he knows Konoe will definitely get lost lmao. Asato thinks of ways to not lose Konoe in the crowd, so he suggests Konoe wear a red bow on his head- but that's quickly veto'd lolol. Asato tries to help with the shopping, but he accidentally buys 2 walnuts and 30 cartons of milk rather than the opposite. He mixed up kurumi (walnut) and miruku (milk) poor bby.

Next is the herb shop. While they're waiting, there's a plant with fluff on the end swaying... So of course Konoe has to pounce! And horribly miss The store owner is ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?? and Konoe gets defensive when Asato mentions he likes to play pfff.

On the way back, Konoe accidentally loses Asato in the crowd... Σ(・ิ¬・ิ) And surprise, he's lost~! Luckily he runs into Rai and even though he doesn't want to admit he's lost, he finally does when Rai threatens and begins to walk away. At the inn, he practically chucks Konoe inside while telling Bardo delivery for you lmao. Asato is there too, and he returned to the inn when he couldn't find Konoe in the city. And teases him again he should've worn the bow. Konoe then notices a pile of bags. Apparently Bardo had already known and asked Gen to buy stuff, but because that week was busy he had forgotten all about that. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Rai says they'll all idiots and Konoe is practically gritting his teeth. RIP BARDO LOL

Bardo - A Too-Busy Day
Konoe is on his way to Tokino's shop when he runs into Asato, who is on his way to Bardo's inn (presumably to help with some work). Since there's still time, Konoe decides to with Asato to the inn. Asato of course jumps up to travel via rooftop, leaving Konoe to chase behind him. www

Konoe finally makes it to the inn, and Bardo says they came at a good time. Suddenly, 2 children (kittens) - who apparently belong to a friend of his - appear saying they've found Bardo in hide-and-seek. But since Bardo has to go out for work stuff... Konoe and Asato will be the new playmates! LOL Konoe and Asato are just (屮゜Д゜)屮 and the kitties want to play.

Asato gives them a string or something to play with - which is apparently something Kagari used to do when he was younger. One of the kitties is upset over Konoe playing with the string too much so he bites Konoe, and in return Asato bites the kid for bullying Konoe. Naturally, the kid starts to cry pfff. (Please do not trust this man with babysitting amg). Asato explains that's something Kagari did, but Konoe points out that's a parenting thing lmao.

The other child comes back and feeds Konoe some kuim syrup. After realizing where it came from, he finds in horror that the kitchen is TRASHED. Cue some chasing, Konoe being called "Tiny," and finally one of the kids spilling syrup on Rai. Rai scoffs on how Bardo lets brats like them babysit, and eventually leaves miffed after the kids try playing with his tail lolol.

Bardo comes back eventually to a quiet inn. He finds the 4 of them all asleep after wearing themselves out from playing, all of them mumbling in their sleep. Best sleep mumble is Konoe's "I'm not tiny," which makes Bardo laugh. (´▽`;*)

Final Thoughts

These tracks were adorable and I loved them amg. They're short, sweet, and fluffy enough to help fill the feels void Lamento left me with lol. My favorite tracks would probably have to be Asato and Bardo's. (・∀・)

I feel like Bardo is super great with kids, but Konoe and Asato not so much lmao. Though the idea of Konoe reading a picture book in Rai's drama is precious aaa. I don't know if Rai's drama was meant to be a continuation of Konoe's or not, but it's amusing to think Rai could've avoided the whole sore throat ordeal if he had just dried off properly lolol. And then Asato being Asato, my cinammon roll son.

Overall, A+ and I love it. If you need some cute Lamento fluff, these mini dramas are the way to go. ( *• ̀ω•́ )b

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