Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Midnight Jiang Shis Vol. 2 Animate Tokuten - Midwinter Nightmare ~ Meimei & Rinrin Ver ~ Review

Not the tokuten art, but fitting enough no?
If you bought MJS volume 2 (Edit: 1&2) from Animate, then you probably received this gem of a tokuten cd. Honestly, this tokuten is hilarious; please, everyone should listen to it. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Featuring Meimei (Kondo Takashi) and Rinrin (Takahashi Naozumi) at an onsen. For those who want to listen and read a translation, you can find it translated by the lovely Akui here.

At the onsen, Rinrin decides it's alright to just chill in the ladies' side since there aren't any other female guests that day. Rinrin decides to partake in the tradition of slow cooking eggs in a hot spring (onsen tamago), but Rinrin being the dweeb he is puts a rock in the basket so that it'll sink to the bottom. Please note that your basket should be somewhat like this:
 and not on the ground LOL

Meimei comes barging in next, following MC-chan's scent. He noisily gets into the onsen, and Rinrin goes into his whole "I didn't raise you this way" spiel, further continuing with the "what happened, you were so cute when you were young" talk when Meimei shoves him from MC-chan pfff. If there's that one rare thing they're similar in, it's as "twisted" they are, to which Meimei says he wouldn't want to be similar pffffff.

In the midst of all this, Meimei ends up stepping on the eggs, which start to mix in with the water. Meimei of course is all (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ but Rinrin naturally expects his little brother to clean it up since onsen tamago is common practice (when done right lmao) and points out that even MC-chan is smiling a bit.

No one wants to bathe in egg yolk, so the trio walk until they find a denkiburo. Both of the Jiang Shi brothers wonder if you can actually get shocked. Meimei puts his hand in the water and feels nothing, and Rinrin wonders if it's different when one's whole body is in it. SO THAT JIANG SHIT JUST PUSHES MEIMEI INTO THE WATER AS A TEST SACRIFICE. Meimei's yelling that he'll kill Rinrin, but Rinrin retorts that he's already dead LOL. ( ´థ౪థ)σ’`゙ (Best. Line. Ever.)

Rinrin and MC-chan get into the water now. He tries starting a convo about he feels it tingling a bit, but Meimei just ignores him with a hmph. Rinrin tries apologizing BUT MEIMEI JUST KEEPS POUTING AND HMPHING, and even says things like "Tell Rinrin 'I'm never talking to you again'," even though the latter is in plain earshot. Meimei please. Ah, well, since Meimei's ignoring everything, that means Rinrin gets MC-chan to himself no? *wink wink*

That gets Meimei's attention, and the two brothers decide to team up against MC-chan, saying that the electricity is affecting them. Yeah I'm calling BS on that lawl. And it ends with the two of them leaning in to bite, each to have their own way with you hohohohoho (人´∀`)

Final Thoughts

THIS DRAMA WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I had practically zero expectations getting into this series only to be wowed by the CDs and to the experience the glorious interactions of the brothers in the tokutens. The interactions goes to show just how large of dweebs these two are: You have five-year old Meimei and A+ older brother Rinrin who can't do onsen tamago and a denkiburo right. That "dead" line was also the best line, and no one can convince me otherwise. In essence, it was beautiful, I loved it, and I am definitely not disappointed. ヽ(・∀・)ノ

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