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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Review and Thoughts Part I

That's right, folks! It's time for a review (and gushing) of the new Ace Attorney game, PW:AA Dual Destinies, also known as Ace Attorney 5 (Gyakuten Saiban 5) in Japan. After many many years of the previous installment, Capcom has finally come with a new Phoenix Wright game! I stalked the Nintendo eShop and as soon as this came out on Oct. 24 at 9:00am PST, I bought this little turd. 8D  Cracpcom has slightly redeemed itself in my eyes. Slightly. Not enough to cause a ripple of acceptance though. If only they'd release Gyakuten Kenji 2, then maybe I'd like them a tad more.

For those of you that don't know, Ace Attorney is a visual novel/adventure (try being an idiot like me who has the Kanji knowledge of an ant and attempting to read this or any visual novel in Japanese, guhhh turtore) where you play as a lawyer and get to collect evidence, cross-examine witnesses, etc. etc. as you try to find out the mysteries behind various murder cases. It may be a niche game but trust me, it's a really interesting series, especially with all the plot-twists in each case. At the beginning it seems pretty obvious that this
person killed so and so, but then inconsistencies keep piling up and a plot twist gets thrown your way and BA-BAM, time to scratch your head and think outside the box. And the puns. You can't forget the puns; Ace Attorney feeds off its puns. The game also sorta kinda takes place in the future. which makes sense since the time in this game keeps advancing and advancing. For example Phoenix Wright - who was born in 1992 and debuted as a 24-year-old (in the year 2016) in the first game, and is now 35-years-old in the fifth installment, making the year 2027. (He's rather old in the video game protagonist world, isn't he? XD)

To some people, this game may have been seen as "false advertising." After all, Phoenix Wright is slapped on the cover, for weeks and weeks all Capcom ever talked about was Phoenix and then.... he wasn't even technically the main star. Turns out that all the stories revolve around Athena, and I'm totally chill with that. Her stories were fresh and interesting. But to those expecting an all-Phoenix game it may be a bit of a disappointment. Regardless, I thought AA:DD was a great game. I mean shit, just the final trial in case 5 alone was 4 flippin' hours ouo Easily the longest game in the series. (And worth my money. Take it, Capcom, TAKE MY MONEY)

Puns and Babbles
Ahhh, Ace Attorney. You never fail to amuse me with your headdesk/chuckle worthy puns. Let's name em, shall we?


Eng: Phoenix Wright
Jp: Naruhodou Ryuuichi 
Alright, so for his JP name, "naruhodou" means "I see," which I think goes well with his personality, haha. He isn't the master of bluffs for nothing, and his epiphany moments are amazing. "Phoenix" can be a  reference to the Greek mythological creature that can rise from the ashes. I mean seriously, how many times has Wright supposed to have died but still magically lives with hardly any injuries?! Throughout the case of AA, he's swallowed a gold necklace that had traces of poison, attacked with a taser gun on high voltage, narrowly avoid being "silenced" by a mafia group, hit on the head with a fire extinguisher and had mild amnesia, fell 40 feet from a burning bridge into Eagle River - a river notorious for currents so fast that bodies that fall in are never recovered - and escape with only a fever, and lastly was hit by a car, flew a shitton of feet into the air, collided headfirst into light pole, and just walks away with only an injured ANKLE. WHAT? I SWEAR TO THE GREEK GODS HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD?! Pfft game logic. *throws up hands* I'm done here. His last name, Wright, is a homophone to "right." Yknow, "Isn't that right, Wright?" or "I'm right," "No, I'm Wright~ *snickers*" "...." e-e He also initially introduces himself in the third game as "Wright... Like the flying brothers," but his name is meant to be predominantly punny.
Eng: Apollo Justice
JP: Odoroki Housuke
Well, Odoroki means "a surprise." And his last name (Housuke) 法介 can be broken down to mean "law boy." So basically he's "a surprising man of law." As for his English name, his surname just screams pun. "[Apollo] Justice isn't done until justice is served!" ... *headdesk* Moving on. First name. Capcom continues with the mythology trend, this time going for the gods, Apollo the god of the sun. There are even times when Juniper frequently mentions Apollo radiating warmth, light, blah blah blah like a sun. *cues awkward Juniper/Apollo romance* It can also be a reference to NASA's Apollo Program, since, as you'll find out, he's heavily involved in the space case. And those "demon horns" of Apollo - which so many people like to refer to his bangs as, heh - can be related to his Spanish and Italian name, Pollo, meaning chicken and referencing his bangs as a "chicken's comb." Poor Jinxie even thinks of him as a "red demon from Hell." 

