Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate+ Fragments of the Past - Prologue Summary & Review/Thoughts

The tablet works again, HURRAH! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Since it's working, I decided to play a bit of Scarlet Fate+ (IOS ver.), which is basically the English app version of Hiiro no Kakera 4. And if I'm not mistaken, this game serves as the prequel to all the others. (I also know jackshit about HnK; hooray for blind jumps |D ) The story takes place in the Heian Period and MC-chan is a shrine maiden who guards a sacred sword and spends her lonely days tormented by whatever sins she had committed. In this version of Scarlet Fate, you can use "rations" and things to advance the storyline rather than the pay per route method. Yeah it takes longer, but I'm cheap :D //smacked// Also, you can level up as you advance through the storyline, gaining power (so you can advance through the story without using rations) and love experience, WHOO! You can also train and dress up your avatar to earn charm points~

Also I'm still kinda new to Otome App gaming, so do forgive me if I say things that may seem obvious in such a medium. |D

Main Prologue

It starts out with a messenger reporting that a prediction was given by Seimei Abe before his death, and it said that the world will end in 10 years unless the Princess tied to her bloody fate does something about it. Phew boy, we're off to a great start here. (゚ー゚;

Cut to an albino nine-tailed fox god exhausted and on the run, for some jerk humans are hunting him down. Even though there are gods everywhere, he's regarded as a Monster, and people reeeeeally want his immortality abilities. Some random men shoot at him with arrows and foxy over here retaliates by using sorcery and biting off their heads~ 8'D He shakes the rest off and goes deeper into the forest, lying down to hopefully die in peace. But nope, that's where Shiki - the MC-chan of this game - strolls up to this giant fox.

Hey, he kinda reminds me of this fox thing.
Again, I haven't played the games or watched the anime, so I don't know if there's a correlation or not. (・_・ヾ ANYWAY.

Naturally Mr. Fox God over here growls at Shiki, telling her to run before he decides to eat her up too. But then Shiki (aka this generation of Princess Tamayori) brings up a good point that if he wanted her dead, he would've done so already. She notices that he's injured and misleads the hunters in the wrong direction with her own sorcery magic so that she can heal him.

However, he's still mentally hung up on why he can't just die in peace, and Shiki points out that mentality, hence why she's not afraid of him. ouob
They're both so beautiful a;sdfj
She's also aware that deep down, he doesn't thrive on a need to kill. In fact, he even mentions that he never wanted to fight or kill and that he'd been living his whole life in sin; all he ever wanted was peace, but that's kinda hard when you're being hunted day in and day out. Aww poor baby. ;A; Despite that, she tells him to live, saying that he's not a monster. Since he's curious about her, he'll live a little longer if that's what she wants, and they formally introduce each other. :3c

The prologue ends, and now we get to choose our man! Included are little previews of what goes down in the route, provided by NTT Solmare.

Ahh, I'm really curious to learn more about these baes. After some difficult time debating between the Fox God Gentoka and her fiance Kuso-no-mikoto, I decided to roll with Gentoka. (/)u(\) I REALLY HOPE I HAVE THE PATIENCE TO PLAY THIS GAME. BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE AN ACTUAL COPY [I'm actually not sure if there's a difference between the PSP and app version ('-'*)] AND I DON'T WANT TO WASTE ALL MY MONEY ON RATIONS, COINS AND TICKETS. //sobs//

(And currently I'm somewhere in chapter 1 as I'm typing this, and I don't even know when it'll be over. It's sooooo long. But hey, that's Hiiro no Kakera for ya~ |D)

Also, with NTT apps, are there usually no sound, or is it just my tablet? I don't mind, but I'm just simply curious. XD (Because I think I remember Voltage having music?)

