Friday, November 22, 2013

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies - DLC Case Trailer Impressions

You guessed it! As of November 21, 2013, the English version of Turnabout Reclaimed is now available for purchase! I haven't bought the DLC yet (*sobs* ;A; ) so all my thoughts will be from this new nifty trailer that was posted.

So let's get started shall we?

Alright, so first we get the opening cutscene. And I have to admit, compared to the Japanese, it's pretty good; it all sounds pretty natural. Sasha's English voice is deeper has a bit of a rough growl to it, which I think fits well. Orla's fweeets sound pretty much the same, so I'm going to assume they just used the same audio from the JP one. They did however lower Orla's volume a bit during the singing.

Heh, the song. It's cute, adorable, and I love it. XD It takes a couple of replays to get used to the sound after hearing the JP one all the time (And if none of you have listened to the OST, I remind you once more, GO LISTEN TO THE BEAUTIFUL OST). To fit with the English lyrics the timing was changed juuuuuuuust slightly in the beginning; you can hear the instrumental part while the trailer is showing various clips, and the high melody is the original rhythm of the song.
♪ We be pirates, we love to sail the seven seas
Just a bunch of scallywags who are as free as free can be
We swim through storms and waves all because you see
Grand treasure and adventure's waiting just for me! Yeah! ♪
*Ahem* Carrying on.

......... "You min-now it!" ....

Catfish? Blowfish?

"Those puns floundered a bit..."

*sigh* Ace Attorney. You and your adorably stupid puns XDD

Okay, so Sasha enters without her weird womanly-stache saying that she needs to find this "Phoenix Wright" to help a friend of hers who's in trouble. (So much Déjà vu *cough cough* Phoenix seeking out Mia so that he can help Larry and Miles *cough*)

Aaaand at our erm....detention center substitute? We meet-
ORLA 8D aka Ora "Orla" Shipley (the puuuuuns)

Orla must think she's a sea lion or something by the way she's clapping those flippers. XD And of course Phoenix is just "wtf SHE'S the suspect?! (I always did get the weird cases)"

DUDE WHAT THE- How is this even legal?! Sheesh, if Blackquill wasn't allowed to have a sword on his character design because A) weapons in a prison are a no-no and B) there's no way a court would even allow weapons inside, then why on Earth is Sasha allowed o___O 

And, Nostache? ..Nose stache? ... What a great joke to make in Movember XD (Even Blackquill questions that name haha)

And look, it's Pearly 8D I'm actually planning on cosplaying teen Pearly, but that's another topic for another day. I'm glad she's in the DLC Case because her role in-game was kinda....meh. She just showed up and then disappeared off the face of the earth o3o Of course, she scolds Nick on his manners of talking to a lady, as always XD (I wonder...does she still want Nick and Maya to be "special someones"?)


Alright well um... based on how her scarf is super flow-y and by that line, her seafood spirit animal thing clearly isn't an eel. ewe

 And this dude is some punctilious turtle-Einstein who has a stick up his ass and hounds on you if you don't follow manners

Alright well that rap was certainly...interesting? Come to think of it, I think he's the character who has the most animated sequence throughout the game so far, haha.

And please, pleeeease don't tell me you need me to spell out his pun.... (I'll give you a hint; it rhymes with dime)

 "Do you have any idea why orcas are also called 'killer whales'? Because they are cunning and merciless predators that hunt and kill even true whales." Oh Blackquill, let me smack you please XD
At this, the judge is doing his "Oh My O_O" face. And of course Phoenix is just standing there going "Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe" my client~ 8D (I totally didn't rip that off a Sheryl Crow song, what is this blasphemy you speak of?) 

So BA-BA-BAM, that's that. The DLC case looks promising and I've been wanting it for so long. Not even the Fire Emblem Awakening DLCs motivated me this much, haha. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase it and marathon the hell out of it and cherish my Ace Attorney loveliness even more XD

Until next time! 

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