 Eng: Athena Cykes
JP: Kokone Kizuki
Weeell, the kanji for her surname is 希月, so "rare moon." And her given name is 心音made up of the kanji that makes "heart" and stuff. Soo her name could translate to "a heartbeat once in a blue [rare] moon," which is a reference to her Mood Matrix's (JP: Heart Scope) ability to show the discord in one's heart. "Athena" is once more continuing the mythology trend, whom this time is the Goddess of courage and law of justice (Aaaha, I see what you did there). "Cykes" could be derived from psyched, which would go well with her personality along with the fact that she uses analytical psychology. And about that Mood Matrix. It goes hand in hand with Athena's ability to "hear people's hearts through the emotions in their voices," an ability which was much stronger as a child. And you'll learn all about her feel-worthy-child-moments soon :D

Eng: Simon Blackquill
JP: Jin Yuugami
"Jin" means swiftness, which you can see in his fast ability to quickly "control" people with his use psychology, on top of the fact that he hardly shows any weaknesses and swiftly rebuttals any objections. His surname can be a play from Yugami, meaning a distortion. Which I'm assuming leads up to his personality and the Dark Age of the Law (you're going to be hearing this phrase a lot, juuuust saying). "Blackquill" references his color scheme (primarily dark) and that he's a convict on a murder sentence yet prosecuting in court ("black") as well as being the owner to his feathered friend Taka. Cause y'know, feathers are used on quill pens. .. Anyone? Alright whatever, shoo shoo, go back to your tablet. *ahem* Simon reminds me of that childhood game "Simon Says," since he's always "playing" that game with the judge *cough* word manipulation *cough*. .... When you learn about him and everything he's done prior to the setting of the game it's just urghhhh *clenches hands in front of chest* the feeeeeeeeeeels.

Eng: Bobby Fulbright
JP: Gouzou Ban
*flashy sequential move* "IN JUSTICE WE TRUST!"
This guy is a serious nut for justice, and NO not Justice [Apollo]. XD He doesn't even trust Apollo; Athena is the one he suckers up to haha. *ahem* "Gouzou" comes from "resounding" and "three", which can reference his loud booming voice when he speaks his catchphrase. About that "3"... I don't know. "Ban" can come from "watchdog," and since he sees himself as a protector of justice, it makes sense. He's also the guy who watches over Blackquill, and apparently he even installed a system in Blackquill's handcuffs that shocks him when he misbehaves and gets a little too out of line. Mm, those sound fabulous, don't they~? YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. All you people of the internet with a handcuff fetish I'M TALKING TO YOU. And Fulbright controlling Blackquill's handcuffs, hohoh~ ;D .... Oh god, did I just make Fulbright Blackquill slash? Kill me now please. e-e Err anywoo. "Bobby" is British slang for a detective which, yknow, .... Fulbright is. Herr herr herr. Now, "Fulbright" can reference his identity as - SPOILER of course there's spoilers, come on now. Didn't you read the "About" section? - Phantom, a mysterious spy and murderer who basically has no fluctuation in emotions such as fear, which allows him to make a jump that most people would be too scared to do and shit their pants thinking about because there's a 99.9% chance of screwing up and falling to your impending doom. When something gets glared/reflected at you, you can't perceive what it is and tralalalalah! you never get to see Phantom's true face (which to me was sort of a cop-out by Capcom). Blackquill also calls Fulbright "Fool Bright" and lo and behold, Fulbright's been fooling everybody for a very very long time with his identity crisis and all.
(In case you didn't get all that, yes, the real Bobby Fulbright is dead. I behold to you a walking corpse. //shot JK. He is dead though.)