I've also recently found out that NTT has been chugging out free versions (The ones with + in the title) of various games I've wanted to try... ( ꒪౪꒪) *heavy breathing*

BUT ANYWAY. If anyone else is playing Scarlet Fate, here's my code. ( ゚▽゚)/
(Click to enlarge)
Maybe I'll spam more Scarlet Fate and other apps in the future, not sure. But until next time~ (-‿◦☀)

Random PS: Apparently, the tablet I use can only play games from companies like Voltage Inc and NTT Solmare. Goodbye all the other otomes I wanted to try from other companies //sobs//


  1. Well then save you money and get a ipad on black Friday <3 and ahh why didn't you tell me you were going to play i could gave you my code as you can only us codes when you first playing unless you already used one. eh i don't think theirs a difference in psp only that it has voice and you don't get to pick who you want only by the pick the right choice to chose the guy. i tried a little of the Kuso-no-mikoto and it the same no matter who you pick if you look at the cgs all have the same unless you pick the choice for them only then you may get their cg only and stuff and it wont start being gen path till like chapter 10. other wise they all share most of the chapters. and their last 2 game have been a pain in the but whit there events for ninja love and fairy tail. oh and alice =alice demo is now translated so your the review person go look at it XD

    1. ;asdkfj I was so excited about using the tablet that I forgot we could do invite friend codes. OTL Idk if you're playing them but I even started playing Lost Island+, Magic Sword+, and My Fairy Tales+ as well. ;w; Well, may I still have your Scarlet Fate code? I think that's how you add friends? XD And I haven't started Ninja Love, so I can use your code for that. ouob

      Ah really, it takes about ten chapters to be totally locked on a route? Nghhhhh, that's gonna take forever. I just started chapter 2... XD

      Oh yeah, I never did do a review for A=A. I played the demo but I never typed anything up pffff. But hey, I can use the translation to see if I understood everything correctly~. I suppose I could do a review of the demo as well, even though the full game's been out already LOL.

  2. unfortunately it seems you can only use a invite code when your first typing your name in the game (or around that time in the prologue) since i tried to use a code for one of the games but there was no place to put it in or i just don't know just know the place to find it but i looked everywhere. well if you haven t played these games yet

    my monoko kiss+ is HLhSvRWM0n its a good game i so far been likeing them all but i may be a easy to please persion XD id say for you the blue hair guy or purple hair first
    (theirs a hallow wine event going on right now too)
    10 days with my devil+ NwjwPv0sJi they added this new guy whose a sadistic ... he scares me a little XD
    desey ninja CtqQkvqSZU
    Ninja love+ Hnhh4k1D3Q
    my sweet prcinces+ GCDS1SZZKC

    ninja assassin+ KyzcphiKC8 wakasa kind of creepy .... XD

    they say they make money on free games yet i don't see how ? maybe the events as my sweet princes events sales some of them you can get on the paid version for 5$ for whole set but in free its 3 to 5 $ a person though you frist have to buy the game with 3 guys to even buy the side storys but still cheaper in the long run if they not on youtube > .> if they had adds like forbidden love game (not d3) they had adds
    if you haven't start d them you should just start them to just log in them so if you want to try them next you can build up on stuff you need to play.
    maybe blue stacks could play the games you couldn't? it can play the shall me dates and gree versions voltage but my forge wedding party for some reason

    1. Well even if I cant use your code for in-game bonuses, I can use it to find you so I can add you as a friend. ouob

      Alright, well, code-wise, I think I signed up for all of em with your code so...hopefully we get items or whatever? XD

      And yeah, it's still possible to make money off these things. First of all, you have the starter discount where you can buy stuff for a cheaper price than after 5 days. Then there's items that would take forever to save up game currency for. And then there are also the slots that take coins from real money only. Not to mention the fact that the + games were all paid per routes at one point. So they've got money~ 8D And then yeah, the paid stuff you mentioned.

      Hmm, blue stacks? I downloaded it and it works so far...I think. |D You run it on your PC right? I think I need to play in fullscreen, cause the screen gets too small when the games are vertically pffff. It's also a little laggy, but I'll work around that. XD