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Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival - Mission Impossible? ~The Escape! Big Teddy~ Drama Review

Oh geez. This tokuten is really short: 11 minutes of glorious Vandead crack with Teddyzilla. Who knew a drama with these 3 shoved in one area could be amusing? |D Also, this drama has Grade A sound effects. *snickers*

I also ran off with a pun that anyone is free to smack me for~ (・∀・)

DLVC SkitDolce Tokuten - Mission Impossible? ~The Escape! Big Teddy~ (ミッションインポッシブル?~脱出セヨ!ビッグテディ~)
CV: Konishi Katsuyuki, Kaji Yuki, Sakurai Takahiro
Release Date: December 04, 2014

The Vandead Carnival has finally drawn to a close, and Reiji muses on how he'll go back to his room to drink some tea (with both families still being in the demon world). In the distance there's some sound that he catches - like a loud thudding - and Kanato suddenly runs up half-panicked. He tries explaining that something's up with Teddy, but Reiji brushes it off that Kanato's making up silly little stories. (Reiji you sound more like a mother every day, I swear)

Suddenly Ruki runs up all pale-faced and out of breath, and Kanato flips out when Reiji says calm down to try to get a logical explanation out of situation. Another couple thuds later, Ruki's all "It's here!" and Kanato's nearly crying as he asks why Teddy (wherever he is) is doing "this".... But hey, no time to explain! Gotta go! And so Reiji gets left behind in the dust as he ignores their heeds to run. Reiji's all dafuq and Ruki says to just turn around. What Reiji sees when he does is, wait for it-


Yeah, bet it's not just a silly ol' story now, huh Reiji? “ψ(`∇´)ψ

But, each man for himself, And with an adorable boink, Reiji is picked up by Teddy....and promptly eaten. |D (With a just as amusing sound effect) 

Ruki and Kanato naturally try to run away - Ruki snarking on how the second son of the Sakamakis got the ending of being eaten by a bear - but they don't get very far before they too are picked up. Semi-dramatically, Ruki asks if this is the end, and Teddy eats them, the boys falling into the abyss of Teddy's stomach. *laughs*

And now there's 3 vampires hanging out in the pits of a giant bear's stomach, oh joy. Reiji's interrogating what in the name of all things holy Kanato did to Teddy, Kanato's screaming how it wasn't his fault & how he can't calm down, and Ruki I assume is wearing his 500% done face. Even Reiji asks how he's so "calm," to which Ruki replies that he's not - although acting differently wouldn't change anything - and that they should formulate an escape plan. (Which gains Reiji approval points LOL).

*cracks knuckles* You all know what this means.


The idea of tickling its throat is suggested, though apparently its Familiar magic is preventing Reiji from using his magical flying abilities. (I can never get over how Rejet's vampires can just randomly fly LMAO) And climbing it is out of the question, cause it's all slimy or whatever eghhhhhhh. If only someone outside could hear them....

Kanato decides to roll with that idea and yells at Teddy and kicks its stomach repeatedly. (Boing, boing~). Suddenly there's a rumbling and Teddy just... pukes them out. 8I Meanwhile, Teddy stomps off, and since Kanato's got a score to settle, he chases after the giant bear...

Time fades and BAM, Reiji wakes up. A dream, yes, it was all a dream... right? (~o3o)~ However, a noise that sounds eerily like Teddy's stomps comes from outside, and Reiji hastily agrees to get a move on when Ruki comes to fetch him. Kanato wonders what spooked his brother so much, and Ruki's amused that Reiji didn't want to watch the fireworks that badly LOL.

Final Thoughts

AHAHAHA THIS WAS FANTASTIC! (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) I know I shouldn't be laughing at Reiji when he thought he was going to relive that traumatic dream but just- fireworks? Amg. XD I have no clue what goes on in Kanato's route in terms of the giant Teddy, but the thought of these 3 being chased by Teddyzilla was glorious. The sound effects also did a great job at delivering more humor. I was not expecting that as the ending at all, but I enjoyed it. Basically, if you want some nice crack DL comedy, this tokuten drama is one you should listen to. ouob

Until next time~ ☚(゚ヮ゚☚)

Edit: Audio can be listened to here.

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