Edgeworth, darling, hello. I shall act as your Oldbag while she's missing from this game, fufufufu. Edgeworth: ಠ_ಠ
Eng: Miles Edgeworth
Nickname: MEGANEWORTH  (For those of you who don't get it, "megane" means "glasses" and he's lookin' mighty fine with his new specs.
JP: Reiji Mitsurugi 
Alright, so, his first name "Reiji." Goddamit Rejet. Thanks to you, now all I can think about is Reiji Sakamaki, that damn cocky ringleader crack maker whip dude. e-e *cough* 怜侍 comes from "cleverness," which is clearly expressed through  Edgeworth's beliefs and his Logic/Logic Chess. As for Mitsurugi (御剣), 剣 (ken) means "sword," which can be a reference to Miles (and his father Gregory) having a "sharp" mind. His English localization, Edgeworth, also ties in the sword idea - "edge of a sword" - as well as being "worthy" opponents for Wright and Manfred von Karma respectively. His given name "Miles" can be a reference to the distance he's had to travel to come to where is he today; from having a screwed up childhood, to having redemption of his demonic prosecutor ways, and lastly to having a strong sense of right and wrong, acting in ways that are fair and just (Most of which were influenced by Wright *cough*).

 Eng: Klavier Gavin
JP: Kyouya Garyuu 
Alright well...since Klavier isn't really that important in this game (all he does is show up for a mock trial, help us a bit with some evidence, and then act pretty the rest of the time with his constant hair flipping). I won't expand on him much 'cause I'm a lazy bastard. ewe Anyway. Klavier is a German ex-rockstar of the band Gavinners (glimmerous fop ;D) and a prosecutor. (Are ALL the prosecutors from/involved with Germany? Come on now Capcom) In German, "klavier" is piano, which reflects his music involvement...even though he's a vocalist and guitarist lol.

Eng: Gaspen Payne
JP: Fumitake Auchi 
Alright, so we get Payne again. BUT WAIT. Phoenix greets him with a "it's been a while" kinda thing, to which Payne scoffs and replies "Don't you mean, 'nice to meet you?'" Yup, this isn't Winston Payne, but his younger brother Gaspen Payne... and good God the puns. His brother's pun is winced-in-pain, so of course his localization puns needs to be GASP-in-pain. *smh* Also, "Auchi" is basically the Japanese Romaji form of "ouchie." Really now? XD When it comes to nicknames, G. Payne is the Rookie.... erm.... Well, Winston is the "Rookie Killer" so... Oh. Yeah. "Rookie Humiliator" and "Defendant Humiliator."

Eng: Ted Tonate
JP: Shingo Barashima
Alright, first case and we get some creepy bomb-obsessed robot-man dude on the witness stand, cool. His Japanese name is a pun on "mashingo" and "barashi/barashu", meaning "dispose" and "machine language": "dispose" referring to his job as a bomb disposer specialist (and the dude later accused for setting off the bomb in Courtroom No. 4) and "machine language" referring to how he always talks using his arm keyboard robot-voice thing. As for his localized name.... *snickers*. Ted Tonate. DetTonate. Detonate....a bomb. He's accused of (assault and) detonating a bomb. Aaaaahaha...ha.. nn. e-e

Eng: Candice Army
JP: Hozumi Kaku
Alright well "Candice" kind of looks like "Canadarm", which was a mechanical arm used on a space shuttle. This correlates to her being involved in case 4, Cosmic Turnabout (she finds the body and was called there to try and locate a bomb and shiz. Yes, she's a bomb specialist as well) Another meaning is breaking down her name... CAN DISARM ME. "Disarming" you... You were "disarmed" in Case 1 and murdered by Detonate Ted Tonate. Yup, that ended swell. Peachy, even.

