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Xceed - Psychic Romance ― Prologue Summary & Thoughts

Now that I have a system that can play more otome companies than just Voltage and NTT Solmare, I've been exploring and checking out more mobile otoge. *u*

Xceed - Psychic Romance (エクシード~超能恋愛~) is a game by Genius LLC recently released in English on June 29, 2016. The summary given is as follows:

“You lived the normal life of a high school student. You have always had a strange dream — is it of a past memory you’ve forgotten or something entirely different?

One weekend you go on a club trip with members of the Super Science Club you are a member of. There some strange phenomenon happens to your childhood friend, Haruma Motoki, which is followed by the appearance of an unidentified detective and a strange researcher.

The wheel of fate spun by your forgotten memories has begun to turn once more.”  


It starts out with you the MC having a dream. 3 people are looking down at you - 1 short and 2 tall - but you don't know who's saying them. You try to speak but can't, and instead drowse off as tears escape from your eyes. Back in the real world you awake and realize it was a dream, though a realistic one as you can still feel traces of tears on your face.

You get ready for school and meet your childhood friend and neighbor Haruma Motoki outside (who is an absolute precious cutie). He notices you're a bit down in the dumps and you mention you had a dream but decide not to say anything. He takes your hand out of habit from when you two were kids, but immediately lets go since you don't do that anymore in high school lol. You're also the "older sister" in terms of being a bit older and how you used to lead, but now that he's older he seems to be filling that role hoho.

In class you feel someone staring at your, which turns out to be Jin Kanamori, the recent transfer student who hardly ever speaks. (Yet he has a secret fan club at school pfff). Your physics teacher Kaede Shimizu gives a lesson, blah blah, and then reminds you after class there's a meeting today for the Super Science Club you're a part of, which focuses on supernatural phenomenon (hey look, FORESHADOWING) and over-technology. You also feel teach's eyes on you as you leave the classroom, weird

In the club room, club leader Mika Sahoda (Or is it Sanada? She's introduced as Sanada but the name box says Sahoda???) goes over some stuff about the upcoming trip. She teases you and Haruma a bit by saying you can share one since you're so close lol. Shimizu enters and talks some more about the trip, etc. etc. After the meeting Haruma seems to be the one down this time. Some guys call him over and he forces a smile at you before leaving. Also weirdYou catch the word "Laplace" written on the board as you leave, so that's probably some more blatant foreshadowing.

Day of the trip, hooray! Mika reminds everyone that despite the beauty of the place, they're here to research the resources, not play around. Haruma's still down in the dumps and you confront him about it after dinner. He changes the subject by offering to go outside, and the two of you stargaze for a bit. You both see a shooting star, and your wish is that these fun days would continue forever, which makes Haruma want to cry aha. He then replies that he'll definitely protect you. Okay

I dig that outfit sir
Time skip. You're having another dream, and only one of the tall people is there this time. They're holding something and you want to scream and run away, but your body won't move. You're then forcibly woken up by Jin... who's somehow here despite not being a club member and the only person around. Okay You also notice that even though this is the first time you've heard him speak he sounds familiar (probably one of the tall people in the dreams tbh). But then he suddenly drops the bomb that something's happened to Haruma and you need to get downstairs asap.

Downstairs, you see Haruma limp on the ground, lips purple and cold as ice. WELL ISN'T THIS JUST SWELL. (╯°Д°)╯︵┻━┻ Then some weirdo in a suit pops up saying you can't call an ambulance and say that "this is a normal incident." Mika and Mr. Shimizu also show up and explain that they've already sent everyone else home. Another dude pops up as well, some police dude by the name of Toma Davis. The first guy who said you couldn't call an ambulance is annoyed at the situation for whatever reason, and introduces himself as Michiro Homura, a researcher at the Special Phenomenon Research Facility. Jin seems to be familiar with this Michiro person and shows his own dissatisfaction as well. Suddenly things start falling and creaking, which I'm assuming is some ESP-ness from Jin because it stops once Michiro scolds him. Toma checks out Haruma and mentions that while he's still alive, he won't be for long if he doesn't receive proper treatment now. Yeah okay no shit Sherlock. And now time for you to choose your man to rely on. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


The game system is very straightforward. You have your settings, backlog, fast forward, auto, and save. I would definitely suggest changing the auto speed to a slow one in the settings before you use it, otherwise the text will just fly by lol. There's also changing the transparency of the text box in the settings. I prefer to have it half opaque rather than the full solid one in the default settings. Also on the title screen is where you can change your name, text size, and a tutorial.

According to Genius, the game can be played entirely for free if you don't want to spend ~$5 per guy (yay!) On top of the 3 free story passes you get a day, you can also earn points to trade for story and ending passes. You can earn points by either watching 30sec advertisements (which is what I've started doing) or download certain apps and complete the requirements (I've had eh experiences with those in the past, but a fair amount are otome apps so at least it's not all bullshit).

There's different bgms that plays during your playthrough. Also, I really love the title screen bgm. ouo

Kinda crappy audio (sorry, had to record with a voice recorder), but here's a sample:
Maybe I can do a better quality one in the future


It's hard for me to play apps that don't immediately capture my interest by the end of the prologue, but this one definitely does. I was already being drawn in as the demo went on, and the thing with Haruma at the end was the hook, line, and sinker. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

I expect there'll be moments of predictability with the dreams, etc. etc. But I'm always up for supernatural-ness and it makes me want to know what's going on.

I'll probably start with Haruma, because he's a cutie and we're clearly off to a great start hahahah _(┐「ε:)_

Until next time!

Why are half of these guys love interests I'm a high schooler dammit.
The teacher will also probably be a love interest too later, why me

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