Alright. There's way more puns; practically every character has a pun. But again I'm a lazy bastard, so let's move on.

Stream of conscious time, los ghet's! (Athena teaches me new words ewe)

This has been going on ever since Ace Attorney began. Every single case (minus Rise from the Ashes, since that's an extra case) always has "Turnabout" in it's name, whether it's "Turnabout ___" or "___ Turnabout." I think it's clever of Capcom, especially since Gyakuten Saiban basically means "Turnabout Trial" due to all the turns the twists presented in each murder case. So why the hell not? XD

Phoenix's voice.... If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's the same dude who voiced the Phoenix in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and I'm not all that fond of his voice. Personally, I think it's way too high and young sounding for a 35-year-old man, especially compared to the older games where his voice is...deeper. Not scary demonic steal your childhood innocence deep like Manfred von Karma *shudders* but just... I don't know. I just liked the old one kay? Turn up your volume and here's to having a heart attack kay? ;D
And if you want to see his breakdown, ba-bam-bam. (Look at these beautiful graphics, haha I still love the game though)

This also brings me to my next point: English dubs. Some cutscenes were done fairly well in English and I enjoyed them. However, most of them were just...ughh. Compared to the original JP versions, they sounded clunky, and didn't time in right to the background music.

DLCs. When the game was first released, alternate costumes for Phoenix, Apollo and Athena were released as DLC. And wanna know the best part? They were freeeeeeeeeee. :3 I think they're pretty adorable: Phoenix gets his old "classic" suit, Athena gets a Themis Academy Uniform if she were to ever attend that school, and Apollo gets a street style look. Really, the only one I liked enough to use was Apollo's new look, and I'd switch back and forth between the two.
And look! You even get that burn-worthy atrociously pink Feenie sweater! XD Frickin Dahlia Hawthorne, I swear. I want to punch her so much. Come back from the dead dammit! Wait no scratch that. On second thought, just stay dead. I'll dance on your grave instead. In the JP version, the Feenie outfit was unlocked when you finished the quiz DLC, but since we're not getting that one, the US version is unlocked upon completion of Turnabout Reclaimed. You know, I wonder how they're going to do this localization with all the singing and junk.

Here's the intro to the JP DLC case. Good God, those mustaches. And to think that the first case you take upon regaining your attorney badge is defending an orca accused of murder. *sigh* This is why I can never take this crack-filled game seriously. XD ... WAIT MORE PUNS ouo
Eng: Orla Shipley (For a moment I misread it as "Olga," like "Olga Orly" (Olga oh really?))
Orla sounds like "orca" and Shipley is a play of words on "ship."
(Gods, even Orla has a mustache XD)

Eng: Sasha Buckler
Her name is derived from the pirate term "swashbuckler", which is basically a flambouyant swordsman who wields a side-sword fighting technique with a buckler in the hand. Swinging the sword around results in a swashing and making a noise on the buckler.

And look how adorable this ending is, d'awwwwww

EDGEWORTH. adk;ljaflsdkjf  Edgeworth is amazing but he just looks far too derpy for me to take seriously during his cut-in shot that every time I made a major objection in the fifth case, I couldn't stop laughing each time his face graced itself onto my screen.
Look at this! He's so derpy, I can't.... Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(The gif doesn't loop back to the beginning btw, but I love her laugh)

*wipes away tear* I mean, looking at his older ones, comparing the recent tiny-eyes is just "what?"

Ace Attorney really loves its prosecutor-instrument-exclusives. Seriously. In this game, we're given Edgeworth (Trumpet) and Blackquill (Clarinet). In the fourth game, Klavier was an electric guitar and in the third game, Godot was an alto sax. Regardless, all the themes are beautiful and I applaud this series once more for its music choice. :3 (If you haven't already, go listen to the OST. IT'S BEAUTIFUL MAN (-ω- )o< フムフム♪)

Another "aha!" moment with Capcom: The colors of our wonderful attorneys. We all know our color wheel, yeah? Guess who's our primary colors? THAT'S RIGHT. Phoenix is blue, Apollo is red, and Athena is yellow~ (Damn... TAKE THAT! //slapped) I suppose this makes Edgeworth orange, Blackquill green, and Klavier purple? ewe (Godot can be brown, like his favorite coffee haha)

Alright. There is a TON of new things to take into account for in AA5:
  • No longer need you have to complete the whole game in order to unlock the fast text! Right from the get-go can you speed along the turtle-speed text by holding the B button. Though I wouldn't recommend it towards the end of cases, because then you can't view what you missed in the backlog haha
  • Backlog? What? Yup! AA5 now has it's own backlog~ If you miss something, rather than inferring what was said, you can go check the record and be back on your merry way. There's also a new "Notes" section in the organizer, which helps brief about the case and say what you still need to do.
  • Know what's really sexy? AA5 has two save slots! Honestly, when I was saving my game and I saw the two save slots, I spazzed. Hard. My face was just ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚)━━ン!! Twosaveslotsholyshit. Now I can alternate cases when I get bored, or let my friend use one save slot while I use the other.~
  • Penalties are always muuuuuuch easier in this game, probably to help all the newcomers who are playing this series for the first time. The penalty system only works in court - no longer during the Magatama section - and there aren't any more "all or nothing" options (damn). What's new is that if you start racking up too many penalties, you can actually consult with the person next to you. Also apparently if you die/fail/get a game over, you can start from that section rather than the last save point, which for most is very very far back. There are certain points though where you can get bad endings, which are quite interesting haha.
  • NO MORE PIXEL HUNTS! Due to AA:DD's new 3D shenanigans, it's much much easier to investigate a crime scene. You no longer have to randomly click everything trying to find that one tiny pixel piece of evidence that will allow you to continue in the game. Furthermore, a little check appears when you've always examined something, so you're not looking at the same stuff 2-3 times in a row like you used to have to do on pixel hunts.
  • Another awesome new addition is the Thought Route. Basically at times in the case, you'll need to think of ways to turn this case, and that's when this gimmick comes in! The music is really nifty too, and when you finish it, it's this whole epiphany moment. The thought route also reminds me a bit of Edgeworth's Logic used in Ace Attorney Investigations, haha. And the music, whew, it's so upbeat and I love it.
  • Mood Matrix~ Can't forget this, haha. Ever notice the thing Athena carries around her neck? That's her mood matrix, which is a robot named Widget. Widget also decides to spit out any thoughts Athena is having at the most inappropriate of times. For example, when Athena is mentally badmouthing Payne, Widget decides to blurt out "arrogant jerk!" :P Athena has this ability where she can hear the emotions of people's hearts, and her ability to hear discord in hearts helps immensely. A "quick therapy session" she calls it whenever you use the Mood Matrix. When someone is giving testimony, you have to find an unexpected emotion: Happy, Anger, Sad, Surprised. The first case for example. When Juniper is talking about rubble falling on her, she's happy. That suicidal little- Nah, I kid. Turns out she's happy 'cause Apollo swoops in and protects her frail little body and takes all the damage instead.
  • It's not new, but since we're on the topic of the Mood Matrix...also returning is Phoenix's Magatama ability to break Psyche-Locks (when someone is lying) and Apollo's Perceive ability with his bracelet, to see habits people do when lying. The penalties for these have been removed as well.
  • Speaking of Athena's hearing ability, it used to be much stronger when she was a child. Her mother used to make her wear these giant heavy headphones that would repel the emotions emitted in a person's voice so that all she could hear were straight-up words. Otherwise, she'd get overwhelmed with everyone's emotions bouncing all over the place. Athena always hated wearing them though, and she never knew what their purpose really was until towards the end of case 5.
    ...You know. Simon was originally supposed to have the hearing ability. I'm so glad that A) He wasn't given the hearing ability and given a much more important and feel-worthy role instead *cough case 5 cough*, and that B) They DEFINITELY didn't go for this stereotypical convict look as shown below. XD
  • One of the most noticeable changes in AA:DD are the use of 3D Models! I think they were done quite well from the transition to 2D sprites to 3D models. There were of course some ups and downs
    This was an early attempt of creating a 3D Phoenix. .... Yeah, no. Even the Phoenix in Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney looked better. XD I'm glad they went with the current models.
For whatever reason, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies is rated M. Maybe it's due to the fact that Newman is a crossdresser who holds a love interest with Juniper, or maybe it's the fact that in the opening cinematic of Case 5, Athena is frickin' drenched in blood. Regardless, a higher rating means you can put more jokes and such~
For example, I think Athena would make a great masochist. XD While I read between the lines and continue being a pervert
 Athena: Apollo, tie me up in a new pose! ...Wait, you're not into this kind of thing, are you?
Apollo: What? No! It was your idea! ...Just tell me how to tie your hands, already!
Athena: Oh, right! There was an arrow sticking out of her side! Okay, Apollo, take that [arrow evidence] and plunge it into my side!
Apollo: Wh-what are you crazy?!

There's also more swearing compared to older games. The most we ever got was "dammit" and that was in the first game. Blackquill says "Bloody Hell!" at times, and I believe Apollo says "frickin'." There's also Phony Phanty's catchphrase "Phony Evidence is Just Trunked Up." Though the closest to dropping the f-bomb would have to be Phoenix. During a desperate part in the fifth case when Phoenix is -as usual- starting to have his case crumble, he goes "Fu.... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge!"I was just like geez man XD (And for a second, thought he actually would say it)

Now, on a more light-hearted note, there's oooone more itsy-bitsy little thing I want to add before we get to the good stuff. ..... NaruMitsu
Remember this line?

Turnabout Samurai (Game 1 Case 3)
That's right, IT'S BACK BABY! As soon as Edgeworth walked in, I knew Capcom was going to tease us with more double meaning sentences: either you could interpret the Wright Edgeworth relationship as a ridiculously strong friendship oooooor you could come along over to the dark side (*cough* Yaoi) But seriously Capcom, sometimes the tension is so tense I can slice it with a knife XD

After you have the cutscene of Phoenix and Miles getting ready to duel it out in the courtroom, Wright immediately turns around and thinks to himself "This immense tension between us... It's like we're picking up right where we left off." ... Heh~
This scene is one of my favorite goofy moments:

Fulbright: “Someone else was at the scene at the time they say Simon committed the murder” (Note: He's reading Aura's testimony off a piece of paper, hence the quotes)
Phoenix: Hold it! But that’s just speculation!
Edgeworth: Objection! No, Ms. Blackquill has proper grounds for her claims
Phoenix: Objection! Then why didn’t you say so in the first place?!
Edgeworth: Objection! You’re the one who screamed “Hold it!” and cut me off!
Phoenix: Fine, so maybe I jumped the gun by a teeny-weeny bit. . .
Fulbright: Ha ha ha ha! Now I know what they mean when they say “close enough to argue”!  . . .Moving on!
And lastly, even Athena seems to get the drift ;D (She loves teasing people; I love her so much) After Wright and Edgeworth fawn over each other on how Edgey helped Wright get his badge back, and how Wright says Edgey should smile more because those furrows on his brow keep getting deeper and deeper, yadda yadda, Athena says:

There's even some Athena Blackquill moments in the ending that just... feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels *ahem*


Case 1: Turnabout Countdown

Holy shit look at that blast ouo (This case is also the first tutorial case to last over a day)

Hm, I wonder who Nick (Phoenix) was talking to. All shall be revealed in due time ;D

Kay, well, the first case is always a gimme case to help those who've never played before. It's shorter, easier, and less complex than the cases to come. Athena and Apollo are hanging out in the Courtroom Lobby, Apollo proceeds to sound like a dying cat, and then he falls over and faints. ΣO____O! But he'll be fine, so in the meantime, Athena takes up Juniper's case instead, like the great friend she is.

Basically what goes down is this: the evidence that was supposed to be presented (a bomb inside a Phony Phanty plushie) detonated, Detective Candice Army is found dead, and Juniper is blamed for the crime due to her fingerprints being on the severed tail of the plushie. Payne also calls Athena a "yellow monkey," and she continues that pun by referring to Apollo as the "red monkey of the barrel." *sigh* Now, Payne asks if Athena can explain Juniper's predicament and asks if she can prove a different motive besides wanting revenge on the court system due to being a suspect before (Case 3). He basically kinda mocks her silence like the arrogant jerk he is about how useless it is and stuff. And then... Athena freezes up. Suddenly she can't get her voice to work, and you're shown quick flashback of a horrified young Athena drenched in and surrounded by a pool of blood, and standing on the witness stand while black-faced men refuse to listen to a child's testimony, remembering how useless one feels when you can't be heard. Wait what? .___. (Herrr case 5 stuff, that's really important) Thankfully Phoenix comes to our rescue 8D *cues next cinematic cutscene*

Prosecutors can be such a PAYNE can't they? //shottothemoon  As we later find out, the tail actually belongs to Bum Rap Rhiny, Juniper's gallery companion. And as usual we have lying witnesses (come on, doesn't anyone ever get charged for perjury?), such as Tonate lying about seeing the bomb since it was inside a plushie.These plushies by the way were made in response to the dark ages of the law (yup, this phrase again). For example, Phony Phanty's phrase is "Phony Evidence is Just Trunked Up." .... I'm done here XD
Juniper's called back to the stand and begins getting badgered by Payne (I call an objection, dammit!), which upsets Athena. She then proposes to listen to Juniper's "true testimony." Ta-dah, cue the Mood Matrix! First inconsistency is that Juniper was happy when things started falling on her, but as we know that's Apollo saving her. Next is grief; she was sad that she had lost Bum Rap Rhiny. Ba-bam, now all of her Noise Level is gone. And now we get a court recess. ewe

During the recess, it's noted that during the trial, Apollo went back to Courtroom No. 4 to try and find some evidence that might help the case. So since it's a recess we don't we all go try to find Apollo and see what he's up to hmmm? Oh Polly, Pooooooooolllyyyyyyyyyy where are y- OH SHI- .___. ...And now court shall reconvene tomorrow.

Day 2 (~o3o)~

Okay what the crap Apollo?! Indicting our own witness isn't exactly going to give our case brownie points y'know. *smacks his injured head* So now she's a terrorist and an assaulter, cool beans. Payne of course jumps on Juniper's ass, claiming that she was one who knocked Apollo unconscious with the rock. And Payne's objection, pffffft. His brother Winston still takes the cake for brotherly objection though, haha. But you know, did Apollo even bleed that much to write the amount he did? ... Well they didn't really get much of a chance to investigate since they were shooed away the moment Athena's scream was heard. ..We also learn that Apollo was going back to look for Juniper's meds that were left in Bum Rap Rhiny d'aw (+1 to the Apollo/Juniper Fandom. I mean her motif are sunflowers and Apollo is the Sun, come on now)
Juniper: It was so nice of him to do that, despite his injuries. *randomly starts sewing hearts* Apollo is so strong and kind, just like the trees of the forest.
Phoenix: (The way she makes him sound, you'd think Apollo was some kind of ancient god.. Oh wait...)
Pfft good job Phoenix. XD *ahem* Moving along. We learn that there "wasn't any rubble by the witness stand, so it was easy to investigate", yet we can see that Tonate's giant bomb transportcase is there. Which is different to how Juniper sees it. Long story short, the case was actually over the bloody writing at the time of the assault shown by the tracks over his bandages, meaning um...Apollo couldn't have even wrote the bloody message. Turns out that Tonate's the one who fixed the message to look like "WOODS" and originally it was written by Candice Army. Yknow before she died and stuff. The only part that was written in Apollo's blood was the two lines to change the meaning of the message. The message was actually supposed to be the identification number on Tonate's case, indicting him. Also, Tonate had been involved in some shady shenanigans and she confronted him. So what does he do? Kill the bitch 8D I mean come on, Candice clearly had the amount of blood to write an extensive message. You can tell the message was written pre-bombing cause part of the tile of the last message was blown off. By erasing 2 lines, "WOODS" now turns into "L10015(R)"

Hmmm this looks an awful lot like the serial on Tonate's transport case. Payne asks if Phoenix would like having 2 lines of his name erased and being called Mr. Wrigh and- LOOK ANOTHER WRIGHT PUN. Anyway, carrying on with our pitiful lives. The area where Candice Army was found was fabricated evidence, because that rubble wasn't where she struck her head. Question is, what /was/ she hit with that was flat? Ba-ba-bam, the murder weapon was the bomb. Not the explosion, the rather the actual heavy-ass bomb itself. Also, the only two people who were in the courtoom before the trial were Tonate and Candice. That...doesn't look very well for our little specialist friend. If we look on the picture of the bomb, we can see that *gasp* there's a crack on the screen! Which of course must be the only place for her to get struck with. And then that little turd tries to say that he has the real HH-3000 bomb in his hands and that it'll detonate (which is all one big fat lie, pffft trying to threaten everyone like that). Phoenix of course stands his ground; if he can live through all those other things then he can certainly live through a pitiful little bomb. 8D The crowd in the gallery evacuate and Payne runs for the hills like the little pansy he is. The crack in the photo helps us to reveal that the real bomb had already gotten blown because it was the real bomb that hit Candice Army on the head. But in the end, we find out that Tonate was actually hiding her body in the transport case prior to the trial, and had taken it out during the few moments he had to be the "first person to discover the body." He also covered up the writing with the now emptied case since there wasn't much time to scrub it away.
So Tonate's high-tech goggles blow up on him, Juniper receives a Not Guilty verdict, confetti explodes everywhere from out of nowhere, Tonate's led away to the Detention Center, and we're all happy, WHOOP! ;D He admits to assault (on Apollo), murder, and tampering of evidence. (He's also accused of being the bomber, but he later claims in case 5 that someone else was there and that that someone else stole the remote from him *cough* Phantom *cough*) And now, Phoenix, Athena, and Juniper all trot off to the hospital to visit Apollo~
Phoenix: There's never a dull moment with so many lawyers in the office. That's for sure.
Oh please. There's never even a dull moment in this game to begin with in Ace Attorney e-e But, now we're off to case 2.

For a tutorial case, it was pretty interesting, and as usual, sets the stage for all the rest of the events to come. At the end, we also see a little cutscene and learn Apollo is taking a leave of absence... Wait what? :\ Something he must settle on his own? Wait no Polly come back! What he's referring to are the events of Case 4. So for chronological sake, the cases are 2, 3, 4a, 1, 4b, 5. ..... I think. *pulls Wright bluff pose* The reason why 4 is listed twice is because that case was being held in Courtroom No. 4 which...yknow... was blown to smithereens. Also.. see that blue coat Apollo is now suddenly wearing? Yeah, that's related to case 4. When you learn about it... my heart clenches a little ._. And it also springs the birth of a whole bunch of confusing crap in case 5 OH WHO AM I KIDDING, EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME LEADS UP TO THE SCREWED UP CONFUSING CRAP OF CASE 5.

Alright, well, that's that. Stayed tuned for the reviews of the other cases as well. Until next time~

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